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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with R

Blue Chip* Stocks Only   F&O** Stocks Only   Midcap*** Stocks Only  
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
R Systems International Ltd. RSYSTEMS Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 58.845.1574.4587017.0
R*Shares CNX100 Fund RELCNX100 Recent Patterns.. FINANCE87.3170.0199.95119.0
R*Shares Consumption Fund RELCONS Recent Patterns.. FINANCE37.828.148.67443.0
Radha Madhav Corporation RMCL Recent Patterns.. PACKAGING 28.76.630.0542356.0
Radico Khaitan Ltd RADICO Recent Patterns.. BREW/DISTILLERIES 116.1583.55150.4598340.0
Rai Saheb Reckchand Mohota Spinning and Weaving RAIREKMOH Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 74.9547.0208.010138.0
Rain Industries Ltd. RAIN Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 64.6525.567.71050140.0
Rainbow Papers RAINBOWPAP Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 4.651.9534.65209369.0
Raj Oil Mills Ltd. RAJOIL Recent Patterns.. VANASPATI OIL
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd. RAJRAYON Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Raj Television Network Ltd. RAJTV Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 60.8547.0586.530490.0
Rajesh Exports Ltd. RAJESHEXPO Recent Patterns.. GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES 487.0421.05744.8187650.0
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals RAJSREESUG Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 67.4519.389.45134137.0
Rallis India Ltd. RALLIS Recent Patterns.. PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS 209.05142.0246.0257367.0
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. RAMASTEEL Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 114.5584.0148.816033.0
Ramco Industries Ltd. RAMCOIND Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 191.079.2288.3156833.0
Ramco Systems Ltd. RAMCOSYS Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 366.85285.0814.2192645.0
Ramkrishna Forgings RKFORGE Recent Patterns.. CASTINGS/FORGINGS 380.2255.0462.039612.0
Ramky Infrastructure RAMKY Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 65.327.5595.924654.0
Ramsarup Industries RAMSARUP Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Rana Sugars RANASUG Recent Patterns.. SUGAR
Rane Brake Linings RBL Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 960.15275.11399.044772.0
Rane Engine Valves RANEENGINE Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 617.55442.0809.42399.0
Rane Holdings RANEHOLDIN Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 756.15482.05985.02993.0
Rane Madras RML Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 428.65266.0567.955418.0
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. RCF Recent Patterns.. FERTILISERS 56.335.1559.453404330.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Rasoya Proteins RASOYPR Recent Patterns.. SOLVENT EXTRACTION
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. RATNAMANI Recent Patterns.. METALS683.2396.4809.95120218.0
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. RTNINFRA Recent Patterns.. POWER 2.952.854.35381323.0
RattanIndia Power Ltd. RTNPOWER Recent Patterns.. POWER 7.06.312.32066010.0
Ravi Kumar Distilleries RKDL Recent Patterns.. BREW/DISTILLERIES 10.87.5515.922130.0
Raymond Ltd. RAYMOND Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 515.8350.0654.0148113.0
RBL Bank RBLBANK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 368.650.00.0963495.0
Redington (India) Ltd. REDINGTON Recent Patterns.. TRADING 103.0582.05126.8250296.0
Refex Industries REFEX Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 16.26.325.2524431.0
REI Six Ten Retail Ltd. REISIXTEN Recent Patterns.. RETAIL
Relaxo Footwears Ltd RELAXO Recent Patterns.. LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS 418.45350.0526.0525856.0
Reliance Capital Ltd. RELCAPITAL Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 451.5303.25595.81828420.0
Reliance Communications Ltd. RCOM Recent Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES 31.230.8570.41.23026E7
Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. RDEL Recent Patterns.. SHIPPING 56.148.381.1927069.0
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. RIIL Recent Patterns.. ENGINEERING 393.35318.6483.0234737.0
Reliance Industries Ltd. RELIANCE Recent Patterns.. REFINERIES 1025.8888.11129.552882160.0
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. RELINFRA Recent Patterns.. POWER 505.4387.5635.71702840.0
Reliance Power Ltd. RPOWER Recent Patterns.. POWER 43.538.0556.451978960.0
Religare Enterprises Ltd. RELIGARE Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 247.05221.2319.7524473.0
Remsons Industries REMSONSIND Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 51.735.064.0748.0
Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. RJL Recent Patterns.. GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES 129.65103.8163.854193.0
Repco Home Finance Ltd. REPCOHOME Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 632.1487.3899.95142926.0
Repro India REPRO Recent Patterns.. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING 407.45320.1499.05328.0
Responsive Industries RESPONIND Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 63.459.65117.515699.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Revathi CP Equipment REVATHI Recent Patterns.. COMPRESSORS / PUMPS 578.0512.0889.85298.0
Rico Auto Industries Ltd. RICOAUTO Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 58.3527.875.35380813.0
Rohit Ferro Tech ROHITFERRO Recent Patterns.. MINING
Rolta India Ltd. ROLTA Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 64.9551.088.7977513.0
Rossell India ROSSELLIND Recent Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE 116.4580.1139.032996.0
Royal Orchid Hotels ROHLTD Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 80.8556.892.0540326.0
RPG Lifesciences Ltd. RPGLIFE Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 478.15194.7536.267295.0
RPP Infra Projects RPPINFRA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 276.6102.0283.0659714.0
RS Software (India) Ltd. RSSOFTWARE Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 105.6557.5127.65797199.0
RSWM RSWM Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 451.85251.5487.757570.0
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. RUCHINFRA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. RUCHISOYA Recent Patterns.. SOLVENT EXTRACTION 27.217.833.551265590.0
Ruchira Papers RUCHIRA Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 118.951.5132.777142.0
Rupa and Company RUPA Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 255.7231.0337.651889.0
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. RECLTD Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 137.2576.125145.25597270.0
Rushil Decor RUSHIL Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 660.6174.6767.7334507.0

*Blue Chip - Shares that are part of BSE 30, Nifty 50, BSE 100, CNX 100, CNX Nifty Junior
**Shares in which F&O (Futures & Options) can be played
***Midcap - Shares that are part of CNX Midcap, Nifty Midcap,BSE Midcap

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