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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with A

Blue Chip* Stocks Only   F&O** Stocks Only   Midcap*** Stocks Only  
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
A2Z Infra Engineering A2ZINFRA Recent Patterns.. POWER 49.2522.3552.651585850.0
Aarti Drugs AARTIDRUGS Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 577.65431.6686.4510127.0
Aarti Industries Ltd. AARTIIND Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 818.1481.05820.093635.0
Aarvee Denim and Exports AARVEEDEN Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 71.5553.0111.025314.0
Aban Offshore Ltd. ABAN Recent Patterns.. OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION 225.65188.3285.95829980.0
ABB Ltd. ABB Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 1424.0931.351484.0144985.0
Abbott India Ltd. ABBOTINDIA Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 4465.84353.75049.07531.0
ABG Shipyard Ltd. ABGSHIP Recent Patterns.. SHIPPING 20.418.848.033280.0
ACC Ltd. ACC Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 1601.61256.551736.4436506.0
Accel Frontline AFL Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 75.4548.579.8543310.0
Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. ACCELYA Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 1474.95895.01890.05243.0
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. ACE Recent Patterns.. ENGINEERING 62.937.669.9666184.0
Adani Enterprises Ltd. ADANIENT Recent Patterns.. TRADING 118.5558.35160.71.28148E7
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. ADANIPORTS Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 323.5169.7359.254861760.0
Adani Power Limited ADANIPOWER Recent Patterns.. POWER 32.723.1546.352.26847E7
Adani Transmission Ltd. ADANITRANS Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 79.628.596.22616240.0
ADF Foods Industries ADFFOODS Recent Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING 214.381.55224.85337011.0
Adhunik Industries Ltd. ADHUNIKIND Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Adhunik Metaliks Limited ADHUNIK Recent Patterns.. METALS 7.05.712.75163989.0
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. ABFRL Recent Patterns.. RETAIL 169.7122.9185.7777467.0
Aditya Birla Money BIRLAMONEY Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 52.620.069.35413313.0
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. ABIRLANUVO Recent Patterns.. TEXTILES - SYNTHETIC 1673.2837.551713.0365124.0
Adlabs Entertainment ADLABS Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 83.7568.9117.45463244.0
Ador Welding Ltd. ADORWELD Recent Patterns.. ELECTRODES 338.05251.0345.027155.0
Advance Metering Technology AMTL Recent Patterns.. POWER23.922.1537.229609.0
Advanced Enzyme Technologies ADVENZYMES Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 2109.40.00.0106499.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Advani Hotels and Resorts (India) ADVANIHOTR Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 62.947.0568.854566.0
Aegis Logistics Ltd. AEGISCHEM Recent Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT 193.65107.05214.0390819.0
AGC Networks AGCNET Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 98.256.1113.619733.0
Agro Phos India Ltd. AGROPHOS Recent Patterns.. DIVERSIFIED
Agro Tech Foods Ltd. ATFL Recent Patterns.. SOLVENT EXTRACTION 524.6425.5609.06788.0
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. AHLUCONT Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 349.35235.0367.575782.0
AIA Engineering Ltd. AIAENG Recent Patterns.. ENGINEERING 1531.75914.051675.041867.0
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. AJANTPHARM Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 1640.851399.32125.0105778.0
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd. AJMERA Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 219.7596.75233.9175934.0
Aksh Optifibre Ltd. AKSHOPTFBR Recent Patterns.. CABLES - TELECOM 23.513.430.91711840.0
Akzo Nobel India Ltd. AKZOINDIA Recent Patterns.. PAINTS 1986.751303.02089.026705.0
Alankit Ltd. ALANKIT Recent Patterns.. GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES 22.217.442.5960607.0
Albert David Ltd. ALBERTDAVD Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 324.850.00.04303.0
Alchemist Corporation Ltd. ALCHEM Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 21.720.2531.5151469.0
Alembic Ltd. ALEMBICLTD Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 48.3532.351.73094990.0
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. APLLTD Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 627.65514.6699.066731.0
Alicon Castalloy ALICON Recent Patterns.. CASTINGS/FORGINGS 469.9245.5505.08949.0
Alkali Metals Ltd. ALKALI Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 80.6540.65108.023979.0
Alkem Laboratories Ltd. ALKEM Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 1957.151152.52400.034912.0
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. ALKYLAMINE Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 490.15280.0538.6559542.0
Allahabad Bank ALBK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 76.3549.188.42896870.0
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. ALLCARGO Recent Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT 191.05144.0221.5620539.0
Allied Digital Services L ADSL Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 31.7525.046.438623.0
ALLSEC Technologies ALLSEC Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 389.65135.55463.917341.0
Almondz Global Securities ALMONDZ Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 20.09.7522.044069.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Alok Industries Ltd. ALOKTEXT Recent Patterns.. TEXTILES - SYNTHETIC
Alpa Laboratories ALPA Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 45.626.5549.443862.0
Alphageo (India) ALPHAGEO Recent Patterns.. OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION 1025.9472.61147.050322.0
Alps Industries ALPSINDUS Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 8.13.8510.2103314.0
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. AMARAJABAT Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 883.85820.01079.7464407.0
Ambika Cotton Mills AMBIKCO Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 1351.2764.751420.05057.0
Ambuja Cements Ltd. AMBUJACEM Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 246.0191.0281.72666760.0
AMD Industries Ltd. AMDIND Recent Patterns.. PACKAGING 30.5524.940.448070.0
Amrutanjan Health Care AMRUTANJAN Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 700.0385.3733.043232.0
Amtek Auto Ltd. AMTEKAUTO Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 33.4531.056.251473000.0
Anant Raj Ltd. ANANTRAJ Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 59.6532.6566.32390780.0
Andhra Bank ANDHRABANK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 64.144.764.64343560.0
Andhra Cement ANDHRACEMT Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 9.956.3514.1397070.0
Andhra Sugars Ltd. ANDHRSUGAR Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 326.6134.1339.897730.0
ANG Industries ANGIND Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 10.758.623.2565451.0
Anik Industries ANIKINDS Recent Patterns.. SOLVENT EXTRACTION 34.7519.035.254948.0
Ankit Metal and Power ANKITMETAL Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Ansal Housing and Construction ANSALHSG Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 31.415.536.0349443.0
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. ANSALAPI Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 25.7513.628.02153850.0
Apar Industries Ltd. APARINDS Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 771.95466.05883.376892.0
Apcotex Industries Ltd. APCOTEXIND Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 369.8265.0434.032218.0
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. APLAPOLLO Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 1391.7778.01446.921109.0
Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd. APOLLOHOSP Recent Patterns.. Hospitals & Medical Services 1217.41111.61443.0369932.0
Apollo Tyres Ltd. APOLLOTYRE Recent Patterns.. TYRES 247.25139.35249.54386210.0
Aptech Ltd. APTECHT Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 218.6557.0250.75510696.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Archidply Industries ARCHIDPLY Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 76.4542.585.5142631.0
Archies ARCHIES Recent Patterns.. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING 34.7519.340.11321610.0
Arcotech Ltd. ARCOTECH Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 478.0289.5812.95122786.0
Aries Agro ARIES Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 159.698.0195.9577302.0
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd ARIHANT Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 59.535.182.4978.0
Arman Financial Services Ltd. ARMANFIN Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Aro Granite Industries AROGRANITE Recent Patterns.. Ceramic & Granite 74.8540.7591.5133473.0
Arrow Greentech Ltd. ARROWGREEN Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 426.05360.0657.914348.0
Arrow Textiles ARROWTEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 47.631.6556.072207.0
Arshiya ARSHIYA Recent Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT 68.6516.082.9126592.0
ARSS Infrastructure Projects ARSSINFRA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 80.0537.15113.9626508.0
Arvind Ltd. ARVIND Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 405.8270.0423.91445740.0
Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd. ARVSMART Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 104.860.05114.4134659.0
Asahi India Glass Ltd. ASAHIINDIA Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 216.1143.2231.793088.0
Asahi Songwon Colors ASAHISONG Recent Patterns.. DYES AND PIGMENTS 303.0133.0307.023134.0
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. AIFL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 396.6243.15465.5142595.0
Ashapura Minechem Ltd ASHAPURMIN Recent Patterns.. MINING 65.152.785.4249201.0
Ashiana Housing Ltd. ASHIANA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION224.55116.3249.1588182.0
Ashima ASHIMASYN Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 18.1510.7520.4595252.0
Ashok Leyland Ltd. ASHOKLEY Recent Patterns.. AUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS 87.8573.5111.71.1088E7
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. ASHOKA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 198.65126.1230.9311626.0
Asian Granito India ASIANTILES Recent Patterns.. Ceramic & Granite 382.95152.15396.7191602.0
Asian Hotels (East) AHLEAST Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 281.5141.6295.03013.0
Asian Hotels (North) ASIANHOTNR Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 138.5596.0142.758064.0
Asian Hotels (West) AHLWEST Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 224.65115.25247.01219.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Asian Paints Ltd. ASIANPAINT Recent Patterns.. PAINTS 1104.65851.11227.3776196.0
Aspinwall & Company Ltd. ASPINWALL Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
Assam Company India Ltd. ASSAMCO Recent Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE 7.64.359.3621972.0
Astra Microwave Products Ltd. ASTRAMICRO Recent Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT 123.5101.5139.3661762.0
Astral Poly Technik Ltd. ASTRAL Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 547.7367.05591.385888.0
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd. ASTRAZEN Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 978.2908.01192.9530741.0
Atlanta Ltd. ATLANTA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 104.130.9112.8642478.0
Atlas Cycle Industries ATLASCYCLE Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 435.3187.1695.09927.0
Atul Auto Ltd. ATULAUTO Recent Patterns.. AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS 432.05391.0546.6558931.0
Atul Ltd. ATUL Recent Patterns.. DYES AND PIGMENTS 2474.751701.052569.929070.0
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. AURIONPRO Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 129.593.05174.0127287.0
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. AUROPHARMA Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 624.65618.45895.01659860.0
Ausom Enterprise AUSOMENT Recent Patterns.. PACKAGING 27.518.037.053276.0
Autoline Industries AUTOIND Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 58.9537.4568.4569143.0
Autolite (India) AUTOLITIND Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 58.5545.072.223814.0
Automotive Axles Ltd. AUTOAXLES Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 706.05551.2804.719542.0
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies ASAL Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 72.837.279.941575.0
Avanti Feeds Ltd. AVANTIFEED Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 855.35415.0910.2551026.0
Avenue Supermarts Ltd. DMART Recent Patterns.. RETAIL 747.90.00.03949200.0
AVT Natural Products Ltd. AVTNPL Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 45.127.649.9453836.0
Axis Bank Ltd. AXISBANK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 517.15424.4638.38098540.0
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETF AXISGOLD Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 2584.12476.253085.1138.0
AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd. AXISCADES Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 167.45133.0297.8136366.0
AYM Syntex Ltd. AYMSYNTEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE MACHINERY 84.1561.65115.267619.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume

*Blue Chip - Shares that are part of BSE 30, Nifty 50, BSE 100, CNX 100, CNX Nifty Junior
**Shares in which F&O (Futures & Options) can be played
***Midcap - Shares that are part of CNX Midcap, Nifty Midcap,BSE Midcap

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