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Analysis of major Index

Equity Analysis Page

  • Link from A-Z stock Listing
  • Equity Analysis has Price Highs ,Low, Moving Average, Pivot Point Volume Analysis, price volume trend, Charts with technical indicator, moving average, candlestick Macd, RSI , Price history etc

Moving Average

MA Crossover


Bollinger Bands

Over bought range by RSI & Stochastic

Over sold range by RSI & Stochastic



Up Trend for a period of time

Down Trend for a period of time

Up Trend - Rising Moving Average

Down Trend - Falling Moving Average

Sideways Market - Towards Lower End

Sideways Market - Towards Upper End

Today's Top Gainers

Today's Top Loosers

Todays Volume Shockers

Top Stock By Market Cap

Trading with High Average Volume

Daily Stock Trending

Bullish Reversal Pattern

Bearish Reversal Pattern

Major Indexes

One Day CandleStick Patterns

Most volatile Shares

Price Volume Analysis

Stocks at farthest from period High

Stocks at farthest from period Low

Stocks Near EMA Support

Stock Near EMA Resistance

Intra Day Support & Resistance by