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Screener of Price trading Above PSAR for Indian Stocks

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NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
HOV Services HOVS View In Charts 322.35310.8513710 More Patterns..
Vakrangee Ltd. VAKRANGEE View In Charts 351.95349.398294 More Patterns..
Larsen & Toubro Infotech LTI View In Charts 796.35771.8255 More Patterns..
R*Shares Dividend Opportunities Fund RELDIVOPP View In Charts 26.123.00362514 More Patterns..
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. HINDUNILVR View In Charts 1040.951014.47236 More Patterns..
Wipro Ltd. WIPRO View In Charts 539.0511.1382210 More Patterns..
EIH Ltd. EIHOTEL View In Charts 142.55137.5213 More Patterns..
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. AIFL View In Charts 397.6375.798212 More Patterns..
AGC Networks AGCNET View In Charts 123.45118.7491910 More Patterns..
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded Fund UTISENSETF View In Charts 316.0310.6195 More Patterns..
UTI-Nifty Exchange Traded Fund UTINIFTETF View In Charts 977.0943.0261913 More Patterns..
Sreeleathers Ltd. SREEL View In Charts 140.1133.421910 More Patterns..
Jet Freight Logistics Ltd. JETFREIGHT View In Charts 68.261.70941912 More Patterns..
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. TCS View In Charts 2578.252502.431813 More Patterns..
Time Technoplast Limited TIMETECHNO View In Charts 133.9125.304183 More Patterns..
Uniphos Enterprises UNIENTER View In Charts 80.577.8897182 More Patterns..
Shakti Pumps (India) SHAKTIPUMP View In Charts 406.0336.445189 More Patterns..
ICICI Bank Ltd. ICICIBANK View In Charts 321.55298.676178 More Patterns..
Everest Industries Ltd. EVERESTIND View In Charts 280.8265.8172 More Patterns..
Responsive Industries RESPONIND View In Charts 89.481.1898177 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF N100 View In Charts 393.66379.7251731 More Patterns..
Shirpur Gold Refinery SHIRPUR-G View In Charts 133.6121.81710 More Patterns..
Avanti Feeds Ltd. AVANTIFEED View In Charts 1422.01273.62166 More Patterns..
Weizmann Forex WEIZFOREX View In Charts 631.55485.01611 More Patterns..
Jaihind Projects JAIHINDPRO View In Charts 5.75.670571626 More Patterns..
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. WALCHANNAG View In Charts 175.75172.051512 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Repro India REPRO View In Charts 447.95424.9111520 More Patterns..
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. CAPLIPOINT View In Charts 552.35525.0151 More Patterns..
Websol Energy System Ltd. WEBELSOLAR View In Charts 129.6124.1144 More Patterns..
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. POLARIS View In Charts 218.05205.813148 More Patterns..
CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. CGPOWER View In Charts 93.3587.002148 More Patterns..
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd. INDHOTEL View In Charts 137.5134.81412 More Patterns..
Atul Ltd. ATUL View In Charts 2542.952370.65145 More Patterns..
HDFC SENSEX ETF HDFCSENETF View In Charts 3149.02627.721418 More Patterns..
Som Distilleries and Breweries SDBL View In Charts 152.25148.479144 More Patterns..
Poddar Pigments Ltd. PODDARMENT View In Charts 304.5284.1581417 More Patterns..
Kec International Ltd. KEC View In Charts 254.35224.2081318 More Patterns..
Bharti Airtel Ltd. BHARTIARTL View In Charts 373.6353.422135 More Patterns..
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. GSKCONS View In Charts 5325.55113.61137 More Patterns..
Eveready Industries EVEREADY View In Charts 322.25311.1134 More Patterns..
India Glycols Ltd. INDIAGLYCO View In Charts 189.05181.1133 More Patterns..
Eimco Elecon (India) EIMCOELECO View In Charts 609.45590.86137 More Patterns..
Seshasayee Paper and Boards SESHAPAPER View In Charts 808.7763.4551315 More Patterns..
Kridhan Infra Ltd. KRIDHANINF View In Charts 61.956.46361315 More Patterns..
Tata Steel Ltd. TATASTEEL View In Charts 511.75461.5511219 More Patterns..
Hero MotoCorp Ltd. HEROMOTOCO View In Charts 3618.43510.11122 More Patterns..
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. HILTON View In Charts 22.820.92411210 More Patterns..
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. ZEEL View In Charts 519.0503.0125 More Patterns..
Rane Brake Linings RBL View In Charts 1080.01026.89129 More Patterns..
Vascon Engineers Limited VASCONEQ View In Charts 51.9550.5128 More Patterns..
Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. BEPL View In Charts 41.238.11210 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Pioneer Distilleries PIONDIST View In Charts 137.0131.658127 More Patterns..
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. SHRIRAMCIT View In Charts 2249.752135.151111 More Patterns..
TVS Motor Company Ltd. TVSMOTOR View In Charts 534.6511.637115 More Patterns..
Indosolar Ltd. INDOSOLAR View In Charts 9.658.8151117 More Patterns..
Siyaram Silk Mills SIYSIL View In Charts 1780.81723.37119 More Patterns..
Neuland Laboratories NEULANDLAB View In Charts 1389.91361.01118 More Patterns..
Dynacons Systems and Solutions DSSL View In Charts 22.821.01115 More Patterns..
Adani Transmission Ltd. ADANITRANS View In Charts 115.193.13361119 More Patterns..
V2 Retail V2RETAIL View In Charts 231.75196.9031116 More Patterns..
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. LAXMIMACH View In Charts 4499.054330.85107 More Patterns..
Greenlam Industries GREENLAM View In Charts 776.85651.581107 More Patterns..
Solar Industries India SOLARINDS View In Charts 835.45791.711020 More Patterns..
Rai Saheb Reckchand Mohota Spinning and Weaving RAIREKMOH View In Charts 74.8569.26231024 More Patterns..
Maan Aluminium MAANALU View In Charts 135.15120.299107 More Patterns..
Edelweiss Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme NIFTYEES View In Charts 9796.09072.98108 More Patterns..
R*Shares Consumption Fund RELCONS View In Charts 50.542.92811016 More Patterns..
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. SHRIPISTON View In Charts 1642.51479.35102 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential Gold Exchange Traded Fund GOLDIWIN View In Charts 270.8264.6021013 More Patterns..
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd. MAHESHWARI View In Charts 96.6590.6161108 More Patterns..
EIH Associated Hotels EIHAHOTELS View In Charts 395.3366.519920 More Patterns..
VA Tech Wabag Limited WABAG View In Charts 674.95659.015922 More Patterns..
Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd. BLISSGVS View In Charts 191.3167.555926 More Patterns..
Munjal Auto Industries MUNJALAU View In Charts 109.3102.297 More Patterns..
Rane Holdings RANEHOLDIN View In Charts 1083.01005.2699 More Patterns..
Surana Telecom and Power SURANAT&P View In Charts 4.84.48131914 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Kamat Hotels (India) KAMATHOTEL View In Charts 53.1547.5597 More Patterns..
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund HDFCMFGETF View In Charts 2674.02629.83914 More Patterns..
BSE Ltd. BSE View In Charts 1054.251005.85919 More Patterns..
Tata Motors Ltd. TATAMOTORS View In Charts 481.1432.06589 More Patterns..
GRP Ltd GRPLTD View In Charts 1729.651655.67811 More Patterns..
Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd. JAYNECOIND View In Charts 10.559.18517813 More Patterns..
UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund GOLDSHARE View In Charts 2601.12545.61815 More Patterns..
Radha Madhav Corporation RMCL View In Charts 35.4532.4059821 More Patterns..
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) QGOLDHALF View In Charts 1307.951279.69814 More Patterns..
Umang Dairies Ltd. UMANGDAIRY View In Charts 80.9579.8810 More Patterns..
GTN Textiles GTNTEX View In Charts 20.0518.5708822 More Patterns..
Xchanging Solutions XCHANGING View In Charts 62.3550.665589 More Patterns..
Sundaram-Clayton SUNCLAYLTD View In Charts 4092.43771.19812 More Patterns..
Viji Finance VIJIFIN View In Charts 5.65.195821 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential MF CNX 100 ETF NIF100IWIN View In Charts 103.0797.041888 More Patterns..
High Ground Enterprise Ltd. HIGHGROUND View In Charts 25.1522.4262811 More Patterns..
Kotak Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund KOTAKGOLD View In Charts 256.0247.391710 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scher GOLDBEES View In Charts 2630.852564.48715 More Patterns..
Quantum Index Fund - Exchange Traded Fund QNIFTY View In Charts 1026.0886.413712 More Patterns..
Kalyani Investment Company KICL View In Charts 1830.81745.6679 More Patterns..
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETF AXISGOLD View In Charts 2557.42527.82718 More Patterns..
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Scheme SETFGOLD View In Charts 2647.12576.04724 More Patterns..
DB (International) Stock Brokers DBSTOCKBRO View In Charts 9.59.25137718 More Patterns..
GPT Infraprojects GPTINFRA View In Charts 253.35230.507724 More Patterns..
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd. NDGL View In Charts 424.0407.12875 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
South Indian Bank Ltd. SOUTHBANK View In Charts 27.024.469164 More Patterns..
Marico Ltd. MARICO View In Charts 314.6304.147610 More Patterns..
I T C Ltd. ITC View In Charts 309.1276.51169 More Patterns..
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. MOTHERSUMI View In Charts 447.35406.02261 More Patterns..
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd KSK View In Charts 10.559.40657614 More Patterns..
Automotive Axles Ltd. AUTOAXLES View In Charts 721.45690.97861 More Patterns..
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. COLPAL View In Charts 1000.6974.26469 More Patterns..
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd. AJMERA View In Charts 240.1218.7564 More Patterns..
Gujarat Apollo Industries GUJAPOLLO View In Charts 171.95162.99617 More Patterns..
Harita Seating Systems HARITASEAT View In Charts 700.3673.83169 More Patterns..
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund IDBIGOLD View In Charts 2675.02607.41613 More Patterns..
Rushil Decor RUSHIL View In Charts 752.9705.69464 More Patterns..
TTK Healthcare Ltd. TTKHLTCARE View In Charts 759.75745.769616 More Patterns..
HDFC Bank Ltd. HDFCBANK View In Charts 1626.01553.1251 More Patterns..
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. KARURVYSYA View In Charts 117.95112.82256 More Patterns..
Nesco Ltd NESCO View In Charts 2614.952514.17511 More Patterns..
Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. FMGOETZE View In Charts 588.05555.263517 More Patterns..
Autolite (India) AUTOLITIND View In Charts 59.2556.353514 More Patterns..
Sutlej Textiles and Industries SUTLEJTEX View In Charts 911.0858.04652 More Patterns..
Kesar Enterprises KESARENT View In Charts 121.965.4952 More Patterns..
ITD Cementation India ITDCEM View In Charts 180.95165.37557 More Patterns..
Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd. PDMJEPAPER View In Charts 26.5525.1358524 More Patterns..
S P Apparels SPAL View In Charts 420.8350.054517 More Patterns..
Mirc Electronics Ltd. MIRCELECTR View In Charts 14.513.077245 More Patterns..
Rajesh Exports Ltd. RAJESHEXPO View In Charts 652.1632.82342 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Apcotex Industries Ltd. APCOTEXIND View In Charts 376.45355.764411 More Patterns..
XL Energy Ltd. XLENERGY View In Charts 2.252.1548 More Patterns..
Liquid Bees LIQUIDBEES View In Charts 999.99981.3341 More Patterns..
Blue Blends (India) Ltd. BLUEBLENDS View In Charts 39.738.835424 More Patterns..
Pudumjee Industries PDUMJEIND View In Charts 11.811.6213421 More Patterns..
Max Ventures and Industries Ltd. MAXVIL View In Charts 89.4581.5783423 More Patterns..
OnMobile Global Limited ONMOBILE View In Charts 77.575.385326 More Patterns..
PVR Limited PVR View In Charts 1471.51402.32316 More Patterns..
Voltas Ltd. VOLTAS View In Charts 498.5406.62435 More Patterns..
Blue Dart Express Ltd. BLUEDART View In Charts 4394.14185.07327 More Patterns..
Religare Enterprises Ltd. RELIGARE View In Charts 193.0172.1314 More Patterns..
VST Industries Ltd. VSTIND View In Charts 3130.152960.14317 More Patterns..
Tata Motors (DVR) TATAMTRDVR View In Charts 286.85258.999314 More Patterns..
Emmbi Industries EMMBI View In Charts 201.5159.65631 More Patterns..
PPAP Automotive PPAP View In Charts 338.0304.17431 More Patterns..
Pioneer Embroideries PIONEEREMB View In Charts 46.2543.25316 More Patterns..
Electrotherm (India) ELECTHERM View In Charts 294.95187.1434 More Patterns..
PDS Multinational Fashions PDSMFL View In Charts 220.85195.79738 More Patterns..
WABCO India WABCOINDIA View In Charts 5940.055651.0316 More Patterns..
Adhunik Industries Ltd. ADHUNIKIND View In Charts 105.85103.131 More Patterns..
Endurance Technologies ENDURANCE View In Charts 813.1784.885317 More Patterns..
Music Broadcast Ltd. RADIOCITY View In Charts 341.7333.83326 More Patterns..
BSE SENSEX SENSEX View In Charts 31028.230247.621 More Patterns..
BANK NIFTY BANKNIFTY View In Charts 23362.222469.825 More Patterns..
S&P CNX NIFTY NIFTY View In Charts 9595.19341.6524 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. JINDALSTEL View In Charts 125.0103.03622 More Patterns..
Infosys Ltd. INFY View In Charts 995.7949.621 More Patterns..
MindTree Ltd. MINDTREE View In Charts 535.2487.2725 More Patterns..
IndusInd Bank Ltd. INDUSINDBK View In Charts 1477.71377.14215 More Patterns..
Puravankara Projects Ltd. PURVA View In Charts 63.857.14218 More Patterns..
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. LT View In Charts 1787.61677.621 More Patterns..
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. BPCL View In Charts 749.65687.479215 More Patterns..
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. MARUTI View In Charts 7064.86695.8324 More Patterns..
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. JISLJALEQS View In Charts 98.782.6217 More Patterns..
JM Financial Ltd. JMFINANCIL View In Charts 129.8112.208210 More Patterns..
Foseco India Ltd. FOSECOIND View In Charts 1419.11322.97219 More Patterns..
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. BANARISUG View In Charts 1896.11801.25219 More Patterns..
Sakthi Sugars Ltd. SAKHTISUG View In Charts 31.125.8217 More Patterns..
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. HIMATSEIDE View In Charts 357.0313.2923 More Patterns..
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd. BBTC View In Charts 905.7856.676215 More Patterns..
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. APLAPOLLO View In Charts 1408.751311.0210 More Patterns..
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. JCHAC View In Charts 1930.81632.5925 More Patterns..
Lyka Labs LYKALABS View In Charts 51.2545.75218 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme NIFTYBEES View In Charts 978.89953.324 More Patterns..
Greenply Industries GREENPLY View In Charts 290.05268.4825 More Patterns..
Ponni Sugars (Erode) PONNIERODE View In Charts 205.6190.348219 More Patterns..
Kotak Mahindra MF Nifty ETF KOTAKNIFTY View In Charts 957.69916.25125 More Patterns..
Global Vectra Helicorp GLOBALVECT View In Charts 129.1100.025 More Patterns..
India Motor Parts and Accessories IMPAL View In Charts 805.6771.59218 More Patterns..
Sarla Performance Fibers SARLAPOLY View In Charts 65.9556.732215 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak Banking ETF - Div KOTAKBKETF View In Charts 236.46227.5522 More Patterns..
Sita Shree Food Products SITASHREE View In Charts 5.654.8245 More Patterns..
Remsons Industries REMSONSIND View In Charts 60.647.6213 More Patterns..
Technofab Engineering TECHNOFAB View In Charts 212.7180.025 More Patterns..
Ugar Sugar Works UGARSUGAR View In Charts 31.526.75219 More Patterns..
TPL Plastech Ltd. TPLPLASTEH View In Charts 583.4491.978214 More Patterns..
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. ORICONENT View In Charts 56.952.1217 More Patterns..
Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd. GUJGASLTD View In Charts 755.45724.0216 More Patterns..
Winsome Yarns WINSOME View In Charts 1.91.75218 More Patterns..
LIC Nomura MF ETF Nifty 50 LICNETFN50 View In Charts 96.381.787229 More Patterns..
KDDL Ltd. KDDL View In Charts 207.0178.6429 More Patterns..
Orbit Exports ORBTEXP View In Charts 130.0116.324 More Patterns..
Salona Cotspin Ltd. SALONA View In Charts 60.7555.16822 More Patterns..
JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd. JHS View In Charts 54.044.149218 More Patterns..
Mahamaya Steel Industries MAHASTEEL View In Charts 75.8570.7237 More Patterns..
PNB Housing Finance Ltd. PNBHOUSING View In Charts 1317.11193.0217 More Patterns..
Agro Phos India Ltd. AGROPHOS View In Charts 21.419.762216 More Patterns..
MINI_NIFTY CNX_100 View In Charts 9884.259609.815 More Patterns..
Bajaj Electricals Limited BAJAJELEC View In Charts 359.45297.4130 More Patterns..
Vedanta Ltd VEDL View In Charts 242.65220.6512 More Patterns..
Godrej Industries Ltd. GODREJIND View In Charts 593.5551.813 More Patterns..
Ashok Leyland Ltd. ASHOKLEY View In Charts 91.5581.512 More Patterns..
Escorts Ltd. ESCORTS View In Charts 642.7583.114 More Patterns..
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. HINDPETRO View In Charts 567.6492.0515 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Gas Ltd. IGL View In Charts 1026.05966.8117 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. HDFC View In Charts 1547.91503.45114 More Patterns..
Hindalco Industries Ltd. HINDALCO View In Charts 198.4184.5513 More Patterns..
National Aluminium Co. Ltd. NATIONALUM View In Charts 68.464.6126 More Patterns..
Bharat Forge Ltd. BHARATFORG View In Charts 1133.21020.5114 More Patterns..
Finolex Cables Ltd. FINCABLES View In Charts 524.4476.1120 More Patterns..
NRB Bearings Ltd. NRBBEARING View In Charts 125.15107.013 More Patterns..
Birla Corporation Ltd. BIRLACORPN View In Charts 770.95729.016 More Patterns..
Pratibha Industries Ltd. PRATIBHA View In Charts 11.310.3120 More Patterns..
Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. KSCL View In Charts 571.7472.55116 More Patterns..
PVP Ventures Ltd. PVP View In Charts 5.04.65123 More Patterns..
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. TNPETRO View In Charts 42.6536.5126 More Patterns..
Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. RJL View In Charts 167.95143.313 More Patterns..
Prakash Industries Ltd. PRAKASH View In Charts 94.383.315 More Patterns..
Kiri Industries Ltd. KIRIINDUS View In Charts 276.5256.15110 More Patterns..
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. RUCHISOYA View In Charts 23.8523.314 More Patterns..
Graphite India Ltd. GRAPHITE View In Charts 114.35102.5121 More Patterns..
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. ELECON View In Charts 62.1557.018 More Patterns..
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. CHAMBLFERT View In Charts 122.95104.118 More Patterns..
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. GNFC View In Charts 290.0260.0114 More Patterns..
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. DEEPAKFERT View In Charts 249.25232.35119 More Patterns..
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. LICHSGFIN View In Charts 704.95662.95113 More Patterns..
eClerx Services Ltd. ECLERX View In Charts 1324.01255.017 More Patterns..
UPL Ltd. UPL View In Charts 837.6749.5114 More Patterns..
Essel Propack Ltd. ESSELPACK View In Charts 266.75246.517 More Patterns..
Berger Paints India Ltd. BERGEPAINT View In Charts 258.0235.1110 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. WSTCSTPAPR View In Charts 204.75171.0517 More Patterns..
Rallis India Ltd. RALLIS View In Charts 241.85228.55127 More Patterns..
NOCIL Ltd. NOCIL View In Charts 103.891.0111 More Patterns..
DCW Ltd. DCW View In Charts 37.9533.1110 More Patterns..
Panacea Biotec Ltd. PANACEABIO View In Charts 147.95128.0120 More Patterns..
FDC Ltd. FDC View In Charts 177.25171.0132 More Patterns..
SEAMEC Ltd. SEAMECLTD View In Charts 125.9106.05110 More Patterns..
Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd SUNFLAG View In Charts 36.834.3115 More Patterns..
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. MAHSEAMLES View In Charts 351.35322.9513 More Patterns..
Honeywell Automation India Ltd. HONAUT View In Charts 11294.010600.013 More Patterns..
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. BRFL View In Charts 150.0128.113 More Patterns..
Astral Poly Technik Ltd. ASTRAL View In Charts 586.95532.215 More Patterns..
Genesys International Corporation Ltd. GENESYS View In Charts 168.6142.7513 More Patterns..
Jindal Saw Ltd. JINDALSAW View In Charts 78.8572.8118 More Patterns..
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. NAHARSPING View In Charts 131.2121.6120 More Patterns..
Almondz Global Securities ALMONDZ View In Charts 18.216.8115 More Patterns..
Geojit Financial Services Ltd. GEOJITFSL View In Charts 78.4571.215 More Patterns..
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. MHRIL View In Charts 483.6452.9513 More Patterns..
NHPC LIMITED NHPC View In Charts 30.4528.7113 More Patterns..
Kwality Ltd. KWALITY View In Charts 139.3133.0120 More Patterns..
Jubliant Foodworks Limited JUBLFOOD View In Charts 992.7965.25114 More Patterns..
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd. TEXMOPIPES View In Charts 22.3519.4119 More Patterns..
Persistent Systems Ltd. PERSISTENT View In Charts 585.35565.15116 More Patterns..
Kesar Terminals and Infrastructure KTIL View In Charts 197.15186.35120 More Patterns..

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