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NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent Price Trend For Days One Month High One Month Low
Rane Engine ValvesRANEENGINEView In ChartsAUTO ANCILLARIES633.01.0666.0603.0
State Bank of IndiaSBINView In ChartsBANKS334.951.0351.3245.95
GHCL Ltd.GHCLView In ChartsCHEMICALS - INORGANIC267.551.0269.0220.1
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.CENTURYPLYView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION293.251.0309.4271.05
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.SIMPLEXINFView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION546.751.0594.8457.05
Praj Industries Ltd.PRAJINDView In ChartsENGINEERING105.951.0105.9568.05
Alankit Ltd.ALANKITView In ChartsGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES45.81.045.834.25
Jai Balaji Industries LimitedJAIBALAJIView In ChartsMINING13.51.017.0512.6
Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd.ORISSAMINEView In ChartsMINING1984.351.02345.01738.0
Banaras BeadsBANARBEADSView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS66.51.073.2557.2
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.DRREDDYView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS2306.251.02504.02260.15
Morepen Laboratories Ltd.MOREPENLABView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS22.31.022.916.45
Shilpa MedicareSHILPAMEDView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS667.01.0688.5608.2
Empee DistilleriesEDLView In ChartsBREW/DISTILLERIES50.
VST Industries Ltd.VSTINDView In ChartsCIGARETTES3380.852.03555.03000.0
MindTree Ltd.MINDTREEView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE513.32.0523.65469.1
Panoramic UniversalPANORAMUNIView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE9.352.010.38.15
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.OFSSView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE3702.22.03789.03460.7
Cigniti TechnologiesCIGNITITECView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE253.552.0289.4222.15
Prajay Engineers SyndicatePRAENGView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION11.952.012.858.45
Commercial Engineers and Body Builders CoCEBBCOView In ChartsENGINEERING14.
Dredging Corporation of India Ltd.DREDGECORPView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS700.92.0787.4528.0
Karma EnergyKARMAENGView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS40.02.053.537.35
Ortin Laboratories Ltd.ORTINLABSSView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS19.652.021.8515.1
Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd.PILITAView In ChartsPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS15.22.018.6513.2
Navneet EducationNAVNETEDULView In ChartsPRINTING AND PUBLISHING166.752.0178.9153.0
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent Price Trend For Days One Month High One Month Low
Tata Motors Ltd.TATAMOTORSView In ChartsAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS426.253.0468.0407.0
Bank of BarodaBANKBARODAView In ChartsBANKS178.13.0206.65138.5
Gokul Agro Resources Ltd.GOKULAGROView In ChartsCHEMICALS - INORGANIC26.
Omaxe Ltd.OMAXEView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION208.653.0217.8199.6
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak PSU Bank ETFKOTAKPSUBKView In ChartsFINANCE404.633.0420.0302.1
Goldman Sachs PSU Bank Exchange Traded SchemePSUBNKBEESView In ChartsFINANCE448.73.0488.0330.0
Pressman AdvertisingPRESSMNView In ChartsMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT76.13.079.761.9
Paper Products Ltd.PAPERPRODView In ChartsPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS290.63.0323.5233.1
Jagsonpal PharmaceuticalsJAGSNPHARMView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS37.53.042.533.0
Abbott India Ltd.ABBOTINDIAView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS4858.73.05413.44159.0
Krebs Biochemicals & IndustriesKREBSBIOView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS107.23.0120.7594.05
NakodaNAKODAView In ChartsTEXTILE MACHINERY0.43.00.450.25
Karnataka Bank Ltd.KTKBANKView In ChartsBANKS159.954.0171.6153.0
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd.GULFOILLUBView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION974.64.01012.0762.3
TTK Prestige Ltd.TTKPRESTIGView In ChartsCONSUMER DURABLES6771.04.06800.06078.85
Bhageria Industries Ltd.BHAGERIAView In ChartsDYES AND PIGMENTS289.254.0318.8271.35
ADF Foods IndustriesADFFOODSView In ChartsFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING277.44.0286.8225.0
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.SUNPHARMAView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS544.754.0572.3498.2
Technocraft Industries (India)TIILView In ChartsSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS493.754.0500.0440.9
Adani Enterprises Ltd.ADANIENTView In ChartsTRADING152.54.0162.0124.05

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