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Bearish MACD Divergence - Indian Stocks Screener in Long Term

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NameSymbolPriceMACDPrice PointsMACD PointsView In ChartOther Recent Patterns
Zee Media Corporation Ltd.ZEEMEDIA41.65-0.57797803-Jan-18, 06-Nov-17, 08-Jan-18, 06-Nov-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Supreme Petrochem Ltd.SUPPETRO350.0-9.2952211-Jan-18, 15-Sep-17, 11-Jan-18, 18-Sep-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.M&M709.0-6.2099701-Feb-18, 19-Dec-17, 01-Feb-18, 20-Dec-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Repro IndiaREPRO670.6-22.345411-Dec-17, 26-Oct-17, 12-Sep-17, 26-Dec-17, 31-Oct-17, 13-Sep-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Nalwa Sons InvestmentNSIL1137.05-53.55803-Jan-18, 25-Oct-17, 12-Sep-17, 28-Dec-17, 30-Oct-17, 13-Sep-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Ausom EnterpriseAUSOMENT68.750.368308-Feb-18, 11-Dec-17, 23-Nov-17, 28-Sep-17, 14-Feb-18, 15-Dec-17, 29-Sep-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Future Consumer Ltd.FCONSUMER58.55-2.2406626-Dec-17, 10-Oct-17, 11-Sep-17, 28-Dec-17, 14-Sep-17, View in ChartsMore Patterns..

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