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Enhanced Recent Chart Patterns formed by JK Tyre & Industries LtdIntegrated with Charts ; Weekly Bullish harami, Price Rise with High Volume, Bearish engulfing, Weekly Three inside up, Inverted hammer structure, Three outside down, Three inside up, 50 Days SMA Crossover, Dark cloud cover, Weekly Dark cloud cover, More Patterns ...

Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of JK Tyre Industries (JKTYRE)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume Code
TYRES 149.9 -5.400/ -3.477% 155.3 1.32993 1293.40 K JKTYRE

High/Lows & Performance of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 149.75 147.50 143.35 166.75 134.90 144.75
Price Gain 0.150 2.40 6.55 -16.850 15.00 5.15
Price Gain % 0.100 1.63 4.57 -10.105 11.12 3.56
Period High 165.35 165.35 165.35 174.20 186.30 186.30
High On 20-Sep-17 20-Sep-17 20-Sep-17 11-Jul-17 09-Jun-17 09-Jun-17
Period Low 147.40 145.10 142.70 140.00 127.35 106.00
Low date 19-Sep-17 15-Sep-17 29-Aug-17 16-Aug-17 29-Mar-17 27-Dec-16

Moving Average of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

Current Share Price 149.90
Three Days 153.63
Five Days 153.39
Ten Days 151.86
Fifteen Days 150.53
Twenty Two Days 148.89
Thirty Days 148.68
Fifty Days 154.34
Hundred Days 162.93
Two Hundred Days 145.14

Share Price History of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

Date Open High Low Close Volume
25-Sep-17 156.00 157.70 148.50 149.90 1015 K
22-Sep-17 157.00 160.00 152.05 155.30 2062 K
21-Sep-17 158.60 158.80 152.70 155.70 1255 K
20-Sep-17 156.25 165.35 156.25 158.00 5986 K
19-Sep-17 149.00 150.65 147.40 148.05 794 K
18-Sep-17 148.25 151.00 146.50 149.75 2008 K
15-Sep-17 148.90 149.80 145.10 147.15 756 K
14-Sep-17 151.00 152.90 149.00 150.00 652 K
13-Sep-17 156.40 157.30 149.20 150.65 2837 K
12-Sep-17 148.10 155.85 147.00 154.10 2135 K

Total Comments 11

User Comments
Posted by Gopal
Posted on: 27-Aug-2017
Fundamantally jk tyre showing sell sign .

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-Jun-2017
Bought JK Tyre at 185.20, on June 9th 2017, shall I sell or hold?

Posted by Bobby
Posted on: 11-Jun-2015
Bought JK Tyres @136 how long to wait it reach @156 ?

Posted by @syk@
Posted on: 16-Apr-2015
1st short sell is when u don't have share and still sell to take benefit of down trend ice shorting futures and buy at low price

better to sell jk as dark cloud candle stick pattern has formed which is bearish signal
I guess it can b bought at 115 level

Posted by prathima
Posted on: 16-Apr-2015
I bought JK tyres shares at 133. should I short sell or hold. prathima

Posted by RAM
Posted on: 28-Jan-2015
Hold SL 120

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 22-Jan-2015
In this market there are lot of other stocks looking much stronger from technical analysis perspective.. Suggest you to try some thing there. Unless you trade based on some news/fundamental analysis and that info i dont hav. As a general rule that i follow is purely trade on signal rather than choosing some particular scrips.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 21-Jan-2015
i sold stock @135 when i reenter

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Jan-2015
In short term does not look good to me, head and shoulder(bearish) pattern is formed . Book some profits. Long term still looking ok.

Posted by suman
Posted on: 20-Jan-2015
Shld I hold this stock

Posted by KIRAN
Posted on: 18-Sep-2014
due adds on right side i cant see full view of charts,please change location

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