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Enhanced Recent Chart Patterns formed by Vedanta LtdIntegrated with Charts ; Price Rise with High Volume, Bearish harami, Three inside up, Bullish harami, Bullish gap up, Three inside down, More Patterns ...

Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of Vedanta (VEDL)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume Code Futures and options
MINING 293.05 -0.750/ -0.255% 293.8 2.09819 10950.70 K VEDL Yes, F&O list

Future & Option of Vedanta Ltd

Expiry date/
Lot Size
Premium -Dsc/Close Fut Price Change/In % Fut OI/% Change Contracts/% Change Call Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total call OI/% Change Put Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total Put OI/% Change
31/08/2017 / 3500 1.10 /294.15 -0.500 / -0.170 42374.50 K / 1.77 10.53 K / -11.872 300.00 / 2669 15855.00 K / 7.24 290.00 / 1568 10836.00 K / 0.552

High/Lows & Performance of Vedanta Ltd

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 289.15 297.70 268.35 228.90 262.90 176.60
Price Gain 3.90 -4.650 24.70 64.15 30.15 116.45
Price Gain % 1.35 -1.562 9.20 28.03 11.47 65.94
Period High 310.25 310.25 310.25 310.25 310.25 310.25
High On 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17
Period Low 286.50 276.60 262.75 220.65 217.75 158.50
Low date 16-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 24-Jul-17 24-May-17 05-May-17 12-Sep-16

Moving Average of Vedanta Ltd

Current Share Price 293.05
Three Days 295.08
Five Days 297.45
Ten Days 295.22
Fifteen Days 291.45
Twenty Two Days 286.10
Thirty Days 280.59
Fifty Days 266.67
Hundred Days 253.95
Two Hundred Days 247.01

Share Price History of Vedanta Ltd

Date Open High Low Close Volume
22-Aug-17 297.50 299.75 291.50 293.05 9470 K
21-Aug-17 302.15 306.35 292.10 293.80 8748 K
18-Aug-17 299.00 303.40 295.00 298.40 12780 K
17-Aug-17 301.25 310.25 301.00 304.80 19018 K
16-Aug-17 291.15 298.95 286.50 297.20 10533 K
14-Aug-17 285.00 293.00 283.00 289.15 12751 K
11-Aug-17 293.00 294.55 276.60 279.10 18382 K
10-Aug-17 299.00 303.80 291.30 298.80 14153 K
09-Aug-17 297.70 306.70 297.70 300.20 12367 K
08-Aug-17 290.90 301.70 290.90 297.70 18777 K

Total Comments 18

User Comments
Posted by pint
Posted on: 08-Aug-2017
i have sort vedl augest F&O @ 278/- I can hold ?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 05-Jul-2017
Kindly suggest me if Lupin futures will be profitable trade for tomorrow intraday.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 21-Jun-2017
i have 2 lots vedl jun 235 pe. Can i hold?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 10-Mar-2017
i have 200 strike prize call of hindalco at 4.60 rate. should i hold or book loss. please suggest

Posted by batman
Posted on: 26-Feb-2017
My March series open positions are 1 Lot Vedanta @265/- Hindalco 1 Lot @185/- & Reliance 3 Lots @1222/- please help me shuld i hold it with stop loss, and or carry forward the position for one or two weeks. I shall be looking earnestly. My Mobile No. 9663824271.
Roque Dcunha

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 26-Feb-2017
Please suggest should i hold my futures March series position as of now, my email address is :
My purchase price is 265.

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 23-Dec-2016
vedl loosing its shine ....sell it like a jackpot for 2017 below 215 190 170

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 29-Sep-2016
buy vedl 163 165 sl blw 162 closin

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 18-Jul-2016
sell vedl 160 165 175

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 18-Jul-2016
sell vedl 160 165 175

Posted by saurabh
Posted on: 02-Nov-2015
Dear Admin, is there any way that i can find the movement chart for a particular scrip on any single day of my choice.
Your suggestion will be of great help.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 25-May-2015
Dear Akash,

There has been quite a few changes in Sesa /Vedanta in terms of name/symbol changes. It used to be Sesa Goa and sterlite as separate entity and changes to unified entity Sesa-Sterlite SSLT now it is Vedanta with Code VEDL.

We have now made necessary changes to reflect the same. Please look for Vedanta instead of SSLT.

And for any such issues, please report on 'Report An Issue' link instead to get faster attention
Site Admin

Posted by akashcp
Posted on: 20-May-2015
why sslt is not being updating ?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 11-May-2015
Sslt not updated

Posted by Pratik Jain
Posted on: 21-Apr-2015
Buy SSLT FOR 21/04/2015 - Intraday and Medium Term And Long Term.. Worth A Stock as per technical and fundamental analysis.. I Have personally bought 1000 shares @ 206.30
Pratik Jain
Professional Technical Analyst & Trader

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 23-Feb-2015
Sesa is up ... watch the stock

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 20-Feb-2015
Buy Sesa Sterlite for a tgt for 228/237

Posted by Balwant
Posted on: 16-Jan-2015
target for tommorow will be @ 193 with SL of 187

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