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Technical Analysis and Charts of S P CNX NIFTY

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Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Average Volume NSE Code BSE Code Futures and options
INDEX 8114.75 139.25  / 1.75% 7975.50 126012.00 K NIFTY Yes F&O list
Pivot Point - Intra-Day Support & Resistance
Pivot Point Support1 Support2 Support3 Resistance1 Resistance2 Resistance3 What is Pivot Point Pivot Point of other Stocks
8058.43 7996.02 7877.28 7814.87 8177.17 8239.58 8358.32 Learn Pivot Point Pivot Point List

Technical Chart for S&P CNX NIFTY

Interactive Charts With Indicators like MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Mov Avg, Bollinger,Williams %R, MFI ...

Short Term Technical Chart for S P CNX NIFTY
Indicators For S&P CNX NIFTY
Name Value
MACD (26d ,12d) 67.33
Signal Line 84.85
Macd Above Signal Line false
Macd/Signal Line trend days 4
Macd Above Zero Line true
Macd/Zero Line trend days 137
Bollinger Band Upper 8215.65
Bollinger Band Middle 8029.56
Bollinger Band Low 7843.47
Oscillators & Volume Indicators
Name Value
Stochastic D Fast 33.43
Stochastic K Fast 74.34
Stochastic D Slow 49.41
Relative Strength Index (RSI) (14 day) 60.87
Williams %R -25.66
Rate of Change 2.02
Price Volume Trend 112491000.00
Money Flow Index 52.05
Moving Average Trends
Trend Type Price Above MA? No of Days
15 Day true 1
50 Day true 27
100 Days true 140
15 Day Abv 50 Days MA true 131
50 Day Abv 100 Days MA true 220
Moving Average of S&P CNX NIFTY
Current Share Price 8114.75
Three Days 8007.72
Five Days 8034.13
Ten Days 8076.42
Fifteen Days 8069.32
Twenty Two Days 8016.55
Thirty Days 7933.75
Fifty Days 7826.41
Hundred Days 7572.53
Two Hundred Days 6956.56
Please note EMA Anslysis has moved to different subsection with much deeper analysis
Fibonacci Retracement - Current Price - 8114.75
Period High Price High Date Low Price Low Date 23.6% 38.2% 50.0% 61.8% 76.4%
Two Weeks 8180.20 08/09/2014 7925.15 16/09/2014 8120.01 8082.77 8052.67 8022.58 7985.34
One Month 8180.20 08/09/2014 7855.95 21/08/2014 8103.68 8056.34 8018.08 7979.81 7932.47
Three Month 8180.20 08/09/2014 7422.15 14/07/2014 8001.30 7890.62 7801.17 7711.73 7601.05
Six Month 8180.20 08/09/2014 6473.25 20/03/2014 7777.36 7528.15 7326.72 7125.30 6876.09
Volume Trend of S&P CNX NIFTY
Period Volume Significant Up Significant Down
Latest 1.1693E8 false false
3 Day Avg 1.22868416E8 true false
5 Day Avg 1.15310431E8 false true
10 Day Avg 1.15785066E8 false true
14 Day Avg 1.23148837E8 false true
1 Month Avg 1.26012372E8    
3 Month Avg 1.37924146E8    
Stock Price & Volume Trend of S&P CNX NIFTY
Period Price & Volume Up Price Up Vol Down Price & Vol Down Price down Volume Up
5 Days false false false false
10 Days false false false false
14 Days false false false false

Three Month Technical Chart for S&P CNX NIFTY

Three Month Technical Chart  for S P CNX NIFTY

Three Months Chart Last generated on : 27/02/2013

6 Mth Chart      1 Year Chart      2 Year Chart      6 Mths Chart Tech      1 Year Tech Chart      2 Year Tech Chart      5 Year Chart     

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Posted on: 06-Sep-2014
Hi rajesh
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Posted by rajesh
Posted on: 05-Sep-2014
dear admin do u provide tips on what's App

Posted by Naren
Posted on: 04-Sep-2014
Dear frnds as of 3rd of Sep close market is in uptrend, I think no worry till day

Posted by rahul
Posted on: 04-Sep-2014
nd thankz admin i have done many projects just because of your website.

Posted by rahul
Posted on: 04-Sep-2014
Guys i have done my MBA in financial markets according to my study we can see some flat trade or market to be in red in next 2 days. but i have a strong feeling we can see 50 to 80 points fall on friday. please follow me if you think my study was right.

Posted by Sathish Babu
Posted on: 30-Aug-2014
Admin pls suggest us...
 Every Thing Possible

Posted by Sathish Babu
Posted on: 30-Aug-2014
Try to Predict..... i thing... Market wait big move down....

but Most Expert Expect Market Make new high again.. is it possible...
 Every Thing Possible

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 13-Aug-2014
rocking fatte its d best chart hav ever seen

surely very helpful for technical traders

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Posted on: 06-Aug-2014
Wonderful Helps to me..... thanks tsr... Last Three months i made succeed and failure Ratio 80 % = 20 %

Again Thanks TSR
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Posted on: 04-Aug-2014
Hi Sathish,

We are happy to know that our site helped you.

But, it requires strong will power to not to quit and good understanding on stock market to recover whopping 50%.

Continue to trade safely and let technical study drive your decision over rumours.

You are inspiration to lots of newbies and may wish to write your experience to help them out. You can make some money there as well :)

Site Admin

Posted by sathish
Posted on: 31-Jul-2014
I Really thank to tsr
becs, i lost more money in stock market. after i saw the tsr
i nearly recover 50 % tanks

Posted by yovan
Posted on: 29-Jul-2014
opinion on nifty for 30.07.2014

Posted on: 18-Jul-2014
i need more information about Spinning top and dogi plz help me

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Posted on: 10-Jul-2014
its nice, keep going to make is more valuable

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 02-Jun-2014
We have verified the Data, its correct. Thanks anyways.
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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Jun-2014
30th May: The Low of the day was 7218 and NOT 7118.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 24-Mar-2014
Opinion on Nifty in coming days?