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Enhanced Recent Chart Patterns formed by BSE SENSEXIntegrated with Charts ; Channel rectangle, Overbought by Slow Stochastic, Overbought By Fast Stochatic, Doji, Overbought By RSI , Weekly Bearish engulfing, Weekly Bullish gap up, Bullish gap up, More Patterns ...

Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of BSE SENSEX (SENSEX)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Average Volume Code
INDEX 32402.4 -21.400/ -0.066% 32423.8 260838.00 K SENSEX

High/Lows & Performance of BSE SENSEX

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 32158.70 31809.60 31524.70 31311.60 29649.00 28634.50
Price Gain 243.70 592.80 877.70 1090.80 2753.40 3767.90
Price Gain % 0.758 1.86 2.78 3.48 9.29 13.16
Period High 32524.10 32524.10 32524.10 32686.50 32686.50 32686.50
High On 19-Sep-17 19-Sep-17 19-Sep-17 02-Aug-17 02-Aug-17 02-Aug-17
Period Low 32126.80 31586.50 31220.50 30680.70 29137.50 25717.90
Low date 13-Sep-17 06-Sep-17 21-Aug-17 30-Jun-17 22-Mar-17 21-Nov-16

Moving Average of BSE SENSEX

Current Share Price 32402.40
Three Days 32366.30
Five Days 32305.40
Ten Days 32058.00
Fifteen Days 31957.40
Twenty Two Days 31806.40
Thirty Days 31786.20
Fifty Days 31925.30
Hundred Days 31359.00
Two Hundred Days 29728.90

Share Price History of BSE SENSEX

Date Open High Low Close Volume
19-Sep-17 32522.40 32524.10 32358.60 32402.40 428 M
18-Sep-17 32361.40 32508.10 32361.20 32423.80 238 M
15-Sep-17 32207.60 32356.10 32138.40 32272.60 297 M
14-Sep-17 32289.30 32328.60 32186.80 32241.90 265 M
13-Sep-17 32188.90 32348.30 32126.80 32186.40 264 M
12-Sep-17 32029.20 32172.50 31950.20 32158.70 267 M
11-Sep-17 31798.30 31952.90 31797.90 31882.20 249 M
08-Sep-17 31694.20 31763.70 31619.00 31687.50 183 M
07-Sep-17 31738.70 31815.00 31620.40 31662.70 214 M
06-Sep-17 31713.50 31727.80 31586.50 31662.00 179 M

Total Comments 10

User Comments
Posted by Guest
Posted on: 09-May-2017
aroon oscillator screener is required

Posted by suresh
Posted on: 17-Nov-2015
i want the closing index of every 25th of the month since nov 14

Posted by yogesh
Posted on: 08-Nov-2015
Side bahot azzchi ahe sirf buy or sell karneke leye konasa chart istmal kare krupya jankari di

Posted by yogesh
Posted on: 08-Nov-2015
Side bahot azzchi ahe sirf buy or sell karneke leye konasa chart istmal kare krupya jankari di

Posted by Pardeep Kumar
Posted on: 03-Apr-2015
Hello Sir/Madam,

I will be very thankful to you if you kindly show divergence also under stock screener as On Balance volume diverging from prices, money flow index diverging from prices

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Feb-2015
Hi Manish,
We do have interactive chart where you have option to interval but yet to have a time selection. We hope to add it shortly. Stay tuned
Site Admin

Posted by Manish
Posted on: 02-Feb-2015
Can anyone tell me how to draw chart from a particular date to another date(specific time period)?
If not, then I request site admin to look into the feasibility of adding this option, many visitor search for it.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Nov-2014
Hi Rakesh,

This is a good requirement. We will add them soon.
Site Admin

Posted by Rakesh
Posted on: 29-Oct-2014
Dear Sirs/Madams,
Is a chart showing no of stocks advances % &/or declines % in sensex or nifty or market available on your website? Are also chart showing no of stocks with new highs &/or new lows over different periods available on your website? If yes can you let us know where? Thanks.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 18-Jul-2014
pls mix the both charts

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