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Technical Analysis and Charts of Rei Agro (REIAGROLTD)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume NSE Code BSE Code BSE Index
FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING 0.500 0.050  / 11.11% 0.450 0.562 782.15 K REIAGROLTD 532106 BSE Midcap
Recent Chart Patterns formed by Rei Agro Ltd. ; Oversold by Slow Stochatic, Channel rectangle, Bearish marubozu, Weekly Bearish dragonfly doji, Three black crows, Doji, Weekly Doji, Bearish dragonfly doji, Bullish gravestone doji, More Patterns ...
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Pivot Point - Intra-Day Support & Resistance

Type S4 S3 S2 S1 Pivot Point R1 R2 R3 R4
Standard - 0.417 0.433 0.467 0.483 0.517 0.533 0.567 -
Camarilla 0.473 0.486 0.491 0.495 0.483 0.505 0.509 0.514 0.528
Fibonacci - 0.433 0.452 0.464 0.483 - 0.502 0.514 0.533
Woodie's - - 0.475 0.438 0.488 - - 0.525 0.538
Demark - - - 0.475 - 0.525 - - -

Learn Pivot Point    Pivot Point List    For Fibonacci R1/S1, R2/S2 & S3/R3 are 38.2, 61.8, 100 % of the range in either side

Fibonnaci Retracements levels of Rei Agro Ltd.

PeriodMain TrendTrend Start Price / Date Trend End Price / Date 23.6%38.2% 50% 61.8% 76.4% View In Charts
Short TermDown Trend0.600/
0.4850.5070.5250.5430.565View In Charts
Medium TermDown Trend0.700/
0.5090.5460.5750.6040.641View In Charts
Medium TermUp Trend0.300/
0.6440.5780.5250.4720.406View In Charts
Long TermDown Trend0.850/
0.4300.5100.5750.6400.720View In Charts

Chart Gallery

Line Chart - 1 Month Chart with SMA 5 & 15 , 3 Month with SMA 15 & 50, Weekly Chart Simple Line Charts
Technical Chart - 1 Month Chart with RSI,Stochastic, EMA 3,13,34 15 , 3 Month with Williams %R, MACD, Bollinger Bands EMA 5 & 20, 3 Month Chart with ADX, Chaikin, MFI, EMA 20, 50 Scroll Down Technical Charts
Candle Stick - Three Month, Weekly, Interactive(Requires Flash) Candle Stick Charts
Interactive Charts (Requires Flash) - With Choice of Line/Candle/Bar Chart, EMA, SMA of choice, 1 W to 2 Year Period, Indicator like MACD, ADX, RSI, CMF .... Interactive Charts
Historical Line Chart - 6 Month Chart with EMA 3, 13, 34 , One Year Chart SMA 50, 100, 200 , Two Year Chart SMA 50, 100, 200
Historical Tech Chart6 Month Tech Chart with MACD, W %R EMA 15, 50, 100 , One Year Tech Chart with RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger, EMA 50, 100, 200 , Two Year Tech Chart With ADX, Chaikin EMA 50, 100, 200

Technical Indicators and Oscillators of Rei Agro Ltd.

Daily MACD : -0.020, Signal Line : -0.021, Macd Above Signal Line for 1 days, Macd Below Zero Line for 21 days   Daily Charts
Weekly MACD : -0.020, Signal Line : -0.021   Weekly Charts
Monthly MACD : -0.020, Signal Line : -0.021   Monthly Charts
Average Directional Index (ADX) : 20.07, ADX Mild Trend for 0 days, ADX Plus DI : 6.46, ADX Minus DI : 8.29   Daily Charts
Weekly ADX : 27.41, ADX Plus DI : 2.21, ADX Minus DI : 4.15   Weekly Charts
Monthly ADX : 73.60, ADX Plus DI : 1.69, ADX Minus DI : 10.63   Monthly Charts
Daily RSI : 55.56, Rsi has crossed above central line 1 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly RSI : 50.00   Weekly Charts
Monthly RSI : 52.63   Monthly Charts
RSI Smooth
Daily Smooth RSI : 48.67, Rsi Smooth has crossed below central line 8 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly Smooth RSI : 50.38   Weekly Charts
Monthly Smooth RSI : 9.80   Monthly Charts
Bollinger Bands
Upper Band : 0.557, Middle Band : 0.495, Lower Band : 0.000, Price Above middle Band for 1 days   Daily Charts
Weekly Upper Band : 0.655, Middle Band : 0.552, Lower Band : 0.000   Weekly Charts
Monthly Upper Band : 0.762, Middle Band : 0.545, Lower Band : 0.000   Monthly Charts
Williams %R
Williams %R : -50.000, Williams has crossed below central line 2 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly Williams %R : -80.000   Weekly Charts
Monthly Williams %R : -69.231   Monthly Charts
Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) : -0.241, Very Strong Selling Pressure   Daily Charts
Weekly CMF : -0.091   Weekly Charts
Monthly CMF : -0.175   Monthly Charts
Fast Stochastic
Fast Stochastic %k : 50.00 %D : 0.000, Fast Stochastic has crossed below central line 2 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly Fast Stochstic : 20.00   Weekly Charts
Monthly Fast Stochstic : 30.77   Monthly Charts
Money Flow Index (MFI) : 32.99 %D : 0.000, MFI has crossed below central line 17 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly MFI : 51.49   Weekly Charts
Monthly MFI : 49.01   Monthly Charts
Slow Stochastic
Slow Stochastic %D : 0.000, Slow Stochastic is in oversold teritory for 4 days, Slow Stochastic has crossed below central line 25 days ago   Daily Charts
Weekly Slow Stochastic : 0.000   Weekly Charts
Monthly Slow Stochastic : 31.62   Monthly Charts
OthersRate of Change (ROC) : 0.000, Price Volume Trend (PVT) : -7210340.000, Aroon Up 12.00, Aroon Down 100.00, Ultimate Oscillator 41.71, On Balance Volume (OBV) -236370000.000, Accumulation Distribution (ADI) -8100590.000, Average True Range (ATR) 0.062,

Moving Average of Rei Agro Ltd.

MA TypeThree DaysFive DaysTen DaysFifteen DaysTwenty DaysFifty DaysHundred DaysTwo Hundred Days

Moving Average Crossover of Rei Agro Ltd.

Trend TypeFifteen DaysFifty DaysHundred DaysFifteen Days Above 50 DMAFifty Days Above Hundred
Price Above SMAtruefalsefalsefalsefalse
Days Since Trend1.
Price Above EMAtruefalsefalsefalsefalse
Days Since Trend1.

Volume Trend of Rei Agro Ltd.

Period Volume Significant Up Significant Down
Latest 460033.0 false false
3 Day Avg 442161.0 false true
5 Day Avg 445232.0 false true
10 Day Avg 613154.0 false true
14 Day Avg 564152.0 false true
1 Month Avg 782151.0    
3 Month Avg 925498.0    

Stock Price & Volume Trend of Rei Agro Ltd.

Period Price & Volume Up Price Up Vol Down Price & Vol Down Price down Volume Up
5 Days false false false false
10 Days false false false false
14 Days false false false false

  • 1 Mth (RSI,Sto,EMA 3,13,34)
  • 3 Mth (W%R,MACD,Bollinger,EMA 5,20)
  • 3 Mth (ADX,MFI,CMF,EMA 20,50)
  • Interactive Charts
TechnicalAnalysis Technical Chart for Rei Agro Ltd
ThreeMonthsTechnicalAnalysis Technical Chart for Rei Agro Ltd
ThreeMonthsTechnicalAnalysis Technical Chart for Rei Agro Ltd

(This charts are best viewed at 100% or more of brower zoom with Flash Support)

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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-Sep-2016
rei agro is a fail

gv ur mo nos

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Aug-2016
All Screen is missing from the screen;;;; hope you are doing fine and good in health.
long life to you.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 12-Aug-2016

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 12-Aug-2016
rei agro is roaming there only , which city do u stay?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 12-Aug-2016
Good morning
How can we start trading with u, any prior condition, how about payment terms and conditions? Pls write so.

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 10-Aug-2016
watch aptech post

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 06-Aug-2016
u had lost in f.o as u must had traded without stoploss . in peninsula also u had not booked profit on target, if ur
r alert u will make money and if u r careless forget u had bought a shares and chck it 6monthly u will make money on my sujjested tips

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
appreciate, waiting your decision , whether we can work on it or not with what i hve told you,

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
i had a golden script which we can earn 600% return for max 2 years

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
peninsula had announce dividend of rs o.2 per share u had 5000 shares so 1000 as dividend

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
watch peninsula 5% up dont miss this up trend for quit

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
sorry i gv gurantee in returns so not affordable to me.

watch icici posting from 30 .july till today rates

watch tech mahindra post and rates and today 130 points nifty is bullish

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 05-Aug-2016
I can hardly manage half of it. Let me know if we can have any plan with little bit low charge.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 06-Apr-2015
buy our r j and heritage foods is on an eye buy hold tightly

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