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Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of Peninsula Land (PENINLAND)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume Code
CONSTRUCTION 35.2 -1.700/ -4.607% 36.9 1.45423 1417.13 K PENINLAND

Key Technical data of Peninsula Land Ltd.

MACD RSI Williams%R CMF PSAR EMA 50 SMA 100 Resistance 1 Support 1
1.34 59.93 -58.170 -0.011 34.60 31.50 26.31 36.73 34.28

Key Financial data of Peninsula Land Ltd.

Market Cap(Cr) EPS PE OutStanding Share (Cr) PEG PBV Face Value Last Div PS EV Book Value/ Share Current Ratio Interest Coverage EBIDTA Margin Profit Before Tax Net Profit Margin Total Assets Net Cash Flow
1031.36 -1.600 0.000 27.95 0.000 0.604 2.00 0.000 2.01 0.000 61.06 5.27 0.400 0.274 -102.030 -54.090 4233.45 45.03

High/Lows & Performance of Peninsula Land Ltd.

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 34.30 37.80 28.70 22.30 19.90 14.90
Price Gain 0.900 -2.600 6.50 12.90 15.30 20.30
Price Gain % 2.62 -6.878 22.65 57.85 76.88 136.24
Period High 38.40 38.70 39.65 39.65 39.65 39.65
High On 12-Dec-17 30-Nov-17 29-Nov-17 29-Nov-17 29-Nov-17 29-Nov-17
Period Low 34.00 33.15 27.50 21.75 17.10 13.05
Low date 07-Dec-17 04-Dec-17 15-Nov-17 14-Sep-17 11-Aug-17 26-Dec-16

Moving Average of Peninsula Land Ltd.

Current Share Price 35.20
Three Days 36.25
Five Days 35.59
Ten Days 35.33
Fifteen Days 35.26
Twenty Two Days 33.65
Thirty Days 33.05
Fifty Days 31.58
Hundred Days 26.31
Two Hundred Days 23.63

Share Price History of Peninsula Land Ltd.

Date Open High Low Close Volume
13-Dec-17 36.80 37.35 34.90 35.20 1030 K
12-Dec-17 36.85 38.40 36.00 36.90 1894 K
11-Dec-17 34.95 36.95 34.60 36.65 1456 K
08-Dec-17 34.65 35.40 34.30 34.65 715 K
07-Dec-17 34.65 35.45 34.00 34.55 810 K
06-Dec-17 33.90 36.00 33.65 34.30 864 K
05-Dec-17 34.45 35.00 33.45 34.15 906 K
04-Dec-17 35.40 36.25 33.15 34.45 831 K
01-Dec-17 37.85 38.60 34.55 35.00 1418 K
30-Nov-17 37.60 38.70 36.45 37.45 1560 K

Total Comments 58

User Comments
Posted by Guest
Posted on: 29-Dec-2016
when to buy this share, as to average it.

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 05-Dec-2016
buy peninsula target 17.25 current price 15.65 sl 14.25 cl base

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 01-Dec-2016
AL SCREEN: shall I buy Peninsu or average this share at this price.

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 04-Aug-2016
remember tech mahindra my temporary call for result fail , i excepted it , but i am still sure even if it goes 520 it has to come my targets .

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 04-Aug-2016
dont worry be happy , i my self is holding penin , do u remember i told that peny stocks should not be bought in bulk, now wait for results. y u should lose 10k gv time if u exit u cant make money in stock market

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 04-Aug-2016
wait for results of penin

watch rei agro

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 04-Aug-2016
Dear, I still have penin, couldn't sell last time, I want to hold it for 2 months, suggest a price pls.

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
watch tech mahindra post the call was for today as result announcement and its has failed but i am still sure of it

reason: operators r defensive they bought against the shorter so it may take 15 days for target but u dont trade without sl

i told dr reddy watch wer it is on the path again

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
i dont advice everyday because i had to take reading of all things in all screen

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
had u watched my icici post

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
Sorry, it is able to receive ur service.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
Dear Alscreen... good day to u
What should be minimum investment for me to unable receiving it services.
Pls advice soon.

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