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Enhanced Recent Chart Patterns formed by ACC Ltd.Integrated with Charts ; Channel rectangle, Doji, Double Bottom On Weekly Charts, Double bottom, 15 Days SMA Crossover, More Patterns ...

Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of ACC (ACC)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume NSE Code BSE Code BSE Index NSE Index Futures and options
CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 1326.45 -34.600  / -2.542% 1361.05 1.23 243.73 K ACC 500410 BSE 30 Nifty 50 Yes F&O list

Future & Option of ACC Ltd.

Expiry date/
Lot Size
Premium -Dsc/Close Fut Price Change/In % Fut OI/% Change Contracts/% Change Call Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total call OI/% Change Put Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total Put OI/% Change
25/01/2017 / 400 1.05 /1327.50 -37.900 / -2.776 1395.20 K / -13.082 4186.00 / 54.46 1360.00 / 342 224.80 K / 16.12 1340.00 / 40 102.40 K / 0.787

High/Lows & Performance of ACC Ltd.

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 1329.50 1333.90 1295.15 1609.45 1631.80 1212.25
Price Gain -3.050 -7.450 31.30 -283.000 -305.350 114.20
Price Gain in % -0.229 -0.559 2.42 -17.584 -18.712 9.42
Period's High 1367.95 1367.95 1367.95 1614.00 1736.40 1736.40
High On 19/01/2017 19/01/2017 19/01/2017 21/10/2016 08/08/2016 08/08/2016
Period's Low 1315.00 1314.05 1278.40 1256.55 1256.55 1174.00
Low On 20/01/2017 10/01/2017 26/12/2016 22/11/2016 22/11/2016 29/02/2016

Moving Average of ACC Ltd.

Current Share Price 1326.45
Three Days 1345.73
Five Days 1339.42
Ten Days 1336.44
Fifteen Days 1336.40
Twenty Two Days 1325.06
Thirty Days 1321.08
Fifty Days 1324.84
Hundred Days 1462.64
Two Hundred Days 1506.68

Share Price History of ACC Ltd.

Date High Low Open Close Volume
20/01/2017 1365.0 1315.0 1357.9 1326.45 380376
19/01/2017 1367.95 1342.35 1351.0 1361.05 561898
18/01/2017 1353.8 1331.0 1337.75 1349.7 503533
17/01/2017 1339.9 1315.0 1333.0 1328.9 208483
16/01/2017 1339.9 1325.0 1331.0 1331.0 107466
13/01/2017 1350.0 1327.7 1344.8 1329.5 101419
12/01/2017 1361.0 1332.35 1357.0 1341.6 282105
11/01/2017 1354.0 1320.0 1325.0 1348.7 399543
10/01/2017 1337.35 1314.05 1332.0 1319.6 166426
09/01/2017 1343.7 1316.5 1343.7 1327.85 135067
06/01/2017 1349.1 1330.0 1338.0 1333.9 247931

Total Comments 29

User Comments
Posted by Guest
Posted on: 03-Oct-2016
Dear Sir,
Good to see new changes on the screen..

It would be more better, if the Daily Williams % R be added to the chart/table alongwith RSI,MACD,STOCHASTICs,BOLLINGERS of F_N_O Stocks.

Warm Regards


Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Aug-2016
Dear Sir,
It would be more better, if Williams % R be added to the chart/table of the RSI,MACD,STOCHASTICs,BOLLINGERS of F_N_O Stocks.

Warm Regards


Posted by AVINASH
Posted on: 31-May-2016
Short ACC Jun fut on high nr 1544-50 trgt 1529-1522-1512-1507 (positional Short)

Posted by AVINASH
Posted on: 22-Apr-2016
ACC toward negative trend.... Short near 1435-30 trgt 1426-1412 (Positional Short)

Posted by AVINASH
Posted on: 12-Apr-2016
Can .... Now time has been ripen.... Short ACC APR FUT @ 1450 trgt 1435-1428-1420-1400 Postitional Short

Posted by AVINASH
Posted on: 07-Apr-2016
Short ACC Apr future 1422 (positional )

Posted by AAKASH
Posted on: 09-Jan-2016
acc a good buy at current levels with a sl of 1200 any long term investor should start accumulation of this script at current levels in small quantities .


Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Nov-2015
dear sir,
very gud job u here, saluted job, sir kya is website par koi aisa page bhi hai jha fno stocks ke breakout, breakdown etc latest information available ho , plz reply sir

Posted by Saurin
Posted on: 23-May-2015
Sell Tata MotorS in Future SL 522

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 23-May-2015
sell ACC at 1540 sl 1551.1

Posted by @syk@
Posted on: 14-Apr-2015
let us try to predict result by charts as price discount everything
I guess acc will come down after result and that means result negative unless there is no surprise
fingers crossed

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 04-Feb-2015
Kindly add all your request in the wishlist. Available at bottom of all page. Request at other places may get missed.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 04-Feb-2015
if possible , kindly provide data of delivery based volume so we can understand accumulation/distribution of shares.

Posted by @syk@
Posted on: 28-Jan-2015
first target achieved 1510

Posted by @syk@
Posted on: 27-Jan-2015
this has shown negative signal dark cloud cover time to exit or take short position with the stop above 1570 and this over bought stock aswel target would be 1510 and 1490

Posted by HR
Posted on: 26-Jan-2015
can somebody help me

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Jan-2015
Gohel, when in doubt go to source. Here source is Also, note that Exchanges may do some weighing average and you may see last price on your terminal to be slightly diff.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 06-Jan-2015
i am doing on line trading with LKP securities daily. I trade in only nse based scripts .after closing of market at 3.30 i note down day's volume in no.s & value in rupee terms. today that does not match with your data only in case of some call & put option data. In case of volume of f&o traded lots & volume in cash per day always match. i am regularly following your sites from last three sites. if i am making any error,let me know.----gohel

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Jan-2015
Hi Gohel,

We have verified data again and our data appears to be correct. One point to note that ours is EOD data updated after 5 PM IST. May I know the link at NSE which gives you a different turnover?
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 06-Jan-2015
i am doing daily trading in call & .put .can you provide information every day on no.of lots traded previous day & today in terms of volume & value like you are giving under head Snapshots of future trades.that is good format to understand.
nse shows turnover of 1500call is of rs.1.03lacs after closing. you are showing 181.00lacs---gohel.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 09-Dec-2014
on first page of top stock research---under head strong bearish signal with volume---rectify oversold stock with rising rsi with rising volume as overbought stock with falling rsi with rising volume.---gohel

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 03-Dec-2014
Earlier data updation was good compare to present type updation, why bcz old type monthly data updation contains RSI & STOCHASTIC value of the stock

Posted by macherla
Posted on: 27-Nov-2014
It is one of great gift for all.I observed more than 50 stocks in all circumstances but it was always correct.One can trust on bollinger band lower.All the best.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 17-Nov-2014
kindly provide the information of delivery based volume under the head volume,so we can know the trend in near future on the basis of delivery based accumulation specially for cash scripts.

dharmesh gohel

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 07-Nov-2014
please give tutorials on average direction index,average true range,ultimate oscillator & how to read their chart.


Posted by Admin
Posted on: 30-Sep-2014
Thank you for informing us. List is now updated.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 30-Sep-2014
you have not updated the segment, technical analysis with rsi, macd ,bollinger for all the co.s.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 03-Sep-2014
updation for 02-09-2014 will be appreciated.

Posted by HARI
Posted on: 31-Mar-2014
Dear Sir,
It appears there is some mistake in the closing price shown in ACC.It is not 1313 as shown but 1362.Is your pivot point calculation based on this closing price or 2362

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