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Enhanced Recent Chart Patterns formed by Axis Bank Ltd.Integrated with Charts ; Weekly Bearish harami, Weekly Three inside down, Oversold by Slow Stochatic, Channel rectangle, 100 Days SMA Crossover, Price Fall with High Volume, Oversold by Fast Stochastic, Weekly Inverted hammer structure, More Patterns ...

Stock Analysis, charts, Share Price of Axis Bank (AXISBANK)

Sector Share Price Price Change Previous Close Beta Average Volume Code NSE Index Futures and options
BANKS 492.0 -0.850/ -0.172% 492.85 1.81154 5140.48 K AXISBANK Nifty 50 Yes, F&O list

Future & Option of Axis Bank Ltd.

Expiry date/
Lot Size
Premium -Dsc/Close Fut Price Change/In % Fut OI/% Change Contracts/% Change Call Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total call OI/% Change Put Max Traded Strike Price/Contracts Total Put OI/% Change
29/06/2017 / 1200 2.70 /494.70 1.40 / 0.284 12110.40 K / -53.970 19.98 K / 2.36 500.00 / 3166 6339.60 K / -3.224 490.00 / 1868 2910.00 K / -4.036

High/Lows & Performance of Axis Bank Ltd.

Duration One Week Two Week One Month Three Months Six Month One Year
Period Old Price 507.75 509.50 511.45 502.80 440.05 514.00
Price Gain -15.750 -17.500 -19.450 -10.800 51.95 -22.000
Price Gain % -3.102 -3.435 -3.803 -2.148 11.81 -4.280
Period High 514.45 525.35 525.35 534.60 534.60 638.30
High On 22-Jun-17 19-Jun-17 19-Jun-17 11-May-17 11-May-17 07-Sep-16
Period Low 484.45 484.45 484.45 481.00 424.40 424.40
Low date 27-Jun-17 27-Jun-17 27-Jun-17 24-Apr-17 10-Jan-17 10-Jan-17

Moving Average of Axis Bank Ltd.

Current Share Price 492.00
Three Days 496.50
Five Days 501.05
Ten Days 506.48
Fifteen Days 508.16
Twenty Two Days 509.06
Thirty Days 507.23
Fifty Days 506.91
Hundred Days 504.11
Two Hundred Days 499.87

Share Price History of Axis Bank Ltd.

Date Open High Low Close Volume
28-Jun-17 493.80 500.35 490.05 492.00 12691 K
27-Jun-17 506.00 506.70 484.45 492.85 9842 K
23-Jun-17 509.60 510.45 503.65 504.65 3548 K
22-Jun-17 508.90 514.45 506.65 508.00 3463 K
21-Jun-17 511.05 512.50 506.75 507.75 4346 K
20-Jun-17 520.20 521.70 510.50 511.85 4388 K
19-Jun-17 511.00 525.35 509.30 520.15 6844 K
16-Jun-17 507.65 514.30 507.50 510.45 4999 K
15-Jun-17 508.85 509.30 504.00 507.60 3425 K
14-Jun-17 509.00 510.90 501.55 509.50 4648 K

Total Comments 39

User Comments
Posted by Oscarbarathy
Posted on: 22-Feb-2017
@deepakv tomorrow what target axisbank

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 22-Feb-2017
Axis all set for 550 600 650

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 16-Feb-2017
axis warming up guyz don't miss it sl is 480 closing basis

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 10-Feb-2017
Very nice informative portal

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 02-Feb-2017
axis can it make it to 550 lets wait n watch...countdown begins

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 25-Jan-2017
axisbank sl is 424 for delivery holders at 440

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 15-Jan-2017
very good and highly helpful for traders

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 22-Oct-2016
axis is buy at 495 to 505 range sl 485 target i will decide later

Posted by Bhaskar
Posted on: 28-Sep-2016
Achieved first target 540 Exit Sep call

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Aug-2016
when will it be updated

Posted by Bhaskar
Posted on: 16-Aug-2016
Shot Sep future Axis Bank around 595 for good returns 545/515

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 22-Jul-2016
Sell at Rs.540. TP: Rs 528

Posted by Bhaskar
Posted on: 15-Jul-2016
expect a target 590-601 in this expiry

Posted by Bhaskar
Posted on: 14-Jul-2016
Expect Target of 603 in this expiry. thereafter don't keep position.

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 12-Jul-2016
buy for trgts of 575

Posted by kumvij
Posted on: 20-Jun-2016
Axis bank currently under sell pressure today high volume and price is down means tomorrow it will show downward move might go gto b422/- to 418/-
Vijay Parekh

Posted by jagdish
Posted on: 10-Jun-2016
very very nice what is W%R?

Posted by sandeep kumar
Posted on: 03-Jun-2016
Very good performance

Posted by ANAND
Posted on: 12-May-2016
will reach 530 before expiry

Posted by debabrata
Posted on: 09-Apr-2016
Axis go to 428

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 01-Dec-2015
axis 467 472 create shrts trgt below 445

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 31-Oct-2015
buy buy buy

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 28-Oct-2015
exit axis guyz hope no one on TSR is stuck....lolz

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 23-Oct-2015
exit before results

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 19-Oct-2015
axis zooooom

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 12-Oct-2015
See Freinds i just idea for that LVL 295-296 it touch Nr. 287 ........... :)

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 08-Oct-2015
i think 495 or 496 are not support if break this level then i think it is go down like today ?????

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 07-Oct-2015
Buy axis bank 485 to 490

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 10-Sep-2015
sell axisbk 490 495

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 02-Sep-2015
axis bank north or south lol.....heading 410 where one can start accumlating for long term.....

Posted by deba
Posted on: 22-Jul-2015
Kumvij you r right it it touch 720 in 3 month

Posted by kumvij
Posted on: 13-Jul-2015
Yes and It's true Axis Bank stock is moving North wards short term It will show price 590-595 stop loss 569-571.Long term say 6 to 8 months 1st target will be 750 and on/end of March it will touch 850 to 900. stop loss should be adhere @ 500
Vijay Parekh

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 07-Jul-2015
sell axisbank 590 sl 593.1

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 17-Apr-2015
sell axis target 535.....

Posted by MR
Posted on: 12-Apr-2015
Buy for target 598

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 22-Feb-2015
Sell axis bank for a tgt of 553/545

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Jan-2015
It is good stock to be in. Its good for both trading and investment.

Posted by suman
Posted on: 19-Jan-2015
Shld I buy axis bank or not

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 13-Nov-2014
With a marginal of Rs 5-7 correction. next move in 2 to 3 session is 492 to 497...

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