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One Year Chart of Suzlon Energy Ltd (SUZLON) | Historical Chart

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OneYearChart of Suzlon Energy Ltd

Five Year Historical charts are generated weekly.

Total Comments 12

User Comments
Posted on: 21-Jan-2018
i learn simple

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 06-Jun-2017
suzlon 17 18 good price to move in

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-May-2017
Shoul I accumulate Suzlon for long term

Posted by deepakv
Posted on: 12-Apr-2017
buy Suzlon trgt 32

Posted by Anandn
Posted on: 18-Jul-2016
What is reverse set square chart.which stock formed this.

Posted by Vijay
Posted on: 26-Nov-2015
suzlon above fifteen days moving average what to do

Posted by Kirpal
Posted on: 08-Sep-2015
Please guide me whether I should buy Suzlon energy at current market price with a time horizon of 02 years.
Thanks & best Regards,
Kirpal Singh

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 18-Feb-2015
suzlon rocking...

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 17-Feb-2015
did you guys enjoyed the suzlon move :)

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 13-Feb-2015
suzlon looks good for short to medium term.

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 22-Jan-2015
Both tgr reached

Posted by stockpick
Posted on: 16-Jan-2015
suzlon up near its first tgt :)

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