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Stocks at 3 Day Exponential Moving Average Resistance for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Winsome Yarns View In Charts 1.951.9500102-Aug-1705-Feb-16 More Patterns..
DCW Ltd. View In Charts 32.8532.850618-Aug-1711-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 708.2708.21518-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
NCC Ltd. View In Charts 87.1587.15218-Aug-1712-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Rallis India Ltd. View In Charts 228.8228.8118-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd. View In Charts 161.05161.06118-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd. View In Charts 59.1559.15518-Aug-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Nestle India Ltd. View In Charts 6653.46653.9717-Aug-1728-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Infibeam Incorporation View In Charts 1418.551418.717-Aug-1727-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TGB Banquets and Hotels View In Charts 51.6551.655918-Aug-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. View In Charts 2153.82154.0818-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Whirpool Of India Ltd. View In Charts 1173.151173.3118-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
KRBL Ltd. View In Charts 467.95468.02418-Aug-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd. View In Charts 169.35169.37818-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. View In Charts 918.4918.55718-Aug-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD. View In Charts 35.2535.256318-Aug-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Kirloskar Brothers View In Charts 251.6251.65318-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Brigade Enterprises Limit View In Charts 263.9263.96118-Aug-1707-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Asian Paints Ltd. View In Charts 1140.01140.2716-Aug-1727-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Ganesha Ecosphere View In Charts 343.75343.83518-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd. View In Charts 128.05128.08418-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
ICICI PMF Nifty ETF - Growth View In Charts 101.19101.21818-Aug-1701-Nov-16 More Patterns..
PDS Multinational Fashions View In Charts 249.0249.0718-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
DCB Bank Ltd. View In Charts 183.1183.15218-Aug-1723-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Morarjee Textiles View In Charts 48.548.513818-Aug-1715-May-17 More Patterns..
LIC Nomura MF ETF Nifty 50 View In Charts 100.37100.39918-Aug-1707-Dec-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 160.9160.95610-Aug-1731-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Emami Ltd. View In Charts 1101.651102.117-Aug-1714-Aug-17 More Patterns..
TV18 Broadcast Ltd. View In Charts 36.436.415418-Aug-1714-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Venky's (India) Ltd. View In Charts 2063.82064.6918-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. View In Charts 325.5325.64117-Aug-1729-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Lakshmi Precision Screws View In Charts 40.540.517717-Aug-1712-Jul-17 More Patterns..
JMC Projects (India) View In Charts 346.05346.20317-Aug-1727-Jun-17 More Patterns..
FIEM Industries Ltd. View In Charts 885.25885.68117-Aug-1718-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. View In Charts 972.35972.84318-Aug-1731-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Quess Corp Ltd View In Charts 893.95894.44918-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
KCP Ltd. View In Charts 103.1103.15918-Aug-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 416.65416.89402-Aug-1702-May-17 More Patterns..
Rossell India View In Charts 98.698.658718-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Momai Apparels Ltd. View In Charts 127.3127.37716-Aug-1728-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd. View In Charts 18.8518.861618-Aug-1731-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. View In Charts 703.4703.84618-Aug-1731-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Mold Tek Technologies View In Charts 49.649.633110-Aug-1723-Jun-17 More Patterns..
3M India Ltd. View In Charts 13760.413769.618-Aug-1709-Aug-17 More Patterns..
GNA Axles View In Charts 263.05263.22818-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
eClerx Services Ltd. View In Charts 1275.151276.0518-Aug-1711-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 272.4272.59618-Aug-1719-Jul-17 More Patterns..
CRISIL Ltd. View In Charts 1829.751831.1117-Aug-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Aries Agro View In Charts 145.6145.7118-Aug-1723-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 16.816.812718-Aug-1716-May-16 More Patterns..
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd View In Charts 1218.11219.0318-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 831.15831.79418-Aug-1711-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Grasim Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1098.051098.9318-Aug-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Vedanta Ltd View In Charts 298.4298.63818-Aug-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Maithan Alloys View In Charts 489.35489.74218-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
HDFC SENSEX ETF View In Charts 3245.53248.1104-Aug-1705-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Aro Granite Industries View In Charts 63.6563.701318-Aug-1714-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Arshiya View In Charts 71.5571.610918-Aug-1711-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. View In Charts 7598.87605.2717-Aug-1731-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kopran View In Charts 71.471.461318-Aug-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Usher Agro Ltd. View In Charts 6.756.7558317-Aug-1718-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Peninsula Land Ltd. View In Charts 18.5518.56618-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Credit Analysis and Research View In Charts 1575.01576.4418-Aug-1729-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Rane Holdings View In Charts 1634.951636.4718-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Relaxo Footwears Ltd View In Charts 490.25490.71318-Aug-1720-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Welspun Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 129.55129.67418-Aug-1709-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Mukand View In Charts 81.581.579118-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Unichem Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 248.8249.04218-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
KPIT Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 113.45113.56118-Aug-1701-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 1016.081017.0818-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
SBI MF ETF Nifty Junior View In Charts 284.81285.09118-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Power Ltd. View In Charts 40.3540.390718-Aug-1716-May-17 More Patterns..
PNB Housing Finance Ltd. View In Charts 1526.751528.2918-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
McLeod Russel India Ltd. View In Charts 175.2175.37818-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Kotak Mahindra MF Nifty ETF View In Charts 99.6299.72118-Aug-1729-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NTPC Ltd. View In Charts 173.4173.57718-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. View In Charts 460.65461.12118-Aug-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd. View In Charts 205.65205.86918-Aug-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 163.2163.37418-Aug-1709-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Foseco India Ltd. View In Charts 1338.051339.4917-Aug-1703-Jul-17 More Patterns..
GHCL Ltd. View In Charts 227.35227.60417-Aug-1718-Jul-17 More Patterns..
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 155.15155.32418-Aug-1710-Jul-17 More Patterns..
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. View In Charts 324.85325.21718-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Lumax Industries Ltd View In Charts 1318.351319.8817-Aug-1703-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. View In Charts 79.879.894316-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Atlas Cycle Industries View In Charts 372.55372.99417-Aug-1720-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Future Retail Ltd. View In Charts 480.35480.92318-Aug-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Albert David Ltd. View In Charts 310.1310.47418-Aug-1705-Jul-17 More Patterns..
KPR Mill View In Charts 770.85771.80218-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
DIC India View In Charts 518.8519.44218-Aug-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Wipro Ltd. View In Charts 288.1288.45717-Aug-1710-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Onelife Capital Advisors View In Charts 23.023.029216-Aug-1728-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Siemens Ltd. View In Charts 1308.751310.4218-Aug-1717-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Zen Technologies View In Charts 51.251.265518-Aug-1725-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Uniphos Enterprises View In Charts 87.0587.162818-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd. View In Charts 770.0771.03618-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NIIT Ltd. View In Charts 90.4590.574918-Aug-1709-May-17 More Patterns..
VST Industries Ltd. View In Charts 2808.52812.4118-Aug-1718-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Andhra Bank View In Charts 50.950.971218-Aug-1723-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Poddar Pigments Ltd. View In Charts 262.05262.41718-Aug-1705-Jul-17 More Patterns..
SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES LTD View In Charts 160.65160.87818-Aug-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. View In Charts 747.55748.60917-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
JVL Agro Industries View In Charts 21.6521.680718-Aug-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Godrej Industries Ltd. View In Charts 598.0598.8718-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Zydus Wellness Limited View In Charts 861.45862.70908-Aug-1728-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bank of Maharashtra. View In Charts 26.7526.789218-Aug-1728-Apr-17 More Patterns..
NDTV Ltd. View In Charts 38.838.857317-Aug-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. View In Charts 219.15219.47510-Aug-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Copper Ltd. View In Charts 62.462.493318-Aug-1703-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Sathavahana Ispat View In Charts 38.238.257418-Aug-1704-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Hinduja Global Solutions View In Charts 506.4507.16114-Aug-1701-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Vakrangee Ltd. View In Charts 449.6450.27917-Aug-1728-Jul-16 More Patterns..
ESAB India Ltd. View In Charts 678.1679.13217-Aug-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 166.9167.15618-Aug-1714-Jul-17 More Patterns..
MINI_NIFTY View In Charts 10193.210208.818-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs S&P CNX Nifty Shariah Index View In Charts 238.35238.71818-Aug-1729-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company View In Charts 427.25427.91617-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Tokyo Plast International View In Charts 128.6128.80118-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NELCO Ltd. View In Charts 90.0590.191618-Aug-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
TITAGARH WAGONS LTD. View In Charts 109.35109.52217-Aug-1720-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Rana Sugars View In Charts 8.18.1128318-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Hindalco Industries Ltd. View In Charts 230.05230.41717-Aug-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Manaksia Aluminium Company Ltd. View In Charts 6.26.2099618-Aug-1725-May-16 More Patterns..
Panoramic Universal View In Charts 7.957.962918-Aug-1705-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. View In Charts 704.75705.90217-Aug-1714-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Hikal Ltd. View In Charts 207.0207.33918-Aug-1707-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
MMTC Ltd. View In Charts 56.356.392818-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. View In Charts 658.1659.19618-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Gitanjali Gems Ltd. View In Charts 61.561.603518-Aug-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Nectar Lifesciences View In Charts 27.4527.496918-Aug-1711-May-17 More Patterns..
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. View In Charts 394.95395.62916-Aug-1706-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Gulshan Polyols View In Charts 83.3583.496418-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Standard Industries Ltd. View In Charts 23.023.040616-Aug-1718-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. View In Charts 405.35406.07218-Aug-1709-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 52.952.994518-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Gandhi Special Tubes View In Charts 299.95300.48818-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. View In Charts 76.176.238618-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 326.0326.59518-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Adani Power Limited View In Charts 28.828.853117-Aug-1729-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Lovable Lingerie View In Charts 225.0225.41518-Aug-1721-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Sintex Industries Ltd. View In Charts 33.333.361518-Aug-1703-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd. View In Charts 134.45134.70118-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Shree Cement Ltd. View In Charts 17347.917380.303-Aug-1731-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Drugs View In Charts 509.5510.45309-Aug-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Parag Milk Foods Ltd. View In Charts 235.75236.19117-Aug-1705-Jul-17 More Patterns..
GPT Infraprojects View In Charts 147.85148.13318-Aug-1727-Jul-17 More Patterns..
R*Shares Dividend Opportunities Fund View In Charts 26.726.751418-Aug-1723-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Xchanging Solutions View In Charts 57.057.110118-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
S&P CNX NIFTY View In Charts 9837.49856.6118-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
United Breweries Ltd. View In Charts 802.4803.9918-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Capital First View In Charts 729.95731.40517-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
SML Isuzu View In Charts 948.2950.09127-Jul-1723-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1065.81067.9518-Aug-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Gears View In Charts 145.25145.54418-Aug-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Prism Cement Ltd. View In Charts 112.25112.48209-Aug-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Finolex Industries Ltd. View In Charts 590.0591.23118-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Sun TV Network Ltd. View In Charts 742.4743.96718-Aug-1712-Jul-17 More Patterns..
IDFC Ltd. View In Charts 55.8555.968718-Aug-1721-Jul-17 More Patterns..
SJVN Ltd. View In Charts 30.930.965808-Aug-1722-Sep-15 More Patterns..
UFLEX Ltd. View In Charts 406.95407.8218-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
RPG Lifesciences Ltd. View In Charts 316.7317.37818-Aug-1705-Jul-17 More Patterns..
AYM Syntex Ltd. View In Charts 61.561.633208-Aug-1726-Apr-17 More Patterns..
VIP Clothing Ltd. View In Charts 57.757.82618-Aug-1727-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Visaka Industries View In Charts 498.1499.19818-Aug-1708-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. View In Charts 138.4138.70617-Aug-1711-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 1735.051738.8918-Aug-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 674.8676.30116-Aug-1711-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 16.916.938218-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
GRP Ltd View In Charts 1337.91340.9517-Aug-1719-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Emco Ltd. View In Charts 18.918.943301-Aug-1727-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF View In Charts 403.43404.36716-Aug-1703-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Exide Industries Ltd. View In Charts 208.95209.43818-Aug-1714-Jul-17 More Patterns..
The Paper Products Limited View In Charts 6.556.5653117-Aug-1708-Feb-16 More Patterns..
Lumax Auto Technologies View In Charts 509.45510.64218-Aug-1727-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. View In Charts 22.422.452617-Aug-1728-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Union Bank of India View In Charts 132.05132.36118-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Automotive Axles Ltd. View In Charts 749.15750.91218-Aug-1703-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Asahi Songwon Colors View In Charts 291.85292.5418-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Beardsell Ltd View In Charts 52.8552.976518-Aug-1712-May-17 More Patterns..
Xpro India View In Charts 45.6545.759918-Aug-1706-Jul-17 More Patterns..
S P Apparels View In Charts 399.85400.82709-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. View In Charts 523.85525.13818-Aug-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
THE RUBY MILLS LTD View In Charts 312.95313.72618-Aug-1701-Aug-17 More Patterns..
ICSA (India) Limited View In Charts 2.72.706702-Aug-17NA More Patterns..
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 2.92.9072717-Aug-1729-Feb-16 More Patterns..
Karuturi Global View In Charts 1.151.1528908-Aug-17NA More Patterns..
CESC Ltd. View In Charts 940.9943.31518-Aug-1714-Jul-17 More Patterns..
International Paper APPM View In Charts 294.25295.01118-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Morepen Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 15.915.941218-Aug-1708-Feb-16 More Patterns..
Arvind Ltd. View In Charts 370.0370.96117-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Jyothy Laboratories Limit View In Charts 375.15376.15917-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Mirc Electronics Ltd. View In Charts 14.1514.188108-Aug-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Banswara Syntex View In Charts 138.25138.62817-Aug-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Kitex Garments View In Charts 236.9237.55918-Aug-1726-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Sarla Performance Fibers View In Charts 43.8543.97226-Jul-1727-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Archidply Industries View In Charts 89.0589.298218-Aug-1710-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Industries Ltd. View In Charts 862.7865.11609-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Flexituff International View In Charts 82.0582.281318-Aug-1710-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Canara Bank View In Charts 332.7333.64618-Aug-1724-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Syndicate Bank View In Charts 64.2564.432718-Aug-1724-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Punjab & Sind Bank View In Charts 49.049.140118-Aug-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 91.691.862618-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
ILandFS Engineering and Construction Company View In Charts 41.841.920218-Aug-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
BSE SENSEX View In Charts 31524.731615.918-Aug-1709-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd. View In Charts 283.25284.07201-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. View In Charts 238.45239.14318-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential MF CNX 100 ETF View In Charts 106.63106.9418-Aug-1726-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Gokaldas Exports Ltd. View In Charts 85.585.750518-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 1908.551914.1708-Aug-1719-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Orchid Pharma Ltd. View In Charts 24.924.973618-Aug-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Sterling Biotech Ltd View In Charts 3.73.7109417-Aug-17NA More Patterns..
Indo-National View In Charts 849.2851.71417-Aug-1727-Jul-17 More Patterns..
IFB Agro Industries View In Charts 399.3400.48610-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Cummins India Ltd. View In Charts 899.0901.68317-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 23.323.369918-Aug-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
R Systems International Ltd. View In Charts 38.5538.665917-Aug-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ITI Ltd. View In Charts 86.2586.5118-Aug-1703-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Sharon Bio Medicine View In Charts 5.755.767418-Aug-1708-Dec-15 More Patterns..
Sharda Cropchem Ltd. View In Charts 440.8442.13618-Aug-1704-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Sobha Ltd. View In Charts 386.3387.47118-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Ramkrishna Forgings View In Charts 541.9543.54717-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals View In Charts 54.154.264817-Aug-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 123.75124.12917-Aug-1707-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Kalyani Forge View In Charts 298.65299.56807-Aug-1703-Jul-17 More Patterns..
TV Vision Ltd. View In Charts 217.6218.2714-Aug-1711-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd. View In Charts 49.950.053818-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
GM Breweries View In Charts 407.4408.66418-Aug-1719-Jul-17 More Patterns..
SKF India Ltd. View In Charts 1538.51543.2918-Aug-1702-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Lyka Labs View In Charts 54.054.168418-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Indian Hume Pipe Company View In Charts 527.95529.59918-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. View In Charts 626.85628.8118-Aug-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Blue Star Ltd. View In Charts 712.75714.98418-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
NaMEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd. View In Charts 115.6115.96318-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. View In Charts 416.85418.15803-Aug-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 102.15102.4718-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Sasken Communication Techno. Ltd. View In Charts 456.0457.43318-Aug-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Power Ltd. View In Charts 5.95.9186116-Aug-1726-Aug-16 More Patterns..
H.E.G. Ltd. View In Charts 470.8472.28518-Aug-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Banking Index Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 2451.12458.8318-Aug-1716-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd. View In Charts 236.05236.79918-Aug-1704-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Siyaram Silk Mills View In Charts 2014.02020.4217-Aug-1703-Jul-17 More Patterns..
Gabriel India Ltd. View In Charts 174.95175.51818-Aug-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. View In Charts 202.1202.75717-Aug-1703-May-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 487.8489.39118-Aug-1728-Jul-17 More Patterns..
DFM Foods Ltd. View In Charts 1418.251422.8817-Aug-1713-Jul-17 More Patterns..
OM Metals Infraprojects View In Charts 54.454.578508-Aug-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mirza International Ltd. View In Charts 156.95157.46618-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
TIL View In Charts 415.0416.36618-Aug-1710-Aug-17 More Patterns..
Liberty Shoes Ltd. View In Charts 177.2177.78418-Aug-1704-Jul-17 More Patterns..
IMP Powers View In Charts 85.5585.832618-Aug-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..

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