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Stocks at 3 Day Exponential Moving Average Resistance for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. View In Charts 1012.351012.3625-Oct-1626-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Jindal Saw Ltd. View In Charts 63.963.901125-Oct-1629-Aug-16 More Patterns..
BSE SENSEX View In Charts 27941.527942.225-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
United Bank of India View In Charts 21.321.300524-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd. View In Charts 27.627.600825-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
PPAP Automotive View In Charts 196.4196.40728-Oct-1612-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 881.79881.83126-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak Banking ETF - Div View In Charts 198.42198.4326-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. View In Charts 1480.71480.7924-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd. View In Charts 136.2136.20827-Oct-1616-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Jindal Stainless Ltd. View In Charts 41.541.504428-Oct-1616-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) View In Charts 1379.81379.9827-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
V2 Retail View In Charts 139.95139.9725-Oct-1629-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Torrent Power Ltd. View In Charts 173.3173.33725-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
National Fertilizers Ltd. View In Charts 34.934.908128-Oct-1612-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Grasim Industries Ltd. View In Charts 965.3965.52521-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Globus Spirits View In Charts 106.95106.97626-Oct-1623-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Advanced Enzyme Technologies View In Charts2127.152127.6726-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
GTN Industries View In Charts 14.714.704526-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 1380.551381.0228-Oct-1626-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 175.9175.9626-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 3.33.3011325-Oct-1605-May-16 More Patterns..
Engineers India Ltd. View In Charts 269.35269.44526-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
BANK NIFTY View In Charts 19555.919563.526-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Ansal Housing and Construction View In Charts 27.427.411228-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Metkore Alloys Industries View In Charts 2.12.1008827-Oct-1629-Mar-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Pioneer Embroideries View In Charts 70.270.229724-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Lambodhara Textile View In Charts 93.9593.991628-Oct-1612-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Garden Silk Mills Ltd. View In Charts 33.633.616326-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd. View In Charts 30.8530.865524-Oct-1631-Mar-16 More Patterns..
Jet Airways (India) Ltd. View In Charts 458.9459.13225-Oct-1609-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. View In Charts 138.95139.02125-Oct-1619-Oct-16 More Patterns..
SEL Manufacturing Company View In Charts 3.453.4517826-Oct-1620-Jun-16 More Patterns..
PTL Enterprises View In Charts 124.75124.81527-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. View In Charts 115.4115.46525-Oct-1626-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Kitex Garments View In Charts 500.45500.73326-Oct-1621-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Omaxe Ltd. View In Charts 169.1169.19624-Oct-1623-Feb-15 More Patterns..
Havell's India Ltd. View In Charts 407.1407.33928-Oct-1620-Jul-16 More Patterns..
KDDL Ltd. View In Charts 230.5230.63726-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Websol Energy System Ltd. View In Charts 43.7543.776425-Oct-1602-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Sujana Towers View In Charts 11.011.006928-Oct-1626-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Uniply Industries View In Charts 267.15267.32326-Oct-1622-Jun-16 More Patterns..
TV18 Broadcast Ltd. View In Charts 44.544.530626-Oct-1624-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Manpasand Beverages Ltd. View In Charts 722.4722.90125-Oct-1617-Oct-16 More Patterns..
State Bank Of Bikaner and Jaipur View In Charts 697.45697.94526-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Cairn India Ltd. View In Charts 226.0226.16225-Oct-1622-Sep-16 More Patterns..
GHCL Ltd. View In Charts 275.65275.84821-Oct-1608-Mar-16 More Patterns..
NRB Bearings Ltd. View In Charts 126.7126.79925-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. View In Charts 111.8111.88727-Oct-1629-Jul-16 More Patterns..
3M India Ltd. View In Charts 13018.313028.528-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. View In Charts 1377.81378.9221-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tinplate Company of India Ltd. View In Charts 84.184.171325-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Firstsource Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 40.140.134425-Oct-1622-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Omkar Speciality Chemicals View In Charts 166.95167.09410-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. View In Charts 45.5545.5927-Oct-1628-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Shiva Texyarn View In Charts 222.7222.91228-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Rushil Decor View In Charts 662.0662.63328-Oct-1628-Jul-16 More Patterns..
NCL Industries View In Charts 146.0146.1428-Oct-1626-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Biocon Ltd. View In Charts 925.65926.54424-Oct-1622-Jul-16 More Patterns..
JBF Industries Ltd. View In Charts 236.75236.98420-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 361.9362.26428-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. View In Charts 743.4744.15928-Oct-1608-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Garware Offshore Services View In Charts 125.25125.3820-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
V-Guard Industries View In Charts 209.2209.41728-Oct-1604-Feb-16 More Patterns..
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 418.65419.08621-Oct-1622-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Trent Ltd. View In Charts 199.4199.60819-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
GIC Housing Finance Ltd. View In Charts 337.1337.45328-Oct-1619-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Aries Agro View In Charts 135.35135.49225-Oct-1601-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Shah Alloys View In Charts 12.312.313227-Oct-1610-Nov-15 More Patterns..
Gayatri Projects View In Charts 659.85660.56228-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. View In Charts 486.9487.43525-Oct-1607-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Mahanagar Gas Ltd View In Charts 759.8760.64125-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
TITAGARH WAGONS LTD. View In Charts 115.35115.4827-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Sri Adhikari Brothers Television View In Charts 261.15261.44628-Oct-1601-Jul-16 More Patterns..
South Indian Bank Ltd. View In Charts 23.7523.77726-Oct-1616-Jan-15 More Patterns..
Eimco Elecon (India) View In Charts 418.9419.38726-Oct-1620-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tata Communications Ltd. View In Charts 635.3636.03925-Oct-1610-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Navneet Education View In Charts 108.9109.02728-Oct-1606-Apr-16 More Patterns..
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd. View In Charts 996.85998.02826-Oct-1629-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scher View In Charts 2724.42727.7221-Oct-1628-Sep-16 More Patterns..
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2781.452784.8621-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NUCLEUS SOFTWARE EXPORTS View In Charts 216.6216.8727-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
McLeod Russel India Ltd. View In Charts 169.5169.71224-Oct-1601-Aug-16 More Patterns..
DLF Ltd. View In Charts 150.5150.6925-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
India Glycols Ltd. View In Charts 137.75137.92426-Oct-1606-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Orient Abrasives View In Charts 37.5537.597527-Oct-1624-May-16 More Patterns..
Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd. View In Charts 179.8180.0325-Oct-1619-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Lyka Labs View In Charts 67.667.686524-Oct-1628-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Majesco Ltd. View In Charts 435.65436.21228-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Swan Energy Ltd. View In Charts 103.55103.68527-Oct-1612-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Manaksia View In Charts 55.1555.22227-Oct-1620-Aug-15 More Patterns..
Parrys Sugar Industries View In Charts 40.9541.004125-Oct-1604-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Time Technoplast Limited View In Charts 96.8596.978426-Oct-1627-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Usher Agro Ltd. View In Charts 13.3513.367828-Oct-1618-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Pincon Spirit Ltd. View In Charts 73.273.297526-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
DCW Ltd. View In Charts 36.6536.701824-Oct-1630-Mar-16 More Patterns..
Wheels India View In Charts 1284.81286.6627-Oct-1625-May-16 More Patterns..
PVP Ventures Ltd. View In Charts 5.355.3577827-Oct-1614-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. View In Charts 66.566.597221-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Muthoot Finance View In Charts 358.9359.42627-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Deccan Cements View In Charts 1155.251156.9527-Oct-1619-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd. View In Charts 115.8115.97128-Oct-1606-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Jocil View In Charts 225.45225.78526-Oct-1614-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. View In Charts 429.65430.29627-Oct-1605-Jul-16 More Patterns..
UFLEX Ltd. View In Charts 315.5315.98326-Oct-1626-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Nitesh Estates View In Charts 12.912.919925-Oct-1622-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Polyplex Corporation View In Charts 362.2362.76226-Oct-1612-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. View In Charts 41.0541.113828-Oct-1606-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Hinduja Global Solutions View In Charts 559.6560.47725-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Bajaj Electricals Limited View In Charts 259.5259.9128-Oct-1621-Oct-16 More Patterns..
RPP Infra Projects View In Charts 191.7192.00527-Oct-1624-Aug-16 More Patterns..
R*Shares Banking View In Charts 2132.652136.0526-Oct-1607-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals View In Charts 60.2560.34728-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Sanghi Industries View In Charts 71.1571.264825-Oct-1620-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Standard Industries Ltd. View In Charts 26.7526.794225-Oct-1609-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Yes Bank Ltd. View In Charts 1272.31274.4125-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Universal Cables View In Charts 84.784.840926-Oct-1609-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Astra Microwave Products Ltd. View In Charts 116.0116.19325-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
TVS Motor Company Ltd. View In Charts 405.0405.68328-Oct-1610-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Shivam Autotech View In Charts 50.350.385526-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Dish TV India Limited View In Charts 95.9596.113326-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Banking Index Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 1973.981977.3426-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. View In Charts 15.1515.176325-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Munjal Auto Industries View In Charts 110.8110.99328-Oct-1601-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Parag Milk Foods Ltd. View In Charts 311.25311.79625-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
SKF India Ltd. View In Charts 1408.451410.9327-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Kirloskar Electric Company Limited View In Charts 68.969.021426-Oct-1628-Mar-16 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure ETS View In Charts 290.32290.83226-Oct-1626-Oct-16 More Patterns..
N K Industries Ltd. View In Charts 34.2534.312521-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
SIL Investments View In Charts 103.75103.9421-Oct-1631-Mar-16 More Patterns..
Rolta India Ltd. View In Charts 62.8562.965524-Oct-1626-May-16 More Patterns..
Magma Fincorp Ltd. View In Charts 116.6116.81726-Oct-1623-Sep-16 More Patterns..
JSW Steel Ltd. View In Charts 1658.851661.9519-Oct-1614-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Nagreeka Exports View In Charts 37.5537.620325-Oct-1623-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Jyoti Structures Ltd. View In Charts 12.9512.974328-Oct-1605-Nov-14 More Patterns..
GOCL Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 348.9349.55728-Oct-1624-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Malu Paper Mills View In Charts 32.932.962219-Oct-1625-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Indian Card Clothing View In Charts 246.2246.66728-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 605.45606.60620-Oct-1602-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co View In Charts 68.668.731628-Oct-1610-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Cybertech Systems and Software View In Charts 92.792.878128-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
TTK Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 989.8991.71126-Oct-1605-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Monsanto India Ltd. View In Charts 2341.152345.6917-Oct-1621-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Interglobe Aviation View In Charts 930.7932.52428-Oct-1601-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. View In Charts 75.175.248827-Oct-1602-Aug-16 More Patterns..
State Bank Of Travancore View In Charts 548.35549.4426-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
MRF Ltd. View In Charts 47955.648051.124-Oct-1602-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 134.9135.17125-Oct-1627-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Gujarat Apollo Industries View In Charts 132.3132.56728-Oct-1610-Aug-16 More Patterns..
The Anandam Rubber Company Ltd. View In Charts 15.915.932424-Oct-1616-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Ganesha Ecosphere View In Charts 221.15221.60225-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. View In Charts 431.95432.83226-Oct-1628-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. View In Charts 571.2572.36924-Oct-1619-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Vadilal Industries View In Charts 563.0564.15321-Oct-1621-Sep-16 More Patterns..
SMS Pharmaceuticals View In Charts 109.35109.57528-Oct-1601-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Bata India Ltd. View In Charts 481.3482.31121-Oct-1603-Aug-16 More Patterns..
HOV Services View In Charts 123.6123.86228-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Godrej Properties Ltd. View In Charts 359.05359.81826-Oct-1601-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Tips Industries View In Charts 69.5569.69927-Oct-1605-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Sutlej Textiles and Industries View In Charts 787.9789.59526-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Kolte - Patil Developers View In Charts 126.9127.17321-Oct-1606-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 222.05222.5320-Oct-1631-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Indo-National View In Charts 1095.31097.6727-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Mercator Ltd. View In Charts 46.5546.652120-Oct-1612-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Sonata Software Ltd. View In Charts 153.3153.63924-Oct-1605-Oct-16 More Patterns..
GAIL (India) Ltd. View In Charts 433.4434.35828-Oct-1626-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Microsec Financial Services View In Charts 51.851.914528-Oct-1619-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Ballarpur Industries Ltd. View In Charts 16.4516.486526-Oct-1619-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Cimmco View In Charts 73.3573.513828-Oct-1626-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Sundaram Finance Ltd. View In Charts 1371.31374.3727-Oct-1625-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Graphite India Ltd. View In Charts 78.2578.426128-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 916.8918.88125-Oct-1602-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. View In Charts 215.3215.7928-Oct-1631-Aug-16 More Patterns..
GM Breweries View In Charts 547.1548.35425-Oct-1614-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Ramco Systems Ltd. View In Charts 462.85463.91221-Oct-1620-May-16 More Patterns..
Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 40.440.492728-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 95.0595.268228-Oct-1628-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. View In Charts 3194.953202.324-Oct-1630-Jun-16 More Patterns..
TGB Banquets and Hotels View In Charts 87.0587.253228-Oct-1625-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Take Solutions Limited View In Charts 162.8163.1828-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Vijay Shanthi Builders View In Charts 12.612.629527-Oct-1611-Jan-16 More Patterns..
EIH Ltd. View In Charts 111.15111.41328-Oct-1610-Oct-16 More Patterns..
TeamLease Services Ltd. View In Charts 1013.41015.828-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Techno Electric and Engineering Company View In Charts 312.05312.80728-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. View In Charts 2398.72404.5428-Oct-1625-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs PSU Bank Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 351.31352.16725-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
GVK Power & Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 6.656.6662126-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
Nesco Ltd View In Charts 1926.21930.9628-Oct-1616-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Crompton Greaves Ltd. View In Charts 183.7184.15526-Oct-1614-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Almondz Global Securities View In Charts 17.717.744428-Oct-1621-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. View In Charts 262.6263.25926-Oct-1604-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Venus Remedies Ltd View In Charts 119.9120.20120-Oct-1618-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. View In Charts 4.054.0602728-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
Indiabulls Housing Finance View In Charts 848.9851.05724-Oct-1616-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. View In Charts 39.4539.551327-Oct-1630-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Oudh Sugar Mills View In Charts 108.25108.52924-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Exide Industries Ltd. View In Charts 195.75196.25527-Oct-1618-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Kirloskar Oil Engines View In Charts 345.15346.04324-Oct-1613-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. View In Charts 161.55161.97320-Oct-1618-Aug-16 More Patterns..
H.E.G. Ltd. View In Charts 170.85171.29828-Oct-1630-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Mirza International Ltd. View In Charts 93.1593.395325-Oct-1623-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. View In Charts 836.5838.7227-Oct-1630-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Metalyst Forgings Ltd. View In Charts 73.8574.046525-Oct-1614-Sep-16 More Patterns..
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. View In Charts 72.7572.944725-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Money View In Charts 28.5528.626626-Oct-1616-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Allahabad Bank View In Charts 75.5575.753726-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Emmbi Industries View In Charts 131.35131.71227-Oct-1603-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Reliance Power Ltd. View In Charts 47.147.230925-Oct-1630-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Skipper Ltd. View In Charts 149.95150.37219-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Gitanjali Gems Ltd. View In Charts 78.7578.97628-Oct-1602-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 58.858.969527-Oct-1606-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Lupin Ltd. View In Charts 1488.351492.6926-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Page Industries View In Charts 16452.816500.927-Oct-1628-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Allied Digital Services L View In Charts 32.532.595624-Oct-1607-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Network18 Media & Investments Ltd. View In Charts 41.9542.073721-Oct-1606-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Granules India View In Charts 121.65122.01126-Oct-1603-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 15.5515.596828-Oct-1623-Mar-16 More Patterns..
Siemens Ltd. View In Charts 1183.71187.2624-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Igarashi Motors View In Charts 807.9810.34628-Oct-1624-May-16 More Patterns..
Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd. View In Charts 103.4103.71321-Oct-1604-Aug-16 More Patterns..
KPIT Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 143.3143.73428-Oct-1606-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Alkem Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 1631.91636.8525-Oct-1620-Oct-16 More Patterns..
HMT Ltd. View In Charts 40.941.024728-Oct-1611-Apr-16 More Patterns..
Bhartiya International View In Charts 561.45563.16226-Oct-1617-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Indowind Energy Limited View In Charts 4.34.3132425-Oct-1618-Jan-16 More Patterns..
Man Infraconstruction Ltd. View In Charts 52.552.662328-Oct-1620-May-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd. View In Charts 205.75206.38726-Oct-1626-Aug-16 More Patterns..
NDTV Ltd. View In Charts 82.983.163921-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Surana Solar View In Charts 23.7523.825627-Oct-1605-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Madhucon Projects Limited View In Charts 45.0545.193925-Oct-1610-Aug-16 More Patterns..
TIL View In Charts 280.95281.85125-Oct-1626-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Rainbow Papers View In Charts 3.853.8624217-Oct-1603-Jun-15 More Patterns..
Supreme Industries Ltd. View In Charts 902.95905.8825-Oct-1604-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Albert David Ltd. View In Charts 376.45377.68227-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Power Finance Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 124.1124.50825-Oct-1629-Jun-16 More Patterns..
ALLSEC Technologies View In Charts 296.85297.82828-Oct-1609-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Ceat Ltd. View In Charts 1214.351218.3624-Oct-1629-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Lanco Infratech Ltd. View In Charts 4.24.2140225-Oct-16NA More Patterns..
Linde India Ltd. View In Charts 375.5376.75426-Oct-1624-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Timken India Ltd. View In Charts 580.9582.8624-Oct-1629-Sep-16 More Patterns..
HSIL Ltd. View In Charts 348.1349.28127-Oct-1627-Sep-16 More Patterns..
AUSTRAL COKE & PROJECTS LTD. View In Charts 0.350.3511924-Oct-1630-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Dhunseri Investments View In Charts 150.65151.16828-Oct-1625-Aug-16 More Patterns..
Corporation Bank View In Charts 41.641.743425-Oct-1622-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Sundram Fasteners Ltd. View In Charts 318.8319.926-Oct-1617-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Fedders Lloyd View In Charts 81.8582.140326-Oct-1613-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Kernex Microsystems (India) View In Charts 39.8539.992125-Oct-1615-Jan-16 More Patterns..
Parsvnath Developer Ltd. View In Charts 13.513.548321-Oct-1628-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Kohinoor Foods Ltd. View In Charts 56.9557.153528-Oct-1601-Apr-16 More Patterns..
NIIT Ltd. View In Charts 84.885.103719-Oct-1614-Oct-16 More Patterns..

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