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Stocks at 34 Day Exponential Moving Average Resistance for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Liquid Bees View In Charts 999.99999.99929-Dec-1613-Nov-15 More Patterns..
JSW Holdings Ltd. View In Charts 1514.81514.9924-Mar-1723-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Wockhardt Ltd. View In Charts 718.85718.99124-Mar-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tube Investments of India Ltd. View In Charts 605.75605.98624-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ambuja Cements Ltd. View In Charts 229.9229.99424-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Pfizer Ltd. View In Charts 1759.01759.9423-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd. View In Charts 943.45943.96920-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. View In Charts 252.85252.99124-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tinplate Company of India Ltd. View In Charts 77.9577.997124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Bank Ltd. View In Charts 274.75274.98620-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
United Spirits Ltd. View In Charts 2226.92228.8816-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd. View In Charts 2055.852057.8822-Mar-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Gandhi Special Tubes View In Charts 329.65329.9823-Mar-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Eimco Elecon (India) View In Charts 466.45466.96924-Mar-1706-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals View In Charts 37.9537.997122-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Vindhya Telelink View In Charts 651.95652.9424-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETF View In Charts 2600.82604.7624-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scher View In Charts 2633.62637.7524-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Monte Carlo Fashions View In Charts 388.35388.96320-Mar-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. View In Charts 172.7172.98322-Mar-1706-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Birla Sun Life Gold ETF View In Charts 2765.02769.7124-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Laurus Labs Ltd. View In Charts 510.05510.94624-Mar-17NA More Patterns..
VIP Clothing Ltd. View In Charts51.951.994323-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mazda View In Charts 321.35321.96324-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lovable Lingerie View In Charts 235.5235.97124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 2290.02294.7122-Mar-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Harita Seating Systems View In Charts 695.3696.90314-Feb-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd View In Charts 321.1321.94901-Feb-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Savita Oil Technologies View In Charts 872.45874.85423-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hester Biosciences View In Charts 748.75750.87108-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
MindTree Ltd. View In Charts 469.55470.91724-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aarvee Denim and Exports View In Charts 80.7580.985713-Feb-1713-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Vardhman Textiles Ltd. View In Charts 1307.951311.7724-Mar-1709-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Radico Khaitan Ltd View In Charts 124.6124.97720-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. View In Charts 559.15560.89423-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bartronics India Ltd. View In Charts 14.9514.997120-Mar-1720-Jun-16 More Patterns..
Excel Crop Care View In Charts 1761.051766.6624-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 2645.752654.4707-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Oil India Ltd. View In Charts 332.8333.93121-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sutlej Textiles and Industries View In Charts 818.05820.83124-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 518.1519.89124-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. View In Charts 280.95281.9410-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kitex Garments View In Charts 423.4424.90920-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 392.5393.91402-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd. View In Charts 75.775.982922-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Zensar Technolgies Ltd. View In Charts 916.05919.77424-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries View In Charts 173.25173.95724-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Insecticides India View In Charts 551.55553.8617-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SRF Ltd. View In Charts 1591.151598.5522-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
PTC India Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 39.839.988603-Mar-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) View In Charts 1309.351315.6224-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Liberty Shoes Ltd. View In Charts 166.15166.95124-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. View In Charts 146.25146.95724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2595.22608.2107-Mar-1711-Jan-17 More Patterns..
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2674.652688.1803-Mar-1730-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 2893.52909.0614-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd View In Charts 182.95183.9424-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Timken India Ltd. View In Charts 612.45615.79723-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Foseco India Ltd. View In Charts 1321.31328.5606-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GM Breweries View In Charts 476.2478.8421-Mar-1722-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF View In Charts 404.61406.86324-Mar-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
OnMobile Global Limited View In Charts 83.583.971412-Jan-1705-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd. View In Charts 118.25118.95716-Mar-1722-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Majesco Ltd. View In Charts 354.65356.86607-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Orient Bell View In Charts 160.9161.93724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GKW Ltd View In Charts 435.0437.82923-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Gas Ltd. View In Charts 1005.951012.622-Mar-1706-Dec-16 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 270.0271.88609-Mar-1709-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Indo Rama Synthetics Ltd. View In Charts 32.7532.985721-Mar-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Forge Ltd. View In Charts 1015.21022.5521-Mar-1723-Jan-17 More Patterns..
MPS Ltd View In Charts 680.65685.69428-Feb-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Heritage Foods Ltd. View In Charts 1057.51065.5124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Varun Beverages Ltd. View In Charts 377.95380.82617-Jan-1709-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Menon Bearings View In Charts 73.473.965715-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Trigyn Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 115.05115.94617-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sree Rayalaseema Hi Strength Hyp View In Charts 120.0120.94314-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. View In Charts 2427.22446.8124-Mar-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Larsen & Toubro Infotech View In Charts 691.0696.65722-Mar-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 130.85131.93417-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Excel Industries View In Charts 361.8364.81706-Feb-1703-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Communications Ltd. View In Charts 38.6538.9828-Apr-1612-Jan-16 More Patterns..
Essel Propack Ltd. View In Charts 236.85238.87724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Strides Arcolab Ltd. View In Charts 1139.651149.4122-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GPT Infraprojects View In Charts 237.8239.87409-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GHCL Ltd. View In Charts 263.55265.8622-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
L&T Technology Services View In Charts 779.35786.56303-Feb-1713-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Amrutanjan Health Care View In Charts 561.35566.67713-Feb-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 5203.05252.9724-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. View In Charts 101.95102.9410-Mar-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ACC Ltd. View In Charts 1396.451410.1717-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Prime Focus Limited View In Charts 79.1579.951422-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tata Communications Ltd. View In Charts 729.15736.55122-Mar-1705-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 55.455.965717-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 422.4426.73722-Mar-1716-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Gillette India Ltd. View In Charts 4092.94135.4222-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
DIC India View In Charts 464.85469.70609-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Venus Remedies Ltd View In Charts 98.999.937122-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
IMP Powers View In Charts 85.0585.945724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ponni Sugars (Erode) View In Charts 213.6215.86308-Feb-1723-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Bharti Infratel View In Charts 310.4313.79430-Jan-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. View In Charts 416.15420.72308-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Mirc Electronics Ltd. View In Charts 12.8512.991420-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Astra Microwave Products Ltd. View In Charts 114.65115.92307-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Birla Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 693.7701.52622-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
CCL Products India Ltd. View In Charts 325.1328.77724-Mar-1728-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd. View In Charts 199.6201.86324-Mar-1705-Jan-17 More Patterns..
United Breweries Ltd. View In Charts 774.65783.46622-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. View In Charts 105.7106.92624-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
PI Industries Limited View In Charts 853.45863.39722-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sudarshan Chemical Industries View In Charts 346.65350.75123-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hercules Hoists Ltd. View In Charts 154.05155.88914-Feb-1706-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Sarda Energy and Minerals View In Charts 242.85245.8224-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
eClerx Services Ltd. View In Charts 1374.151390.9824-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Standard Industries Ltd. View In Charts 22.722.982917-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
De Nora India View In Charts 228.95231.82620-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
3M India Ltd. View In Charts 11044.311184.508-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
India Glycols Ltd. View In Charts 155.9157.8808-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2618.952652.9408-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd. View In Charts 126.25127.924-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tata Motors Ltd. View In Charts 470.4476.62317-Mar-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
HCL Infosystems Ltd. View In Charts 53.2553.957103-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kamdhenu Ltd. View In Charts 88.7589.928617-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
City Union Bank Ltd. View In Charts 143.95145.88320-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sakuma Exports View In Charts 63.163.948614-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. View In Charts 1275.81292.9621-Mar-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
8K Miles Software Services Ltd. View In Charts 608.3616.50317-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Prolife Industries Ltd. View In Charts41.441.965724-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Celestial Biolabs Ltd. View In Charts 26.626.977124-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hinduja Ventures View In Charts 506.35513.56321-Mar-1721-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 52.252.954316-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Bijlee Ltd. View In Charts 831.2843.26922-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd. View In Charts 387.0392.65724-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 649.7659.41128-Feb-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 21.6521.9813-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hitech Plast View In Charts 156.45158.85422-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Agro Tech Foods Ltd. View In Charts 532.3540.50320-Mar-1719-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Nandan Denim View In Charts 116.1117.89117-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Centum Electronics View In Charts 598.05607.43114-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Sidhee Cement View In Charts 26.5526.974317-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mukta Arts Ltd View In Charts 91.4592.911410-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Nath Bio-Genes View In Charts 152.35154.84907-Mar-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Malu Paper Mills View In Charts 28.528.971413-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Axis Bank Ltd. View In Charts 489.35497.50621-Mar-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Dynacons Systems and Solutions View In Charts 16.716.982921-Mar-1711-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Alstom India Ltd. View In Charts 580.45590.39722-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bhageria Industries Ltd. View In Charts 316.15321.66613-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
VST Tillers Tractors View In Charts 1807.11839.0616-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Omax Autos Ltd. View In Charts 76.5577.917121-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (West) View In Charts 210.0213.77124-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Paper Products Ltd. View In Charts 238.45242.7407-Feb-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
JSW Energy Ltd. View In Charts 61.862.931420-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. View In Charts 359.95366.59723-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lambodhara Textile View In Charts 76.577.914320-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Saregama India Ltd View In Charts 209.85213.76331-Jan-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I) View In Charts 118.65120.86624-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Parenteral Drugs (India) View In Charts 27.4527.968607-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dhunseri Tea & Industries View In Charts 299.9305.65121-Mar-1722-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. View In Charts 346.9353.59422-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lux Industries Ltd. View In Charts 667.15680.20925-Jan-1723-Jan-17 More Patterns..
International Paper APPM View In Charts 310.55316.63102-Mar-1703-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 886.55903.94602-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Shirpur Gold Refinery View In Charts 96.097.885722-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kanoria Chemicals and Industries View In Charts 71.572.914310-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ICRA Ltd. View In Charts 4053.84134.1322-Mar-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Inox Wind Ltd. View In Charts 173.35176.79121-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Vinati Organics View In Charts 711.95726.1422-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rane Brake Linings View In Charts 932.25950.87113-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 191.9195.76608-Mar-1722-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 193.75197.75727-Feb-1730-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Sharda Cropchem Ltd. View In Charts 457.9467.42314-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Honda Siel Power Products Ltd. View In Charts 1370.651399.2713-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jet Freight Logistics Ltd. View In Charts64.5565.917120-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jyothy Laboratories Limit View In Charts 353.9361.53717-Mar-1716-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Coromandel International Ltd. View In Charts 316.75323.58622-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Engineers India Ltd. View In Charts 147.6150.80622-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Easun Reyrolle View In Charts 30.330.9620-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Rushil Decor View In Charts 634.1648.14922-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Websol Energy System Ltd. View In Charts 52.7553.928617-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd. View In Charts 2137.952186.0821-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GNA Axles View In Charts 193.3197.73106-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ester Industries View In Charts 42.9543.9422-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Info Edge (India) Ltd. View In Charts 817.8836.84622-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances View In Charts 175.6179.74910-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Technocraft Industries (India) View In Charts 407.75417.41417-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Nitco View In Charts 55.656.9222-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NUCLEUS SOFTWARE EXPORTS View In Charts 251.65257.63708-Mar-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
SE Investments View In Charts 177.5181.74308-Feb-1702-Dec-16 More Patterns..
THE RUBY MILLS LTD View In Charts 340.3348.50320-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Firstsource Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 40.9541.9424-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tara Jewels View In Charts 39.039.942922-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 159.9163.76630-Jan-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
AUSTRAL COKE & PROJECTS LTD. View In Charts 0.30.30735324-Mar-1730-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (North) View In Charts 103.3105.84608-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. View In Charts 1181.91211.2209-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Industries Power Co. Ltd. View In Charts 102.3104.84608-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shanthi Gears Ltd. View In Charts 111.05113.83114-Feb-1718-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Shalimar Paints View In Charts 148.05151.77413-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Chemfab Alkalies View In Charts 270.75277.58602-Mar-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indo Tech Transformers Limited View In Charts 206.45211.68317-Mar-1721-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rane Engine Valves View In Charts 570.65585.12327-Jan-1716-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Tech Mahindra Ltd. View In Charts 474.15486.26608-Mar-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Adhunik Industries Ltd. View In Charts 105.15107.83706-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. View In Charts 31.1531.951417-Mar-1730-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 14.614.977122-Mar-1709-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Prabhat Dairy Ltd. View In Charts 119.65122.80917-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. View In Charts 32.132.948627-Jan-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Emami Ltd. View In Charts 1023.21050.3521-Mar-1722-Feb-17 More Patterns..
GeeCee Ventures View In Charts 129.35132.79101-Mar-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Take Solutions Limited View In Charts 136.15139.7810-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Plastiblends India View In Charts 460.85473.24901-Mar-1727-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Star Paper Mills View In Charts 171.05175.71728-Feb-1723-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kaya View In Charts 734.55754.77421-Feb-1713-Jan-17 More Patterns..
SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES LTD View In Charts 169.05173.71720-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cambridge Technology Enterprises View In Charts 90.3592.848623-Feb-1721-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 1981.82036.6709-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sasken Communication Techno. Ltd. View In Charts 381.6392.34903-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Technofab Engineering View In Charts 185.45190.68320-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. View In Charts 661.15679.86621-Mar-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Infinite Computer Sol.(India) Ltd. View In Charts 221.2227.61103-Mar-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jagran Prakashan Ltd. View In Charts 174.6179.69117-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TIL View In Charts 280.3288.50320-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Swelect Energy Systems View In Charts 334.6344.40613-Feb-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 166.8171.70303-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Maithan Alloys View In Charts 387.9399.30921-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
KPIT Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 131.85135.76302-Mar-1723-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 238.45245.56907-Feb-1713-Jan-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price34 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Vivimed Labs Ltd. View In Charts 96.999.822908-Mar-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Techno Electric and Engineering Company View In Charts 346.8357.3622-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mangalam Drugs & Organics View In Charts 146.25150.72921-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tarmat View In Charts 44.5545.917115-Mar-1709-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Tata Motors (DVR) View In Charts 280.85289.47707-Feb-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Capital Trust Ltd. View In Charts446.4460.16606-Mar-17NA More Patterns..
Greenply Industries View In Charts 275.0283.48616-Mar-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 166.45171.68308-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Parag Milk Foods Ltd. View In Charts 224.5231.57113-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Shilpi Cable Technologies View In Charts 210.95217.59715-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Umang Dairies Ltd. View In Charts 74.576.857121-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indo-National View In Charts 890.0918.28603-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bharti Airtel Ltd. View In Charts 340.5351.34317-Mar-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Shilpa Medicare View In Charts 633.6653.77714-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mirza International Ltd. View In Charts 84.1586.837122-Mar-1729-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Industrial Investment Trust View In Charts 73.575.857117-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Religare Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 222.3229.5630-Dec-1607-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Bayer CropScience Ltd. View In Charts 3790.053915.413-Feb-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Zodiac Clothing Co. Ltd. View In Charts 181.6187.63410-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
IFGL Refractories Ltd. View In Charts 194.15200.60921-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Arrow Greentech Ltd. View In Charts 443.35458.10610-Feb-1723-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Saksoft View In Charts 258.8267.47401-Mar-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cineline India View In Charts 74.3576.848601-Mar-1723-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Pan India Corporation View In Charts 0.350.36176522-Mar-17NA More Patterns..

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