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Stocks at 5 Day Exponential Moving Average Resistance for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Liquid Bees View In Charts 999.99999.99524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 238.45238.45317-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hinduja Foundries View In Charts 33.9533.951920-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aban Offshore Ltd. View In Charts 222.15222.16324-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals View In Charts 63.163.104624-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kwality Ltd. View In Charts 157.25157.26524-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Take Solutions Limited View In Charts 136.15136.1716-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 166.45166.47522-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Cupid Ltd. View In Charts 319.45319.50520-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sakuma Exports View In Charts 63.163.111924-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ponni Sugars (Erode) View In Charts 213.6213.64324-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Areva T&D India Ltd. View In Charts 313.3313.36524-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd View In Charts 885.95886.14916-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SEAMEC Ltd. View In Charts 93.5593.572924-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SE Investments View In Charts 177.5177.55123-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. View In Charts 81.6581.674324-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hubtown View In Charts 92.292.228524-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs S&P CNX Nifty Shariah Index View In Charts 213.5213.56722-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SPL Industries View In Charts 24.1524.157924-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
HCL Infosystems Ltd. View In Charts 53.2553.268524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Asian Paints Ltd. View In Charts 1064.251064.6421-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 2749.552750.5524-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
MBL Infrastructures View In Charts 48.548.517924-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. View In Charts 152.4152.46224-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. View In Charts 323.25323.38924-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bhandari Hosiery Exports Ltd. View In Charts2.652.651224-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tata Motors Ltd. View In Charts 470.4470.62324-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Videocon Industries Ltd. View In Charts 103.55103.60124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Minda Corporation View In Charts 91.6591.695821-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NaMEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd. View In Charts 50.9550.976824-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. View In Charts 1181.91182.5323-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Raymond Ltd. View In Charts 651.85652.224-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ortel Communications View In Charts 110.7110.76124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
South Indian Bank Ltd. View In Charts 20.2520.261221-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dena Bank View In Charts 37.6537.670923-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
AMD Industries Ltd. View In Charts 27.9527.965524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Balkrishna Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1414.751415.5423-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tarmat View In Charts 44.5544.575324-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Infosys Ltd. View In Charts 1031.41031.9924-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sundaram Finance Ltd. View In Charts 1567.81568.723-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jai Corp Ltd. View In Charts 74.074.043324-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Siti Networks View In Charts 37.9537.972523-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NRB Bearings Ltd. View In Charts 104.85104.91824-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tokyo Plast International View In Charts 108.65108.72723-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Cybertech Systems and Software View In Charts 73.7573.804117-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co View In Charts 63.563.547324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
L&T Technology Services View In Charts 779.35779.93724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Religare Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 222.3222.46921-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Mirc Electronics Ltd. View In Charts 12.8512.859922-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NCC Ltd. View In Charts 82.1582.214324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dhunseri Investments View In Charts 172.8172.93524-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Bang Overseas View In Charts 43.343.334324-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Greenlam Industries View In Charts 649.95650.50321-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Raj Television Network Ltd. View In Charts 60.460.451522-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Pfizer Ltd. View In Charts 1759.01760.5123-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rolta India Ltd. View In Charts 59.0559.10121-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Nifty Junior Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 250.03250.24724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd. View In Charts 126.25126.36124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sutlej Textiles and Industries View In Charts 818.05818.77524-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
City Union Bank Ltd. View In Charts 143.95144.07922-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Wanbury View In Charts 52.052.048815-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. View In Charts 164.5164.65722-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 3.253.2531921-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lloyd Electric and Engineering Ltd View In Charts 248.75248.99724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Raj Oil Mills Ltd. View In Charts 1.71.7017722-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TT Limited View In Charts 57.157.159617-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
R*Shares CNX100 Fund View In Charts 95.595.603924-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
R*Shares Dividend Opportunities Fund View In Charts 24.9524.978224-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Zen Technologies View In Charts 68.268.278621-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. View In Charts 900.2901.25624-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd. View In Charts 315.6315.97708-Mar-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Elgi Equipments Ltd. View In Charts 214.4214.66724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. View In Charts 286.85287.20921-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. View In Charts 680.7681.58520-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Monsanto India Ltd. View In Charts 2511.02514.3422-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SRF Ltd. View In Charts 1591.151593.2821-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. View In Charts 24.424.433724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indo-National View In Charts 890.0891.24117-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Prism Cement Ltd. View In Charts 98.7598.889823-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TeamLease Services Ltd. View In Charts 954.55955.92324-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tata Power Co. Ltd. View In Charts 86.5586.680124-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Monnet Ispat and Energy Ltd. View In Charts 33.3533.402524-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
BEML Ltd. View In Charts 1302.31304.3824-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 571.05571.96520-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Sidhee Cement View In Charts 26.5526.592922-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TPL Plastech Ltd. View In Charts 480.0480.80616-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Zydus Wellness Limited View In Charts 850.55851.98723-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. View In Charts 167.05167.33324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rane Brake Linings View In Charts 932.25933.83324-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Industries Ltd. View In Charts 781.95783.28422-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Eon Electric View In Charts 64.0564.160320-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GeeCee Ventures View In Charts 129.35129.57624-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
UltraTech Cement Ltd. View In Charts 3973.953981.0222-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
IG Petrochemicals View In Charts 352.5353.13324-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Archies View In Charts 23.823.842824-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Cipla Ltd. View In Charts 593.95595.04224-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gayatri Projects View In Charts 136.65136.90221-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ester Industries View In Charts 42.9543.030522-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
MSP Steel & Power View In Charts 12.612.624424-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (North) View In Charts 103.3103.50124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Simplex Projects View In Charts 30.5530.610624-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Alpa Laboratories View In Charts 40.5540.634523-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bafna Pharmaceuticals View In Charts 30.5530.613924-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Centum Electronics View In Charts 598.05599.30523-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GKW Ltd View In Charts 435.0435.92923-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Unitech Ltd. View In Charts 5.755.7622917-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Albert David Ltd. View In Charts 323.85324.54420-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
National Steel & Agro Industries View In Charts 23.1523.200820-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NOCIL Ltd. View In Charts 84.7584.936522-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Noida-Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. View In Charts 11.8511.876202-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NBCC (India) Ltd. View In Charts 175.1175.4920-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
D-Link (India) Ltd. View In Charts 138.9139.2121-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lovable Lingerie View In Charts 235.5236.02724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
KCP Sugar Ind Corp View In Charts 36.136.181324-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indiabulls Wholesale Services View In Charts 30.8530.920124-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
ARSS Infrastructure Projects View In Charts 67.1567.302622-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 1981.81986.3209-Mar-1703-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 886.55888.57524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dilip Buildcon View In Charts 348.95349.76724-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Havell's India Ltd. View In Charts 446.4447.46324-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lux Industries Ltd. View In Charts 667.15668.74724-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Max India View In Charts 150.25150.61223-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Almondz Global Securities View In Charts 13.913.933720-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Essel Propack Ltd. View In Charts 236.85237.42624-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (East) View In Charts 219.95220.49324-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rollatainers Ltd. View In Charts 15.0515.087423-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
HDFC Bank Ltd. View In Charts 1424.351427.924-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ansal Housing and Construction View In Charts 22.6522.707124-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
STEL Holdings View In Charts 66.666.770224-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. View In Charts 81.681.808722-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. View In Charts 146.3146.68322-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd. View In Charts 941.45943.91524-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
D.B. Corp Ltd. View In Charts 380.05381.05522-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 191.9192.40924-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Camlin Fine Sciences View In Charts 90.9591.191724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GNA Axles View In Charts 193.3193.81522-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
BPL Ltd. View In Charts 63.6563.819924-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 372.7373.7124-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aegis Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 203.2203.75722-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. View In Charts 315.4316.28122-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bhartiya International View In Charts 529.95531.43124-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Lokesh Machines View In Charts 82.482.632724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Copper Ltd. View In Charts 66.7566.938724-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies View In Charts 65.865.986524-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. View In Charts 74.875.014724-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Piramal Enterprises View In Charts 1860.351865.824-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
ACC Ltd. View In Charts 1396.451400.5722-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Morarjee Textiles View In Charts 52.352.455123-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
CESC Ltd. View In Charts 828.35830.82324-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 123.0123.36724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Manaksia Steels Ltd. View In Charts 13.413.440324-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 619.95621.8224-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rain Industries Ltd. View In Charts 99.95100.25624-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jamna Auto Industries View In Charts 212.75213.40524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Responsive Industries View In Charts 96.6596.950423-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Prakash Industries Ltd. View In Charts 78.078.242721-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF View In Charts 86.586.770721-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Excel Crop Care View In Charts 1761.051766.5824-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Forge Ltd. View In Charts 1015.21018.417-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 404.2405.50922-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Cerebra Integrated Technologies View In Charts 39.239.328620-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Parsvnath Developer Ltd. View In Charts 12.8512.892520-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
HT Media Ltd. View In Charts 81.681.870221-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SKF India Ltd. View In Charts 1483.551488.4924-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd. View In Charts 75.775.95322-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 166.8167.36324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
S P Apparels View In Charts 446.4447.91921-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Libas Designs Ltd. View In Charts65.065.222823-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 702.15704.56124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. View In Charts 172.7173.29917-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 55.455.592124-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Pennar Industries Ltd. View In Charts 41.841.94517-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Transformers and Rectifiers India View In Charts 400.75402.17822-Mar-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 67.2567.491124-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharti Infratel View In Charts 310.4311.51524-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd. View In Charts 21.221.277720-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. View In Charts 1031.91035.6922-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. View In Charts 380.05381.45120-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Datamatics Global Services Ltd. View In Charts 129.2129.67724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
FIEM Industries Ltd. View In Charts 849.85852.99522-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Value Industries View In Charts 12.112.14517-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Electrotherm (India) View In Charts 170.8171.43717-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Subros View In Charts 193.1193.82221-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aspinwall & Company Ltd. View In Charts 215.9216.71122-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SMS Pharmaceuticals View In Charts 86.086.326920-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sharon Bio Medicine View In Charts 8.158.1811317-Mar-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. View In Charts 235.0235.89921-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
KPIT Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 131.85132.35521-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Themis Medicare View In Charts 597.3599.60724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Rane Holdings View In Charts 899.45902.93720-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Savita Oil Technologies View In Charts 872.45875.89723-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Exide Industries Ltd. View In Charts 215.65216.50322-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. View In Charts 158.35158.97720-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hexaware Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 220.8221.67524-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 1407.21412.7924-Mar-1706-Mar-17 More Patterns..
The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd. View In Charts 220.85221.72921-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Berger Paints India Ltd. View In Charts 228.5229.41724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Indian Card Clothing View In Charts 195.9196.68822-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd. View In Charts 131.0131.53323-Mar-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tree House Education & Accessories Ltd. View In Charts 19.819.880524-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
GHCL Ltd. View In Charts 263.55264.63520-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Brooks Laboratories View In Charts 136.4136.96510-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Vimta Labs View In Charts 109.15109.60517-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
KRBL Ltd. View In Charts 402.45404.13924-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Visagar Polytex View In Charts 2.02.008420-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Vijay Shanthi Builders View In Charts 11.9512.000224-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kamat Hotels (India) View In Charts 33.5533.692324-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Timken India Ltd. View In Charts 612.45615.06120-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
MindTree Ltd. View In Charts 469.55471.56522-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Infibeam Incorporation View In Charts 1379.31385.2524-Mar-1721-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bayer CropScience Ltd. View In Charts 3790.053806.4220-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
BLS International Services Ltd. View In Charts 1658.251665.4420-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Swelect Energy Systems View In Charts 334.6336.05722-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
RBL Bank View In Charts 492.95495.10224-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tata Motors (DVR) View In Charts 280.85282.07921-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Godrej Industries Ltd. View In Charts 492.65494.80721-Mar-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shree Rama Multi Tech View In Charts 12.512.554722-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sarda Energy and Minerals View In Charts 242.85243.92324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
DFM Foods Ltd. View In Charts1718.11725.7221-Mar-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Transport Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 218.5219.47321-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Fortis Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 176.9177.6920-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. View In Charts 559.15561.66422-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Educomp Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 10.710.748524-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. View In Charts 39.6539.831421-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Munjal Auto Industries View In Charts 96.6597.092221-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
ISMT Limited View In Charts 12.212.255924-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
63 Moons Technologies Ltd. View In Charts76.777.051923-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sical Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 253.0254.16221-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Visa Steel Ltd. View In Charts 21.021.096524-Mar-1717-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Syngene International Ltd. View In Charts 522.55524.96122-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NEPC India View In Charts 1.61.6074324-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. View In Charts 120.95121.51222-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Drugs View In Charts 568.85571.49620-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Prabhat Dairy Ltd. View In Charts 119.65120.20806-Mar-1727-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi View In Charts 201.35202.29223-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
BGR Energy Systems Ltd View In Charts 136.2136.83822-Mar-1715-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 518.45520.89524-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Tube Investments of India Ltd. View In Charts 605.75608.61324-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
AGC Networks View In Charts 84.6585.051123-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Adani Power Limited View In Charts 39.4539.637724-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Aries Agro View In Charts 148.95149.6624-Mar-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Xchanging Solutions View In Charts 50.2550.490317-Mar-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
MRO-TEK View In Charts 55.355.566122-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation View In Charts 4.64.6222520-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Phoenix Mills Ltd. View In Charts 382.15384.00923-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Fourth Dimension Solutions View In Charts 80.080.389524-Mar-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd View In Charts 182.95183.84122-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
JBF Industries Ltd. View In Charts 256.4257.65122-Mar-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. View In Charts 661.15664.38422-Mar-1716-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Shivam Autotech View In Charts 43.9544.165124-Mar-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..

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