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Stocks at 5 Day Exponential Moving Average Resistance for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Divi's Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 641.8641.83316-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
Tips Industries View In Charts 63.663.604127-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Technofab Engineering View In Charts 224.35224.3823-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Fourth Dimension Solutions View In Charts 56.056.01322-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NCL Industries View In Charts 217.2217.27423-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. View In Charts 367.7367.83923-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Mcnally Bharat Engineering View In Charts 47.0547.070923-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 2653.12654.3722-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
PI Industries Limited View In Charts 811.35811.76315-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. View In Charts 364.8365.01827-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Vedanta Ltd View In Charts 237.15237.29621-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tata Power Co. Ltd. View In Charts 81.181.151327-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scher View In Charts 2607.552609.2527-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
GKW Ltd View In Charts 420.0420.30722-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. View In Charts 624.7625.19421-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETF View In Charts 2535.552537.6727-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Avenue Supermarts Ltd. View In Charts 804.6805.31222-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
MphasiS Ltd. View In Charts 595.0595.52712-Jun-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Mazda View In Charts 337.9338.20623-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
BS Ltd. View In Charts 1.651.6515723-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ESAB India Ltd. View In Charts 606.2606.78927-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. View In Charts 470.05470.57921-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Gammon India Ltd. View In Charts 9.059.0601823-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Adani Power Limited View In Charts 27.127.130819-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
IFB Agro Industries View In Charts 423.8424.28927-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Motor and General Finance View In Charts 29.329.33422-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Bayer CropScience Ltd. View In Charts 4610.74616.3107-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
Birla Sun Life Gold ETF View In Charts 2691.02694.3123-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
SPML Infra View In Charts 126.05126.20527-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Cummins India Ltd. View In Charts 910.1911.23121-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
FDC Ltd. View In Charts 184.1184.34722-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 1279.61281.3623-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tera Software Ltd. View In Charts 73.5573.651727-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
RS Software (India) Ltd. View In Charts 72.672.700521-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Minda Industries View In Charts 600.45601.32727-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hind Rectifiers View In Charts 91.3591.48421-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
D.B. Corp Ltd. View In Charts 377.6378.16227-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Technocraft Industries (India) View In Charts 450.9451.57327-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 627.9628.84219-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 2399.962403.5723-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 205.75206.07220-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bigbloc Construction Ltd. View In Charts 86.086.138527-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2582.42586.723-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF View In Charts 90.991.053527-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (East) View In Charts 290.0290.49220-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. View In Charts 397.75398.44322-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tata Steel Ltd. View In Charts 510.9511.79323-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
GE T&D India Ltd. View In Charts 340.6341.21127-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Zodiac Clothing Co. Ltd. View In Charts 210.0210.37921-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gateway Distriparks Ltd. View In Charts 258.8259.2727-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company View In Charts 440.0440.80223-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Phoenix Lamps View In Charts 226.45226.86827-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bharti Infratel View In Charts 373.3374.02915-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Paper Products Ltd. View In Charts 257.15257.66923-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Indowind Energy Limited View In Charts 5.75.711721-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
RBL Bank View In Charts 508.95510.00109-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 2625.62631.1623-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Raj Oil Mills Ltd. View In Charts 1.31.3027906-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
United Spirits Ltd. View In Charts 2278.92283.8822-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Minda Corporation View In Charts 107.75107.99327-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Nagarjuna Oil Refinery View In Charts 4.14.1092723-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Tex Mart View In Charts 4.04.0094827-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
PSL Ltd. View In Charts 5.05.0118923-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ambuja Cements Ltd. View In Charts 240.75241.32827-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. View In Charts 839.3841.33823-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
CCL Products India Ltd. View In Charts 282.55283.24822-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 175.75176.19227-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 1184.751187.7316-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Media Ventures View In Charts 272.25272.95320-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
CL Educate Ltd. View In Charts424.75425.85922-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
IndusInd Bank Ltd. View In Charts 1490.151494.321-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF View In Charts 18.2918.343923-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Northgate Com Tech Ltd. View In Charts 0.450.45135422-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Quantum Index Fund - Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 1028.81031.9123-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Titan Company Ltd. View In Charts 516.0517.58522-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd View In Charts 57.057.179123-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. View In Charts 268.85269.72123-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Lypsa Gems and Jewellery View In Charts 62.062.203723-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Endurance Technologies View In Charts 889.85892.79920-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sundaram Multi Pap View In Charts 2.82.8094112-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Info Edge (India) Ltd. View In Charts 985.1988.47915-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Accel Frontline View In Charts 50.951.077819-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Neuland Laboratories View In Charts 1390.351395.2927-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
National Aluminium Co. Ltd. View In Charts 62.5562.774316-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Cantabil Retail India View In Charts 67.868.046323-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Navin Fluorine International Ltd. View In Charts 3038.93049.9516-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kwality Ltd. View In Charts 151.45152.00722-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Cyient Ltd. View In Charts 509.3511.18327-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sterlite Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 149.4149.95421-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Blue Dart Express Ltd. View In Charts 4238.354254.1222-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sri Adhikari Brothers Television View In Charts 232.95233.81721-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
TTK Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 764.7767.57223-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Linde India Ltd. View In Charts 432.25433.88822-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kamdhenu Ltd. View In Charts 116.05116.49122-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 178.55179.24920-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. View In Charts 1093.81098.0927-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ador Welding Ltd. View In Charts 370.3371.75227-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd. View In Charts 69.469.680823-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
MPS Ltd View In Charts 593.65596.06527-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Relaxo Footwears Ltd View In Charts 486.5488.48727-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
S E Power View In Charts 8.18.1330927-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Cords Cable Industries View In Charts 107.2107.63927-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kotak NV 20 ETF - Regular Plan View In Charts 41.241.372623-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited View In Charts 310.0311.29922-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Orient Paper & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 84.384.653922-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sunil Hitech Engineers View In Charts 13.4513.50827-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NTPC Ltd. View In Charts 157.9158.58922-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
City Union Bank Ltd. View In Charts 178.85179.64122-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
IG Petrochemicals View In Charts 396.65398.42927-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
TITAGARH WAGONS LTD. View In Charts 115.0115.51822-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sadbhav Engineering Limited View In Charts 301.3302.66707-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Foseco India Ltd. View In Charts 1356.11362.2923-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. View In Charts 386.65388.42627-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. View In Charts 120.8121.36527-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Petronet LNG Ltd. View In Charts 434.85436.89427-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Uttam Value Steels Ltd. View In Charts 0.50.50239616-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Natco Pharma Ltd. View In Charts 968.05972.71413-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances View In Charts 185.25186.14823-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company View In Charts 1079.351084.622-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Thirumalai Chemicals View In Charts 838.65842.73121-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Moser Baer India Ltd. View In Charts 4.54.521927-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Simplex Projects View In Charts 50.750.947527-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Page Industries View In Charts 16317.116396.823-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd. View In Charts 2104.92115.3527-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Infinite Computer Sol.(India) Ltd. View In Charts 207.9208.93722-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure ETS View In Charts 323.5325.13222-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. View In Charts 1092.11097.6522-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Polyplex Corporation View In Charts 430.0432.18923-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 70.971.266423-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Revathi CP Equipment View In Charts 767.35771.34523-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jet Airways (India) Ltd. View In Charts 552.3555.18227-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
Zuari Agro Chemicals View In Charts 385.65387.68320-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Solar Industries India View In Charts 812.95817.23920-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Indo Rama Synthetics Ltd. View In Charts 29.6529.807327-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICSA (India) Limited View In Charts 2.652.6643221-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 1517.351525.716-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ganesha Ecosphere View In Charts 354.85356.81927-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Sidhee Cement View In Charts 26.5526.697427-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
BSE SENSEX View In Charts 30958.231130.423-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
JSW Energy Ltd. View In Charts 63.1563.503423-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd. View In Charts 181.5182.51727-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kopran View In Charts 83.984.377915-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Saksoft View In Charts 216.1217.33327-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Vishnu Chemicals View In Charts 217.15218.39514-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
India Motor Parts and Accessories View In Charts 795.0799.55816-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Emmbi Industries View In Charts 186.2187.27527-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
KEI Industries Ltd. View In Charts 223.7225.00927-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tilak Nagar Industries Ltd. View In Charts 11.511.567627-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Pioneer Distilleries View In Charts 205.6206.83620-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
UFLEX Ltd. View In Charts 381.45383.78323-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sundaram Brake Linings View In Charts 479.3482.27127-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Essar Shipping View In Charts 29.3529.533327-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Somany Ceramics View In Charts 770.65775.52121-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HIL View In Charts 935.1941.02727-Jun-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 244.9246.45527-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Balaji Amines Ltd. View In Charts 332.5334.62513-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 563.35567.01527-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Educomp Solutions Ltd. View In Charts 8.158.2035423-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hero MotoCorp Ltd. View In Charts 3695.23719.8821-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICICI PMF Nifty ETF - Growth View In Charts 97.397.9522-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Golden Tobacco View In Charts 64.164.528322-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Syngene International Ltd. View In Charts 456.6459.6622-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Bank Ltd. View In Charts 287.9289.85427-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
SKM Egg Products Export (India) View In Charts 63.3563.789222-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HDFC Nifty ETF View In Charts 968.46975.19123-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Balkrishna Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1643.81655.3827-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 973.47980.34821-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
S&P CNX NIFTY View In Charts 9511.49578.9422-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. View In Charts 7183.357234.4823-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Autoline Industries View In Charts 52.652.975819-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HCL Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 840.2846.21327-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kotak Mahindra MF Nifty ETF View In Charts 955.64962.49722-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Vardhman Acrylics View In Charts 47.447.740622-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sun Pharma Advanced Resea View In Charts 294.8296.93516-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HDFC Bank Ltd. View In Charts 1667.651679.923-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hanung Toys and Textiles View In Charts 4.04.0293812-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Inventure Growth and Securities View In Charts 12.412.491127-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Havell's India Ltd. View In Charts 470.1473.58512-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Wheels India View In Charts 1319.61329.4627-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Godawari Power & Ispat View In Charts 92.2592.939323-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. View In Charts 146.15147.24323-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd. View In Charts 707.2712.52323-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Career Point View In Charts 99.35100.09923-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Century Textile & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1102.91111.2327-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1198.41207.4827-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2642.02662.1423-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
SRS Ltd View In Charts 3.23.2244721-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Manappuram Finance Limited View In Charts 93.6594.367527-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ramco Systems Ltd. View In Charts 327.65330.16527-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Interglobe Aviation View In Charts 1218.251227.6627-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Pokarna View In Charts 1334.951345.2723-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
L&T Technology Services View In Charts 721.65727.26622-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jagran Prakashan Ltd. View In Charts 179.6181.00320-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. View In Charts 418.5421.7727-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Rasayan View In Charts 2923.82946.6627-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
MINI_NIFTY View In Charts 9810.49887.7922-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
SQS India BFSI View In Charts 508.6512.62909-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd. View In Charts 909.6916.82722-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ICRA Ltd. View In Charts 4032.254064.2923-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Castrol (India) Ltd. View In Charts 406.35409.67722-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tube Investments of India Ltd. View In Charts 665.6671.09620-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Tata Elxsi Ltd. View In Charts 1588.51601.6227-Jun-1701-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Compucom Software View In Charts 11.111.191822-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
MT Educare View In Charts 63.0563.572223-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Mirc Electronics Ltd. View In Charts 13.713.814123-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 317.65320.327-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Lumax Auto Technologies View In Charts 490.3494.39527-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. View In Charts 1370.31381.7623-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gandhi Special Tubes View In Charts 329.7332.46327-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Pearl Polymers View In Charts 31.8532.118423-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Venky's (India) Ltd. View In Charts 1420.651432.6527-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Thermax Ltd. View In Charts 932.5940.40719-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Dena Bank View In Charts 33.533.784216-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd. View In Charts 70.270.799519-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Engineers India Ltd. View In Charts 154.35155.67421-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
SEL Manufacturing Company View In Charts 3.03.0258327-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Orient Green Power Company Ltd. View In Charts 8.08.0695508-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. View In Charts 974.75983.22923-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company View In Charts 72.873.433514-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Diamond Power Infrastructure View In Charts 27.4527.689127-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 172.55174.05723-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 47.3547.767227-Jun-1722-Jun-17 More Patterns..
The Byke Hospitality Ltd. View In Charts 185.8187.44521-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Cipla Ltd. View In Charts 534.65539.39221-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Garware Wall Ropes View In Charts 820.35827.65822-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Nahar Poly Films View In Charts 55.3555.850120-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 206.8208.67123-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Strides Arcolab Ltd. View In Charts 929.3937.73727-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tulsi Extrusions Limited View In Charts 3.83.8348521-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Amtek Auto Ltd. View In Charts 29.229.468927-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
TPL Plastech Ltd. View In Charts 507.15511.86620-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Geojit Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 98.4599.36723-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Eurotex Industries and Exports View In Charts 41.241.584122-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
BEML Ltd. View In Charts 1483.91497.7727-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited View In Charts 1696.951712.9123-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Shankara Building Products Ltd. View In Charts818.2825.90723-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Emco Ltd. View In Charts 23.6523.873123-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Centum Electronics View In Charts 692.7699.26422-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bhartiya International View In Charts 591.8597.42627-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Power Ltd. View In Charts 6.656.7136309-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
HOV Services View In Charts 309.2312.16627-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
GAIL (India) Ltd. View In Charts 359.7363.15408-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Rushil Decor View In Charts 766.45773.90419-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sandesh View In Charts 869.6878.12321-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bodal Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 157.85159.39927-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Surya Roshni Ltd. View In Charts 286.4289.21923-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Swaraj Engines Ltd. View In Charts 2303.02325.827-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. View In Charts 42.442.820323-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Green Fire Agri Commodities View In Charts 0.50.50499315-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Astral Poly Technik Ltd. View In Charts 680.2687.03121-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..

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