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Stocks at 3 Day Exponential Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Liquid Bees View In Charts 1000.01000.020-Jun-1713-Nov-15 More Patterns..
Welspun Investments and Commercials View In Charts 91.9591.94923-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (East) View In Charts 290.5290.49123-Jun-1711-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd. View In Charts 2121.82121.7322-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Adhunik Industries Ltd. View In Charts 100.25100.24523-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Gallantt Metal View In Charts 40.140.097923-Jun-1715-May-17 More Patterns..
Triveni Turbine Ltd. View In Charts 139.35139.34122-Jun-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Neuland Laboratories View In Charts 1397.851397.7423-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
GE T&D India Ltd. View In Charts 342.0341.96722-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 48.0548.043523-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Adani Transmission Ltd. View In Charts 119.0118.98214-Jun-1705-May-17 More Patterns..
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 5375.85374.9921-Jun-1724-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Amrutanjan Health Care View In Charts 695.0694.87523-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
Laurus Labs Ltd. View In Charts 608.3608.14823-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
GTL Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 4.854.8486221-Jun-1713-Jan-16 More Patterns..
Century Textile & Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1119.41119.0623-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Music Broadcast Ltd. View In Charts 356.35356.21616-Jun-1714-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Zenith Birla (India) Ltd View In Charts 0.70.699709-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. View In Charts 251.0250.89122-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Strides Arcolab Ltd. View In Charts 943.0942.58321-Jun-1720-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bajaj Corp Ltd. View In Charts 375.45375.27621-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
VST Industries Ltd. View In Charts 3309.43307.8423-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 17.617.591223-Jun-1716-May-16 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 3.853.8479320-Jun-1717-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Power Ltd. View In Charts 40.640.578221-Jun-1716-May-17 More Patterns..
Interglobe Aviation View In Charts 1241.751241.0613-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Sun Pharma Advanced Resea View In Charts 297.45297.28123-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gravita India View In Charts 80.5580.500416-Jun-1730-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Salona Cotspin Ltd. View In Charts 59.058.962922-Jun-1728-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETF View In Charts 2538.82537.0222-Jun-1701-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Phoenix Mills Ltd. View In Charts 450.5450.18122-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Religare Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 179.75179.61723-Jun-1730-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Indo Rama Synthetics Ltd. View In Charts 29.929.877622-Jun-1711-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd. View In Charts 114.75114.6623-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 334.8334.53623-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Asian Granito India View In Charts 411.6411.27223-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Gateway Distriparks Ltd. View In Charts 260.1259.88822-Jun-1707-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Mohit Industries View In Charts 52.652.556721-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
IG Petrochemicals View In Charts 399.4399.06522-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Swaraj Engines Ltd. View In Charts 2347.152345.1223-Jun-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scher View In Charts 2612.32610.0421-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
GM Breweries View In Charts 433.55433.17121-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Lloyds Steels Industries View In Charts 1.71.6985121-Jun-1702-Sep-16 More Patterns..
Cadila Healthcare Ltd. View In Charts 525.6525.1322-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mills View In Charts 21.9521.929223-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF View In Charts 419.98419.57321-Jun-1710-May-17 More Patterns..
Hercules Hoists Ltd. View In Charts 156.15155.99521-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Carborundum Universal Ltd. View In Charts 331.4331.06523-Jun-1724-May-17 More Patterns..
Infosys Ltd. View In Charts 943.25942.22923-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Saksoft View In Charts 218.2217.95323-Jun-1701-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jubliant Foodworks Limited View In Charts 922.95921.89323-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 330.95330.55619-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
Quess Corp Ltd View In Charts 895.85894.75423-Jun-1710-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. View In Charts 92.1592.034623-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bal Pharma View In Charts 100.5100.37220-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Phoenix Lamps View In Charts 229.9229.60514-Jun-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MPS Ltd View In Charts 599.7598.9323-Jun-1705-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) View In Charts 1295.01293.3222-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Raj Oil Mills Ltd. View In Charts 1.31.2983121-Jun-1707-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Finolex Industries Ltd. View In Charts 612.7611.90323-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
AGC Networks View In Charts 129.85129.67922-Jun-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Technocraft Industries (India) View In Charts 457.5456.89721-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
SEL Manufacturing Company View In Charts 3.053.0459321-Jun-1721-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co View In Charts 68.368.208723-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 2663.652660.0521-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
CRISIL Ltd. View In Charts 1919.351916.6716-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd. View In Charts 4.054.0441622-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 509.75508.96522-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Alpa Laboratories View In Charts 31.431.351123-Jun-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jaihind Projects View In Charts 5.55.490722-Jun-1715-Jul-16 More Patterns..
I T C Ltd. View In Charts 311.0310.47216-Jun-1711-May-17 More Patterns..
HDFC SENSEX ETF View In Charts 3203.53197.9621-Jun-1707-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Celestial Biolabs Ltd. View In Charts 24.524.456221-Jun-1703-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 2475.752471.0920-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Rajesh Exports Ltd. View In Charts 690.85689.52612-Jun-1701-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Agro Phos India Ltd. View In Charts 20.8520.8121-Jun-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Bodal Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 160.3159.99123-Jun-1721-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Kotak Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 254.2253.70823-Jun-1701-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bigbloc Construction Ltd. View In Charts 86.4586.282520-Jun-1701-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. View In Charts 301.05300.46121-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Ambuja Cements Ltd. View In Charts 243.3242.8114-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Britannia Industries Ltd. View In Charts 3649.53642.1421-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
ICICI Prudential Gold Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 267.1266.55921-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
Cera Sanitaryware View In Charts 2980.92974.5423-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 1651.351647.6522-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Nilkamal Ltd. View In Charts 1950.21945.7623-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. View In Charts 1263.81260.9122-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. View In Charts 137.65137.33123-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Andhra Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 342.6341.79423-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. View In Charts 200.4199.92321-Jun-1709-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Relaxo Footwears Ltd View In Charts 491.75490.57620-Jun-1712-May-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF View In Charts 91.3691.141723-Jun-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Prism Cement Ltd. View In Charts 119.2118.91320-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 206.0205.50323-Jun-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
HCL Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 851.85849.7522-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Dabur India Ltd. View In Charts 289.8289.08521-Jun-1711-May-17 More Patterns..
ECE Industries Ltd. View In Charts 239.2238.59822-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Manaksia View In Charts 71.871.617322-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 473.55472.34123-Jun-1720-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Gujarat Apollo Industries View In Charts 177.3176.84614-Jun-1708-Mar-17 More Patterns..
TTK Prestige Ltd. View In Charts 6708.56691.3322-Jun-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Atlas Cycle Industries View In Charts 398.7397.66722-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 323.0322.14823-Jun-1701-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Ador Welding Ltd. View In Charts 374.9373.89820-Jun-1724-May-17 More Patterns..
SEAMEC Ltd. View In Charts 138.1137.7323-Jun-1703-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Money View In Charts 65.164.925814-Jun-1718-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Kirloskar Oil Engines View In Charts 406.3405.18520-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Dwarikesh Sugar Industrial Ltd. View In Charts 427.35426.17519-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hexa Tradex View In Charts 19.8519.793720-Jun-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation View In Charts 2.952.9416322-Jun-1722-Sep-16 More Patterns..
TeamLease Services Ltd. View In Charts 1335.51331.5520-Jun-1707-Mar-17 More Patterns..
SML Isuzu View In Charts 1235.951232.2921-Jun-1723-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Sundaram Brake Linings View In Charts 492.3490.81516-Jun-1701-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Wipro Ltd. View In Charts 256.85256.07423-Jun-1703-May-17 More Patterns..
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. View In Charts 426.25424.93621-Jun-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Flexituff International View In Charts 122.85122.46921-Jun-1710-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Welspun India Ltd. View In Charts 81.9581.695719-Jun-1724-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Omaxe Ltd. View In Charts 205.85205.21114-Jun-1709-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Indiabulls Ventures View In Charts 184.75184.1713-Jun-1726-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Cyient Ltd. View In Charts 514.35512.66422-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Prabhat Dairy Ltd. View In Charts 131.75131.315-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Gandhi Special Tubes View In Charts 334.55333.3923-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Sanco Industries Ltd. View In Charts 111.05110.66323-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Credit Analysis and Research View In Charts 1496.151490.8221-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Munjal Showa Ltd. View In Charts 195.0194.30523-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Minda Industries View In Charts 604.3602.07323-Jun-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd. View In Charts 150.0149.42821-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Vadilal Industries View In Charts 834.65831.41922-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Sezal Glass View In Charts 4.74.681723-Jun-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Emami Infrastructure View In Charts 137.8137.25721-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Monte Carlo Fashions View In Charts 556.55554.35423-Jun-1721-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 845.15841.75323-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd. View In Charts 8051.358018.6519-Jun-1729-May-17 More Patterns..
Aspinwall & Company Ltd. View In Charts 214.75213.87623-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Zylog Systems Ltd. View In Charts 3.93.8839921-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Arrow Greentech Ltd. View In Charts 531.2529.01112-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Castex Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 7.97.8663120-Jun-1707-Sep-16 More Patterns..
NBCC (India) Ltd. View In Charts 208.9207.98823-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
KPR Mill View In Charts 838.3834.6322-Jun-1728-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Surana Industries View In Charts 3.53.4838923-Jun-1704-Jan-16 More Patterns..
Ashima View In Charts 19.919.807723-Jun-1720-May-16 More Patterns..
KEI Industries Ltd. View In Charts 228.45227.38322-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1435.851429.1214-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Fourth Dimension Solutions View In Charts 56.055.731623-Jun-1708-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Sarda Energy and Minerals View In Charts 249.05247.85422-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jai Balaji Industries Limited View In Charts 14.9514.877423-Jun-1723-Feb-17 More Patterns..
WABCO India View In Charts 5744.85716.8723-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 247.9246.68423-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
ESAB India Ltd. View In Charts 614.3611.18515-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Ramkrishna Forgings View In Charts 511.1508.48413-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Inventure Growth and Securities View In Charts 12.612.534423-Jun-1709-Mar-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Emmbi Industries View In Charts 188.7187.71123-Jun-1701-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 184.95183.97531-May-17NA More Patterns..
Royal Orchid Hotels View In Charts 110.8110.2123-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Alchemist Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 16.1516.063621-Jun-1706-Oct-16 More Patterns..
PNB Gilts Ltd. View In Charts 50.9550.677123-Jun-1723-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Tex Mart View In Charts 4.054.0281223-Jun-1706-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Gillette India Ltd. View In Charts 4936.94909.2120-Jun-1717-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. View In Charts 1111.31105.0421-Jun-1723-May-17 More Patterns..
Andhra Cement View In Charts 9.08.9469522-Jun-1705-May-17 More Patterns..
Wheels India View In Charts 1350.01342.0422-Jun-1731-May-17 More Patterns..
Maithan Alloys View In Charts 467.55464.7120-Jun-1706-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Ganesha Ecosphere View In Charts 363.1360.81222-Jun-1705-Jan-17 More Patterns..
MRO-TEK View In Charts 57.757.332919-Jun-1702-Mar-17 More Patterns..
Adlabs Entertainment View In Charts 81.781.174920-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Kokuyo Camlin View In Charts 106.0105.30221-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd. View In Charts 316.6314.49720-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Jai Corp Ltd. View In Charts 82.882.249722-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HIL View In Charts 961.0954.60126-May-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. View In Charts 2.952.930319-Jun-1729-Oct-15 More Patterns..
Sicagen India View In Charts 40.7540.464920-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
EIH Ltd. View In Charts 137.35136.34220-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Pidilite Industries Ltd. View In Charts 830.3823.91321-Jun-1710-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Rohit Ferro Tech View In Charts 5.15.0601823-Jun-1717-Jan-17 More Patterns..
D.B. Corp Ltd. View In Charts 382.75379.70122-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
HT Media Ltd. View In Charts 83.582.824919-Jun-1703-Nov-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
BEML Ltd. View In Charts 1541.651529.0307-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd. View In Charts 187.85186.28721-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Ortel Communications View In Charts 68.167.531523-Jun-1706-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Grasim Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1171.651161.6916-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Minda Corporation View In Charts 109.55108.61820-Jun-1709-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1227.11216.5423-Jun-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. View In Charts 1742.351727.3316-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Rainbow Papers View In Charts 3.73.6675523-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd. View In Charts 130.75129.60321-Jun-1718-Jan-17 More Patterns..
DIC India View In Charts 533.85529.15921-Jun-1715-May-17 More Patterns..
Balkrishna Industries Ltd. View In Charts 1697.11681.9119-Jun-1717-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Moser Baer India Ltd. View In Charts 4.554.5090321-Jun-1712-Jul-16 More Patterns..
Surana Telecom and Power View In Charts 4.654.60823-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. View In Charts 672.25666.09415-Jun-1705-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Essar Shipping View In Charts 30.029.723622-Jun-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Banaras Beads View In Charts 74.1573.463821-Jun-1705-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Savita Oil Technologies View In Charts 1165.51154.2721-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Fairchem Speciality Ltd. View In Charts 487.9483.19322-Jun-1712-May-17 More Patterns..
Simplex Projects View In Charts 53.3552.8313-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
GNA Axles View In Charts 240.0237.62814-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. View In Charts 543.8538.41921-Jun-1712-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Impex Ferro Tech View In Charts 1.251.2372419-Jun-1719-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Seshasayee Paper and Boards View In Charts 762.9755.08323-Jun-1725-May-17 More Patterns..
Umang Dairies Ltd. View In Charts 83.9583.082620-Jun-1705-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Rasayan View In Charts 3005.352974.120-Jun-1708-May-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Blue Blends (India) Ltd. View In Charts 62.6561.984212-Jun-1713-Jun-17 More Patterns..
KNR Constructions View In Charts 209.2206.97121-Jun-1719-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. View In Charts 204.45202.22723-Jun-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd View In Charts 38.2537.826221-Jun-1722-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Metkore Alloys Industries View In Charts 2.82.7689722-Jun-1702-May-17 More Patterns..
MindTree Ltd. View In Charts 532.0526.03620-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. View In Charts 42.1541.662821-Jun-1730-May-17 More Patterns..
Camlin Fine Sciences View In Charts 91.590.439620-Jun-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
CMI Ltd View In Charts 209.9207.46219-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. View In Charts 96.5595.41822-Jun-1712-May-17 More Patterns..
Arman Financial Services Ltd. View In Charts 190.2187.93716-Jun-1714-Mar-17 More Patterns..
H.E.G. Ltd. View In Charts 315.0311.24815-Jun-1708-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Graphite India Ltd. View In Charts 152.95151.12407-Jun-1712-May-17 More Patterns..
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. View In Charts 352.6348.27621-Jun-1712-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Manaksia Industries Ltd. View In Charts 38.437.918522-Jun-1720-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. View In Charts 603.3595.65922-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Drugs View In Charts 530.3523.5622-Jun-1715-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. View In Charts 581.35573.75222-Jun-1704-May-17 More Patterns..
Khaitan Electricals View In Charts 20.920.62523-Jun-1723-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 90.188.862422-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 503.85496.65121-Jun-1720-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Autolite (India) View In Charts 62.4561.504820-Jun-1707-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Gyscoal Alloys View In Charts 7.06.8912921-Jun-1701-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Venky's (India) Ltd. View In Charts 1466.81443.723-Jun-1702-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Welspun Corp Ltd. View In Charts 100.698.99623-Jun-1727-Dec-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price3 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
IFB Industries Ltd. View In Charts 733.05721.3321-Jun-1710-May-17 More Patterns..
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd. View In Charts 0.20.19677914-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. View In Charts 71.870.636707-Jun-1716-Nov-16 More Patterns..
GMR Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 21.3521.00120-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
Control Print Ltd. View In Charts 338.45332.89723-Jun-1718-May-17 More Patterns..
Alok Industries Ltd. View In Charts 2.752.7039422-Jun-17NA More Patterns..
IVP Ltd View In Charts 160.7158.00322-Jun-1716-May-17 More Patterns..
Suprajit Engineering View In Charts 331.7326.1214-Jun-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rai Saheb Reckchand Mohota Spinning and Weaving View In Charts 104.8103.0122-Jun-1707-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Nu Tek India Ltd. View In Charts 0.70.68760821-Jun-1725-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Asian Hotels (West) View In Charts 172.0168.90223-Jun-1716-May-17 More Patterns..
Tokyo Plast International View In Charts 137.45134.86815-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Plastiblends India View In Charts 593.7582.44613-Jun-1726-May-17 More Patterns..
Genesys International Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 185.5181.93922-Jun-1716-Jun-17 More Patterns..
S E Power View In Charts 8.38.1324723-Jun-1725-Oct-16 More Patterns..
Tera Software Ltd. View In Charts 76.9575.393722-Jun-1725-Apr-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 60.859.54420-Jun-1724-May-17 More Patterns..
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. View In Charts 244.3239.22822-Jun-1722-Mar-17 More Patterns..
National Steel & Agro Industries View In Charts 23.923.396823-Jun-1718-Nov-16 More Patterns..
Rain Industries Ltd. View In Charts 104.55102.34222-Jun-1702-Jun-17 More Patterns..
Williamson Magor and Company View In Charts 75.974.261220-Jun-1722-May-17 More Patterns..
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. View In Charts 288.0281.74320-Jun-1719-May-17 More Patterns..
Almondz Global Securities View In Charts 20.119.653919-Jun-1721-Sep-15 More Patterns..
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. View In Charts 473.8463.27523-Jun-1721-Jun-17 More Patterns..

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