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Stocks at 5 Day Exponential Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

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NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Deepak Nitrite View In Charts 103.25103.24921-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
La Opala RG View In Charts 475.9475.89521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Birla Sun Life Gold ETF View In Charts 2783.02782.9121-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Zylog Systems Ltd. View In Charts 5.04.9997721-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Precision Wires India View In Charts 123.5123.49121-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Alkali Metals Ltd. View In Charts 77.8577.844321-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Electrosteel Steels View In Charts 4.654.6496320-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indosolar Ltd. View In Charts 7.057.0490921-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Andhra Cement View In Charts 11.2511.248521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Everest Industries Ltd. View In Charts 187.55187.52320-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd. View In Charts39.339.292916-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
De Nora India View In Charts 223.5223.44221-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ador Welding Ltd. View In Charts 291.4291.31721-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hero MotoCorp Ltd. View In Charts 3125.83124.8921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Zicom Electronic Security Systems View In Charts 41.6541.637521-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hester Biosciences View In Charts 765.05764.80516-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. View In Charts 347.4347.28717-Feb-1730-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies View In Charts 67.767.677121-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Voltamp Transformers Limi View In Charts 949.05948.71921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company View In Charts 85.9585.919521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kabra Extrusion Technik View In Charts 117.6117.55717-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
JSW Steel Ltd. View In Charts 186.95186.87520-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Gillette India Ltd. View In Charts 4129.054127.2521-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd. View In Charts 7001.06997.8321-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 676.55676.24121-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals View In Charts 62.262.170620-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Repco Home Finance Ltd. View In Charts 670.0669.66920-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Harita Seating Systems View In Charts 715.65715.29321-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays View In Charts 12.9512.943521-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF View In Charts 16.9116.901517-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Manappuram Finance Limited View In Charts 100.95100.89701-Feb-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
OCL INDIA LTD View In Charts 916.1915.5921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
KNR Constructions View In Charts 179.1178.99920-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Essar Shipping View In Charts 27.227.18421-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Vimta Labs View In Charts 109.45109.38520-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. View In Charts 1483.31482.4220-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. View In Charts 11.9511.942721-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I) View In Charts 125.15125.07321-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
IndusInd Bank Ltd. View In Charts 1331.21330.3717-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Alphageo (India) View In Charts 949.4948.77420-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rane Brake Linings View In Charts 973.05972.40320-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rainbow Papers View In Charts 5.04.9964621-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mills View In Charts 20.5520.535117-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Wipro Ltd. View In Charts 475.8475.45308-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. View In Charts 591.4590.95820-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Aspinwall & Company Ltd. View In Charts 216.95216.78620-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ansal Housing and Construction View In Charts 23.523.481621-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd View In Charts 864.6863.91920-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. View In Charts 1311.651310.6208-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd View In Charts 118.25118.15316-Feb-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Torrent Power Ltd. View In Charts 205.85205.67717-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Nandan Denim View In Charts 118.2118.09917-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kothari Products Ltd. View In Charts 179.45179.29520-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
BSL View In Charts 77.076.931921-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Minda Corporation View In Charts 93.893.714321-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
JMC Projects (India) View In Charts 231.15230.93321-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Aarti Drugs View In Charts 615.0614.42117-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
State Bank of India View In Charts 270.7270.43721-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Pearl Global Industries View In Charts 147.3147.15721-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Patel Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 79.1579.072721-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Fairchem Speciality Ltd. View In Charts488.3487.80720-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ankit Metal and Power View In Charts 1.951.9480221-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MPS Ltd View In Charts 681.95681.24120-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Coal India Ltd View In Charts 319.6319.26520-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. View In Charts 2692.92689.9121-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Commercial Engineers and Body Builders Co View In Charts 13.913.884120-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Superhouse View In Charts 152.65152.47121-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. View In Charts 445.35444.82121-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 3.23.1961913-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Gokul Agro Resources Ltd. View In Charts 20.2520.225921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kirloskar Oil Engines View In Charts 350.15349.72620-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
KEI Industries Ltd. View In Charts 176.65176.43101-Feb-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. View In Charts 130.85130.68716-Feb-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
International Paper APPM View In Charts 326.6326.17315-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
GTL Ltd. View In Charts 16.8516.827620-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
BGR Energy Systems Ltd View In Charts 140.65140.45821-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Sharon Bio Medicine View In Charts 8.78.6878720-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 53.6553.574921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 523.25522.48215-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
DCM View In Charts 110.4110.23521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
McDowell Holdings View In Charts 43.643.533316-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
KPR Mill View In Charts 581.35580.4621-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd View In Charts 327.15326.64821-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. View In Charts 303.35302.8821-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd View In Charts 53.953.816420-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
VIP Clothing Ltd. View In Charts51.9551.868721-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
HSIL Ltd. View In Charts 292.95292.47916-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mirc Electronics Ltd. View In Charts 13.213.178521-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
VST Industries Ltd. View In Charts 2753.42748.6101-Feb-1725-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Berger Paints India Ltd. View In Charts 224.35223.95916-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ITD Cementation India View In Charts 160.75160.46921-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
LOTUS EYE View In Charts 28.0528.00117-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hitech Plast View In Charts 157.55157.27216-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
State Bank Of Bikaner and Jaipur View In Charts 736.1734.7516-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Flexituff International View In Charts 210.15209.75921-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
D.B. Corp Ltd. View In Charts 380.25379.54121-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 59.659.487116-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Crompton Greaves Ltd. View In Charts 189.75189.38421-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Diamond Power Infrastructure View In Charts 40.3540.271221-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 3.83.7925421-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Emami Ltd. View In Charts 1106.251104.0720-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. View In Charts 352.45351.74821-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Prime Securities Ltd. View In Charts 27.727.644715-Feb-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Manaksia View In Charts 66.0565.917820-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Setco Automotive View In Charts 35.535.428521-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kirloskar Industries View In Charts 900.05898.2116-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rajesh Exports Ltd. View In Charts 499.3498.27216-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MphasiS Ltd. View In Charts 577.25576.05614-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MOIL Ltd. View In Charts 365.05364.29117-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts 161.6161.26221-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indiabulls Wholesale Services View In Charts 25.2525.197108-Feb-1730-Jan-17 More Patterns..
The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd. View In Charts189.05188.64920-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Global Vectra Helicorp View In Charts 106.85106.62221-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Chemfab Alkalies View In Charts 284.15283.53920-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sakthi Sugars Ltd. View In Charts 37.0536.970120-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Minda Industries View In Charts 379.45378.62716-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Quess Corp Ltd View In Charts 655.3653.86721-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Globus Spirits View In Charts 79.779.52321-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD. View In Charts 37.437.313503-Feb-1727-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Sterling Tools View In Charts 190.75190.30817-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kesoram Industries Ltd. View In Charts 139.45139.12621-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Atul Ltd. View In Charts 2250.02244.6921-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Career Point View In Charts 115.55115.27620-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ACC Ltd. View In Charts 1467.451463.9621-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mukta Arts Ltd View In Charts 91.0590.833717-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bank of Baroda View In Charts 169.3168.89720-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Sunteck Realty Ltd. View In Charts 253.15252.53316-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NLC India Ltd. View In Charts 93.8593.612621-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd. View In Charts 132.55132.20821-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rane Holdings View In Charts 875.2872.94121-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries View In Charts 173.4172.95220-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Alpa Laboratories View In Charts 42.642.488916-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. View In Charts 350.6349.68117-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
IDFC Bank Ltd. View In Charts 63.062.832917-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
SQS India BFSI View In Charts 592.8591.22320-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rolta India Ltd. View In Charts 63.7563.579121-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Edelweiss Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 9030.09005.4110-Feb-1730-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Pfizer Ltd. View In Charts 1745.251740.4817-Feb-1702-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hinduja Ventures View In Charts 508.55507.15721-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. View In Charts 557.05555.51917-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Linde India Ltd. View In Charts 374.1373.06821-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. View In Charts 568.35566.75921-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. View In Charts 3656.653646.3420-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure ETS View In Charts 309.0308.12620-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Autolite (India) View In Charts 51.451.254521-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bajaj Auto Ltd. View In Charts 2799.252791.2820-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
SE Investments View In Charts 180.1179.58521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. View In Charts 180.6180.07809-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indo Tech Transformers Limited View In Charts 213.1212.4816-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Omax Autos Ltd. View In Charts 72.8572.637121-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
IDFC Mutual Fund - IDFC Nifty ETF View In Charts 88.688.339523-Jan-1728-Dec-16 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Alstom India Ltd. View In Charts 626.8624.94721-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. View In Charts 16.616.550721-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cera Sanitaryware View In Charts 2501.952494.4921-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited View In Charts 325.4324.42620-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Rico Auto Industries Ltd. View In Charts 56.456.230320-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Alok Industries Ltd. View In Charts 3.43.3897320-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sundaram Finance Ltd. View In Charts 1379.21375.0115-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Dhunseri Investments View In Charts 171.15170.62821-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Goldman Sachs PSU Bank Exchange Traded Scheme View In Charts 368.0366.87120-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Zee Learn Ltd. View In Charts 45.9545.807920-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. View In Charts 240.65239.90420-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company View In Charts 1022.71019.5216-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Shilpi Cable Technologies View In Charts 217.3216.62121-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Vakrangee Ltd. View In Charts 311.95310.96913-Feb-1706-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kitex Garments View In Charts 426.2424.85921-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Allied Digital Services L View In Charts 31.931.799517-Feb-1720-Jan-17 More Patterns..
India Nippon Electricals View In Charts 550.7548.96521-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. View In Charts 18.218.142221-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ambuja Cements Ltd. View In Charts 238.95238.18717-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tata Communications Ltd. View In Charts 750.6748.16517-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MM Forgings View In Charts 465.4463.8921-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tata Power Co. Ltd. View In Charts 84.2583.973916-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Allahabad Bank View In Charts 71.6571.414321-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
State Bank Of Mysore View In Charts 578.6576.69516-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ESS DEE Aluminium Ltd. View In Charts 50.1549.983321-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. View In Charts 948.5945.33121-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ITI Ltd. View In Charts 43.643.454221-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Areva T&D India Ltd. View In Charts 300.0298.98920-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tata Global Beverages Ltd View In Charts 141.6141.11420-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Idea Cellular Ltd. View In Charts 108.35107.96820-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sadbhav Engineering Limited View In Charts 279.0278.01221-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Apollo Tyres Ltd. View In Charts 180.0179.36116-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Pennar Industries Ltd. View In Charts 42.342.149217-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Take Solutions Limited View In Charts 137.6137.10820-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kotak NV 20 ETF - Regular Plan View In Charts 38.338.161621-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
ABB Ltd. View In Charts 1225.851221.4216-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
R*Shares Consumption Fund View In Charts 40.6440.492717-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Abbott India Ltd. View In Charts 4506.24489.8617-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Balaji Amines Ltd. View In Charts 338.05336.82121-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Can Fin Homes Ltd. View In Charts 1988.41981.1521-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. View In Charts 151.5150.94107-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Saregama India Ltd View In Charts 212.4211.61421-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
India Motor Parts and Accessories View In Charts 777.85774.95320-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd. View In Charts 394.0392.52520-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MSP Steel & Power View In Charts 14.214.146320-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Dwarikesh Sugar Industrial Ltd. View In Charts 415.55413.97620-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bal Pharma View In Charts 92.1591.796520-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
UTI-Nifty Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 906.0902.50915-Feb-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. View In Charts 6063.156039.7620-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Nelcast View In Charts 55.0554.836716-Feb-1701-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
Poddar Pigments Ltd. View In Charts254.1253.11521-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Excel Industries View In Charts 369.9368.45720-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jain Irrigation Systems (DVR) View In Charts 59.759.466221-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
VST Tillers Tractors View In Charts 1901.251893.7621-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Orient Abrasives View In Charts 35.2535.11117-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd. View In Charts73.373.009721-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. View In Charts 229.45228.53725-Jan-1720-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. View In Charts 166.75166.08720-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Jagran Prakashan Ltd. View In Charts 189.85189.09514-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Tata Coffee Ltd. View In Charts 122.75122.2620-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sutlej Textiles and Industries View In Charts 849.85846.45121-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Quantum Index Fund - Exchange Traded Fund View In Charts 945.4941.60617-Feb-1729-Dec-16 More Patterns..
Parabolic Drugs View In Charts 9.059.0136521-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Advani Hotels and Resorts (India) View In Charts 53.7553.532620-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
V-Guard Industries View In Charts 213.85212.98516-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Hexaware Technologies Ltd. View In Charts 213.5212.63403-Feb-1731-Jan-17 More Patterns..
State Bank Of Travancore View In Charts 578.65576.30316-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Subex Ltd. View In Charts 11.111.054920-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Aditya Birla Money View In Charts 29.929.778321-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Avanti Feeds Ltd. View In Charts 593.55591.13113-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Ramco Industries Ltd. View In Charts 206.1205.25520-Feb-1708-Feb-17 More Patterns..
TGB Banquets and Hotels View In Charts 62.0561.794721-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
SML Isuzu View In Charts 1228.21223.1220-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Mangalam Timber Products Ltd. View In Charts 28.8528.730621-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Rasayan View In Charts 2341.352331.6421-Feb-1707-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Days EMACrossed SincePrevious COOther Recent Patterns
GHCL Ltd. View In Charts 266.05264.93921-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indraprastha Gas Ltd. View In Charts 1047.81043.4101-Feb-1724-Jan-17 More Patterns..
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. View In Charts 154.6153.95321-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Vardhman Acrylics View In Charts 47.2547.051817-Feb-1709-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Nahar Capital and Financial Services View In Charts 102.0101.57120-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Indo-National View In Charts 919.0915.1220-Feb-1703-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Xchanging Solutions View In Charts 52.452.177721-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cybertech Systems and Software View In Charts 80.0579.708621-Feb-1730-Jan-17 More Patterns..
HCL Infosystems Ltd. View In Charts 55.555.262320-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Supreme Infrastructure India View In Charts 108.8108.33314-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
AIA Engineering Ltd. View In Charts 1480.61474.2321-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
NCC Ltd. View In Charts 83.883.438720-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
MIC Electronics Limited View In Charts 14.514.437120-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Weizmann View In Charts 29.5529.421220-Feb-1716-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd. View In Charts 66.2565.958921-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cerebra Integrated Technologies View In Charts 38.238.031816-Feb-1710-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Cords Cable Industries View In Charts 77.9577.605820-Feb-1715-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Kalyani Steels View In Charts 352.4350.82116-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
GTN Industries View In Charts 16.9516.872820-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Sujana Metal Products View In Charts 2.62.5880221-Feb-1714-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Brooks Laboratories View In Charts 142.95142.29121-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
SRF Ltd. View In Charts 1605.31597.8520-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Neuland Laboratories View In Charts 912.75908.47821-Feb-1717-Feb-17 More Patterns..
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. View In Charts 913.55909.26716-Feb-1713-Feb-17 More Patterns..

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