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Weekly Spinning TopWeekly Bullish MaruBozuWeekly Bearish MaruBozu
Weekly Bearish DragonFly DojiWeekly Bullish GraveStone Doji 

Weekly Morning Doji Star Candlestick Pattern in Indian Stock Market

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NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Alkali Metals Ltd. ALKALI76.4510/02/2017falsefalsefalsefalse
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. MOTHERSUMI379.527/01/2017falsefalsefalsefalse
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. GMDCLTD125.006/01/2017falsetruetruefalse
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. HDFC1522.0509/12/2016falsetruefalsefalse
JBF Industries Ltd. JBFIND255.509/12/2016falsetruefalsetrue
Phoenix Mills Ltd. PHOENIXLTD379.328/10/2016falsetruefalsefalse
Sri Adhikari Brothers Television SABTN254.6521/10/2016falsetruefalsefalse
Rossell India ROSSELLIND129.9509/09/2016falsetruetruefalse
Nesco Ltd NESCO2337.301/07/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
BEML Ltd. BEML1309.4501/07/2016falsetruefalsefalse
MRF Ltd. MRF59578.401/07/2016falsetruetruefalse
Rane Brake Linings RBL926.201/07/2016falsetruefalsefalse
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF M10018.0601/07/2016falsefalsetruefalse
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. TATAINVEST615.720/05/2016falsefalsetruefalse
Arvind Ltd. ARVIND394.7513/05/2016falsefalsetruefalse
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. GUJALKALI408.0529/01/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme NIFTYBEES932.3629/01/2016falsetruefalsefalse
Uniply Industries UNIPLY314.9530/10/2015falsefalsetruefalse
India Glycols Ltd. INDIAGLYCO154.3523/10/2015falsefalsetruefalse
ALLSEC Technologies ALLSEC352.6516/10/2015falsefalsefalsefalse
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. BRFL121.6519/06/2015falsetruefalsetrue
Cosmo Films Ltd. COSMOFILMS380.115/05/2015falsefalsetruefalse
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. JBCHEPHARM347.915/05/2015falsefalsefalsetrue
Gillette India Ltd. GILLETTE4169.108/05/2015falsefalsetruefalse
EIH Associated Hotels EIHAHOTELS333.328/02/2015falsetruetruefalse
Strides Arcolab Ltd. STAR1115.530/01/2015falsefalsefalsefalse
NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. TATAINVEST615.723/01/2015falsefalsetruefalse
Sundram Fasteners Ltd. SUNDRMFAST389.8523/01/2015falsefalsetruefalse
SANGHVI MOV SANGHVIMOV239.5502/01/2015truefalsefalsetrue
City Union Bank Ltd. CUB142.0526/12/2014falsefalsefalsetrue
Persistent Systems Ltd. PERSISTENT600.928/11/2014falsetruetruefalse
Sadbhav Engineering Limited SADBHAV303.3512/09/2014falsefalsetruefalse
Carborundum Universal Ltd. CARBORUNIV288.2504/07/2014falsefalsetruefalse
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. UTTAMSTL30.527/12/2013falsefalsetruefalse

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