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Monthly Bearish Engulfing FormationMonthly Bearish Harami Formation Monthly Dark Cloud cover Formation
Monthly Three Dark CrowsMonthly Three Outside DownMonthly Three Inside Down
Monthly Evening Doji StarMonthly Evening StarMonthly Bearish GapDown Formation

Monthly Abandoned Baby Bearish Candlestick Pattern in Indian Stock Market

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NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
BAG Films & Media Ltd. BAGFILMS4.4524/03/2017falsefalsefalsefalse
Hinduja Foundries HINDUJAFO33.9524/03/2017falsefalsefalsetrue
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd. BAJAJHIND13.7524/03/2017falsefalsefalsefalse
Surana Telecom and Power SURANAT&P4.524/03/2017falsefalsetruefalse
Visagar Polytex VIVIDHA2.024/03/2017falsefalsefalsetrue
Hester Biosciences HESTERBIO748.7524/03/2017truefalsefalsetrue
Farmax India FARMAXIND0.0530/12/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Rasoya Proteins RASOYPR0.230/12/2016falsetruefalsefalse
Sandesh SANDESH973.9530/11/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Ugar Sugar Works UGARSUGAR32.330/11/2016falsefalsefalsefalse
Prakash Steelage PRAKASHSTL1.330/11/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Ortel Communications ORTEL110.730/11/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Pan India Corporation SRGINFOTEC0.3530/10/2016truefalsetruefalse
MVL Ltd. MVL0.518/10/2016falsefalsefalsefalse
Syndicate Bank SYNDIBANK69.430/09/2016falsefalsefalsefalse
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. EASTSILK2.330/09/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. CLNINDIA661.1512/09/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
RattanIndia Power Ltd. RTNPOWER7.631/08/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Century Extrusions CENTEXT5.6525/08/2016truefalsetruefalse
Andhra Cement ANDHRACEMT9.024/08/2016truefalsefalsetrue
KSB Pumps Ltd. KSBPUMPS631.0527/06/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd. BIRLACABLE38.4527/06/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Orient Green Power Company Ltd. GREENPOWER9.8531/05/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
Cadila Healthcare Ltd. CADILAHC445.506/04/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
REI Six Ten Retail Ltd. REISIXTEN0.4529/02/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Visesh Infotechnics VISESHINFO0.2522/02/2016falsetruefalsefalse
NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Rei Agro Ltd. REIAGROLTD0.4529/01/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
GEMINI Communicatio GEMINI1.7510/11/2015falsefalsefalsetrue

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