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Detailed technical Analysis of stocks with Charts, Pattern finder, trends, Candles, F&O ... for Indian Stock Market

Nifty/Sensex Technical Analysis
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Todays Gainer/ Loser/ Trade Activity

Gainers |Loser|Vol Shocker|High Avg Vol

Todays Top Gainers
Name Current PricePrevious Price% Gain
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.240.9229.155.13
Tata Communications Ltd.375.8359.54.53
NHPC LIMITED21.6520.953.34
Arvind Ltd.286.7278.452.96
Idea Cellular Ltd.161.9157.42.86
Gainer|Loser|Vol Shocker|High Avg Vol

Todays Top Losers
Name Current PricePrevious Price% Loss
Jaiprakash Hydro-Power Limited14.1514.9-5.03
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.233.0244.2-4.59
Andhra Bank71.8575.15-4.39
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.46.548.5-4.12
Havell's India Ltd.284.2294.55-3.51
Gainer|Loser|Vol Shocker|High Avg Vol

Todays Volume Shockers
Name JumpVolume (in K)Average Vol (In K)
Dabur India Ltd. 675.40 %20796.052681.99
Hero Honda Motors Ltd. 584.83 %3740.11546.14
Indian Overseas Bank 508.18 %12736.882094.25
Havell's India Ltd. 322.04 %3220.12762.98
Tata Communications Ltd. 244.82 %2171.58629.77
Gainer|Loser|Vol Shocker|High Avg Vol

Trading with High Average Volume
Name Current PriceAverage Vol (In K)
Unitech Ltd.21.765693.40
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.46.537126.10
GMR Infrastructure Ltd.25.3532538.50
Suzlon Energy Ltd.21.5527709.40
Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd.90.417315.70

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Stock Market will remain close on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 29-August-2014.

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Short Terms Stock Tips

Bullish - Pennant Chart Pattern Formed By State Bank of India.
Bearish - Stochastic Indicator For Divi's Laboratories Ltd Indicates Bearish Signal.
Bullish - Technicals Indicating Bullish For FDC Ltd.
Bullish - Macd line has crossed over Signal lineFor Biocon Ltd.
Bearish - Double Top Chart Pattern Formed By Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Bearish - Double Top Chart Pattern Formed By Reliance Industries Ltd.


Medium/Long Terms Stock Tips

Bearish - Double Top Chart Pattern Formed By Reliance Communications Ltd.
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Bearish - Double Top Chart Pattern Formed By HCL Techonlogies Ltd.
Bullish - Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern Formed By Asian Paints Ltd.


At top stock research, we select top stocks of BSE and NSE based on their price, volume pattern, stability and on plethora of established technical analysis , and then we use them in our state of the art stock research tool to generate some valuable data out of it.

While we got immensely benefitted out of it, we thought of sharing some of the these research data to larger mass so that they also can have some of the data that were hitherto available only with big boys. Considering wide audience, we will endeavor to produce data that can be easily be understood by common mass.

Data/Charts available are based on closing price of the day and are not real time till we enable that feature. This provides good opportunity to the class of people who take stock trading/investment as their part time profession and who cannot afford to spend lot of time on research on their own who or do not have requisite resource or knowledge. Having said that, we do want semi-professional to come and download analysed data and do any further research should they need.

We believe that our one of the most advanced free stock screener tool of its kind for Indian stocks based on various parameters would help our visitors benefit a lot from visiting the site.

For realtime data and realtime chart you may visit official Stock exchange sites. For National Stock Exchange visit NSE and for Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange visit BSE